Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I am in Palms SportBars and Grills, Subang Skypark Airport Terminal 3!

It’s my first time in Subang Skypark Airport Terminal 3, taking my flight back to Penang. It’s Winter Festival tomorrow, I need to rush back even the meeting not yet finish. Sorry Dr Abu, family much more important.

After the long meeting, I left Institute Pengurusan Veterinar at Batu 11 Cheras at 515 pm and I reached here at 620pm. My flight is 930pm!! I need to wait till 8pm for check-in. What should I do to kill my time? Sit and read? Having a lonely long long dinner? (hope can get a handsome guy to accompany? Hahaha…) woo… there is a Bar and Grill to kill my time, listen to “live” song, enjoying my dinner but too bad can’t take any alcoholic drink.

I am in Palms SportBars and Grill; it’s located at near the arrival area, the last lot at the left. Very unique designs which not support appear in airport.

I ordered Cranberry juice and Black Pepper Chicken. The food was ok but I still can’t finish. Price is reasonable.

He is Mr Aziz, should be shop owner, I think. He can sing anytime he wants and can go in and out from the restaurant if he wants. He has a very nice voice and can play very good guitar! What a fabulous dinner for me. Ai… my darling not around…. If he’s with me, what a wonderful dinner for both of us.

So next time when you are here in Subang Skypark Airport Terminal 3, don’t forget to spend your time here.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

I am pregnant wt no4!

I should post it much more earlier,but don't have the mood the write a blog.

I noticed it when the morning sickness started to show. My period just skipped few days only so assumed due to stress,but who know the morning sickness gave me a big sign.

I was still on training when i started the vomiting show. Kept me run on and off to the toilet every half an hour! On that day too, i bought the cheapest pregnancy test kit from Guardian and tested it at 12 midnight, just can't wait til the next morning.
And IT"S POSITIVE! Can u see the clear 2 lines?

I knew my hubby won't be happy when i told him that i am pregnant again. He is the type don't like a lot of kids, but i love to have more kids. Still have informed him, he has the right! He was the one contributed half of the chromosome to form a life. Surprising, he gave me a green light!

It's also took me a few days of think before I informed my family, especially my mum. She didn't support her daughter to have a lot of kids too. Showing me sour face when i told her, what a bad reply to me! Others were so happy with the news.

I know, my mum just scared that i can't handle all 4 without a maid. I didn't plan to get a maid yet, at least is now. First,it's too costly. Second, can't guarantee can get a good one. But who know later on, i really need a maid. It's very hard to get a local maid as while. I wonder why local people not interest to be a daily maid.

Fetus is 11 weeks old now, and still giving the morning sickness! Hormone changing! AH......

Went to government hospital for the regularly checkup and everything OK. I also gatal-gatal check-up at private clinic, done the blood test too, and gave a big shock - my thyroxine is a bit high. Never done any blood test with the previous 3 on thyroxine so never know is it due to pregnant or my thyroxine already high before pregnant. I need to keep tracking on it. More works! Started the diet control from that day too,hope that can be normal after deliver.

I hope that this time I can have enough budget to deliver in private hospital because I want to kept the cord blood and umbilical cord. I think you have heard about CryoCordMSCs, not just collect the cord blood but the cell at umbilical cord can be culture and the usage is much more wide compare to cord blood. The technique not really mature yet, but in one day... It's expensive, but it's worst since my No.4 will be my last baby. Will find out more from them. Total for CryoCord plus private hospital deliver package, ~ RM15k!!! Need further discuss with hubby. All these budget not including confinement lady and dairy spends yet. Woo... not cheap ha, to have a baby.

When I informed my 3 kids about it, Jing not really happy with it. I knew she need to divide my love to her Again! Yang was the one exciting about it. Mann's still blur blur to what i am talking about. But Jing gave me a green light after 1 week and she hope that this time i can bring a brother to her. I hope so too.

I hope that i can have a boy this time. Then,it's will make up double good for me. hehe..

Saturday, 23 October 2010

MBW International Babywearing Week 2010 Giveaway Contest

Woo... the IBW 2010 blog giveaway contest is BACK!!! I want to join too hope that ican win something.


A) Babywearing A Newborn (0-2 months)
B) Babywearing An Older Child (1 year old and above)
C) Babywearing And Multitasking
D) Breastfeeding While Babywearing
E) Child Babywearer (can also be 'teddywearer' ^_^)


Only ONE photo for EACH category, and only ONE contest entry for EACH participating blog.

To Enter:

1. Post your contest entry in your blog under the title “MBW International Babywearing Week 2010 Giveaway Contest”.

2. Attach the MBW IBW 2008 Walk photo.

3. Post your photo(s) for the chosen category(ies). Be sure to write the title of the category on top of each photo.

4. Be a follower for Malaysian Babywearers blog.

5. Be a fan at Malaysian Babywearers Facebook Page.

6. Place the MBW logo at your side banner and link the logo back to us at http://malaysianbabywearers.org .

7. Place the IBW 2010 logo at your side banner and link the logo to http://www.babywearingweek.org .

8. Enlist Malaysian Babywearers' blog in your blogroll/blog list.

9. Leave a comment in this blog post with your name and the URL link to your contest entry in your blog.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Only ONE photo per category, and only ONE entry per participant. Multiple entries will be automatically nullified.
2. You must use only your own picture.
3. Open to Malaysians and residents of Malaysia. Malaysians staying abroad are welcomed to participate but are to bear postage costs of prizes if appears to be the resulting winner.
4. Submitted entries becomes the property of Malaysian Babywearers and are non-returnable.
5. Last day for submission of contest entry is 7th November 2010.
6. Results will be posted online (in our blog) on 7th December 2010.
7. Results are final and no correspondence will be entertained.
8. Malaysian Babywearers reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
9. Prize sponsors reserve the right to exchange prizes to one of equivalent value.


FIVE Chico sling bags worth RM30 each, sponsored by Tiny Tapir.

What i can join is just category B) Babywearing An Older Child (1 year old and above) as Mann's 15 mths now.

This a hip carrier - Scootababy. This one suitable for my mum who helps me to take care of Mann during day time. She said more convience compare to back carry. She want to "look" at Mann's face, i think.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

REVIEWS: Baked Bread in Old Town and PappaRich

I love to eat bake bread. When i have chance to go to Old Town Restaurant I am very sure that I will order their bake bread which serve with butter and kaya.

It's has been quite sometime i didn't go there, especially after sold to another company. Ordered bake bread with butter and kaya... ER.......... this was the look of their bake bread with butter and kaya!

I can't FINE my butter and kaya...

I will NEVER ordered bake bread any more!! I paid for RM3.90 (not including tax and service charge) and this was what i get!!! This was really OVER, maximum profit is what they looking for but look into the QUALITY and QUANTITY of BEST FOOD! hm... so called International Business........

Last 2 week, when KittyCat was back to Malaysia, KittyCat, Alice and I we met at PapppaRich. And see the different of their baked bread. My Yang enjoying it very very very much!!!

OK, PappaRich I will be back. BTW, the price is same at Old Town too.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Yang is 5 now!

Time just flied so fast, now he's 5!

I almost forgot his birthday. Hehe... But luckily he reminded me. He can't exactly know which date is his birthday but he will ask when his birthday is.

I bought his am under the sea birthday so that he can celebrate at his kindergarten.

When I appear at his kindergarten, his teacher asked me to hide at next door she wants to ask Yang whether he still remembers today is his birthday. And the answer is HE DOES NOT! Ha-ha...

When he saw me bringing the cake, he just jumps up and down! He's too excited till can't concentrate on what people asking him to do.

OK, teacher asks him to choose 4 friends. So he chooses 3 friends and count himself in to make it 4. Everyone knew what teacher talking about and kept telling him he should only count his friends without him in, but ho... He still doesn’t understand! Faith!! Repeated 5 times till teacher showed him with her finger.

His teacher: "OK, this is Lee Yang (rinse her right hand 1 finger) and Lee Yang need to invite 4 friends to the front (rinse 4 friends with her left hand). Count with my finger how many friends you should invite?"
Lee Yang: "One, two, three, four. Four friends."
His teacher:"You have how many friends in front here?"
Lee Yang: "One, two, three, four. (Count him in again.)"
His teacher:" Yang, count my finger again. How many in total?"
Lee Yang: "One, two, three, four, five. Five"
His teacher:"How many people at front?"
Lee Yang:"One, two, three, four. Four."
His teacher:"How many did you count just now?"
Lee Yang:"One, two, three, four, five. (Count from his teacher's fingers)"
His teacher:"You still need invite how many friends?"
Lee Yang:"One, two, three, four. (Re-count everyone including him.) Five? Oh... need to invite one more friends."
His teacher:"Yes, now you have 3 friends here, and you need to invite one more friend."
Lee Yang:"Yes, teacher."

Now, he understands when he needs to invite 4 friends that he shouldn't count him in as friends. LOL (Now, you know why I am sending my Yang to that kindergarten. His teacher was so pation to teach him or try to make him understand the real situation.)

But he forgot to invite his girl friend! Yap, he has a girl friend, should said his dream girl! Few weeks ago, Yang refuse to go to school because his dream girl was sick and absent for few days already. His reason - if I go to school I didn't see her, why should I go to school again? Hubby and I, speechless. I told him if he didn't go to school he won't know hid LYT returned to school. Then only he prepared himself to go to school.

All the kids sat round in front of him and they sang birthday songs’ (3 different languages, Chinese, Malay and English). He even sang by himself.

Then, he blows his cake but before they started to sing the songs he told his 4 invited friends, "Later please don't blow the candles, I want to blow by myself." His 4 friends knock their head.

After his blow the cake, every kid tried to RUN to the cake and wants to HELP him to remove the decorations. The teacher RAN to the cake too before it's damaged by them. LOL

Kid still is kid. They love birthday cake! Especially butter cream, unfortunately the teacher removed most of the cream due to its artificial colour.

At home, I celebrated with him too. But daddy needs to work so we only celebrated by you only. This is an Oreo walnut birthday cake. Taste good but too expensive!

Yang, hope you growth up happily forever!

I am the lucky one!!! :p TTM buat LUCKY DRAW!!




16 Pc Dinner Set

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6. Pemenang akan dipilih DI SINI


Monday, 20 September 2010

PINK Festival

Didn't you attend the PINK Festival on 18 Sept 2010 at Youth Park, Penang? If not... aiya... you and your kids have missed the great opportunity to lishen to the world famous professional storyteller telling story for you, and it's free.

Daddy was busy, but still i decided to bring 3 kids to there by myself. I just don't want to miss the chance! Won't regret! Last minutes, my mum also wants to follow because she just worried to my 3 kids, later my auntie la, my father-in-law la... called me asked whether i can handle 3 of there by myself and i answered my mum was here too,then only they "released" me from the call. Am i look so "fragile" that i can't take care of 3 by myself? Actually they never knew that i have them out by myself several times before. LOL

We reached there about 1020am. What me sick about it is that there are several parking lot but the guide refuse to let us park with the reason want to reserve to the VIP. HELLO... Why only VIP reserve to park in front? First come first serve and if you knew that you are VIP you should be there early since the festival started at 10am. End up i park at a non-parking lot with other 2 cars and one of the lady told that guide that 3 of our car not going to remove our cars since the organiser not solving the parking problem so well! So we just leave our cars...

First, where to go... i try to find the big map, unfortunately, the organiser didn't do it. I have to ask around where to get the activities booklet, where is the tent, etc... At last, I manage to found the tent due to the mandarin storytelling is going to start very soon. Who is Mandarin story teller? He is Mr Ng Kok Keong, want to know who is he, i gave you his Facebook link.

From 1100-11430am, my kids was in the mandarin tent lishen to Mr Ng telling 聊斋的小故事. Surprisingly, my Yang can sit still for 30 minutes!!! and my 14 months old Mann also can lishen for 30 minutes!!! Jing was 7 years old so is at the "shy" stage, Yang still don't know so he just expressed his feeling anywhere! Mann, if it's not interesting sure she want to leave by making noise,but luckily none.

Then we moved to Mdm Jeeva Raghunath's tent. She is one of world famous storyteller! Even some worldwide internationally company invited her to give storytelling to their staff (ADULTS!!) just asking her to distress their staff. She is very good in making animal sound, mimic cartoon sound, and marvelous voice for singing! When she sing, Mann was dancing!!!

After that, we move to Dr Magaret Read Macdonald's tent. Yang asking is she own the McDonald company? I said no this is not that McD uncle. LOL. Dr Magaret travels the world telling stories and teaching others to tell. She is the mantel to some number of world famous storyteller! She even hold a PhD in Folklore and author of 60 books! Dr Margaret was in different style, she love to involve kids when she is telling a story. Kids love to be called by her to go state! LOL

Ok, is time for lunch. I just wished that i can go somewhere to have a good lunch and can go home la. I am tired... But ho... my kids knew it, so they chooses to stay there for their lunch although only have 1 stall selling fried rice and mee, they still want to have lunch at there. Off cause the foods... nyak... another complaint i wish to make is i can't find any plain water stall!!! Luckily i brought a lots.

After the lunch , we move the British Council tent to lishen to another world famous storyteller, Cassandra. When she telling a story, she will involve all the audience "into" her story. Everyone have to "move" follow her story. My Yang was so excited, because he can "move" not just sit still. LOL.

After each session, kids who have PINK booklet are allow to claim for 1 sticker. If can accumulate 6 sticker, you can get a PINK Festival key chain. When my kids accumulate 6 sticker, first thing they want to do is to change the key chain before proceed to another tent. LOL

It's afternoon, most of the person already left and my kids have the chance to get their free balloon! Pity the volunteers, have to flip the book to make the style what a kid want. Bravo for them!

We left at 220pm. It's too late for my Mann to get a nap and look like it's going to rain too. Yap, when we were in our car the rain started to fall. Lucky us!

But i am so regret that we can't stay till 6pm because at 430pm there is the FINAL SHOWCASE FOR ALL STORYTELLER at Main Tent!!! Never mind la, meet you all next year in KL! That time my Mann going to 2, she can stay whole day also never mind,i think.

A great weekend for my family!!!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Penang Bird Park

It's national holiday - Malaysia National Day. Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!

So, where should i bring my kids to? hm... Penang Bird Park la! It's located at Seberang Perai, just 20minutes from my home, at Bukit Mertajam.

3 of them knew that I want to bring them to Bird Park, so before 8am, they all woke up without "mummy alarm"!

They were so excited!!

Since my colleague gave me the Buy 1 free 1 coupon, the entrance fee can save me RM22.50! Adult was RM15 and kid was RM7.50.

We arrived at 10.20am. At the ticket counter, we were told that the birds show started at 1130am. Means we have 1 more hour to visit the whole park. More than enough time for my kids to run around.

So,all about birds!! I can heard them keep calling:"Mummy, you see, here have... There you see, here have... Wah... Wah... this one so colorful, that one is black..." They really enjoyed themselves!!!

During the birds show, another exciting things for them. What they really enjoy were when the parrot,owl, horn bill and eagle were free flying on our top.

During the photography section, Yang was the brave one, he kept asking want to hold the birds, especially the great giant parrot. The birds weight was 1+kgs!!

Before going home, we stop at the restaurant for our lunch. The price is fare. We also try the fish and chip cause according to the bird park owner, he just caught a "Shang Yu" yesterday, guarantee the fish is fresh! haha...

The funniest part, you will given a buy a soft drink and get 1 free souvenir. Never heard this offer before, usually is buy a souvenir get a free soft drink.

Hm... Mann just slept on my hand after she was full. And the others 2 also slept on our way back home.

What a meaningful holiday!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

GiveAway Scout

Just to inform you that i just added a "click on bar" on my blogspot. See the left bottom...

Who know u or i are entitle to the Giveaway... hehe...

I wonder can i get some free organic stuff from oversea with free postage? hehehe... Dreaming? may be yes , and may be no...

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Chicken Farm!

Hey! I just graped the chance to go to a commercial chicken farm at Tasek last 2 weeks. Oh yes, with my 2 elder kids, Jing and Yang.

It's 1pm in the noon and the Sun is above us. But this never stopped my kids!

Actually I just want to meet a friend at McD Auto City, then the officer in charge asked me whether want to follow them to chicken farm. I asked my kids and sure la never say NO. Both my kids didn't follow my car, they prefer to follow my friend with bus. mmm...

We arrived at the chicken farm around 230pm. The weather was very good (not a rainy day.) but it's HOT!

It's a place out from town. At the side of Banjaran Tengah Malaysia. Very green.

You can see butterflies, dragonflies and lady bug too. See how clean that place is. This is a ayam kampung commercial farm. The chicken were allowed to move around when reached 1 month old. So you can see the chicken is running here and there.

Jing and Yang throw a question to me - why they hardly see lady bug around our home? Em... again need to explain on environmental pollution topic again to them. I kept educated them about how to grown in green but kid never understand if we, adult never show them. Their experience not much, very hard for them to made any imagination.

The farm was inside a oil palm estate. Usually estate will be full with grasses but having the chicken running around, the estate is clean! Surprise! The owner said never expect he can save money on cleaning off the boost.

Both my kids now know how a commercial farm look like. It's totally different from what they learn from book, chicken are not free running! And Yang knew the different between cock and hen now as Jing explain to him.

It's taken about 2 hours to finish the trip. Both of them so thirty! Bad mummy forgot to bring tumble together. hehe...

On the way back, both of them fall to slept la. My ears at least can have peace for a while.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Chit Chat


When mummy is back from work. Mann will crawl or walk toward to the door.
Mann:"ye ye ye ye..." with her little finger point to the door.
Mummy:"why? Do u want to go out?"
Mann:" ye ye ye ye..." with her little finger point to the door.
And yes she wished to go out from the house and want to press the door bell. But refused to stand on the grass.

I understand baby talk! wahaha...


Yang:"Mummy, drink CalciYum I can grow up very fast? and eat Rambutan brand rice can become very clever?"
Mummy:"Nope, who told you that?"
Yang:"Advertisement lo. SO can you buy for Calci Yum and Rambutan brand rice?"
Mummy:"That's non-sense. You grow up must eat balance and healthy diet. Calci Yum not a healthy food, it's too sweet and made from cow's milk. bra bra bra.... Rice's full with alphatoxin,so better reduce intake of white rice."
Yang's showed me a "ha?" look.

wahaha... am I too kiasi? Am i explain too much to a going to 5 years old boy?


When i was fetching her from school everyday.
Jing:"Mummy, it's so great today i no need to wrote any homework."
Jing:"Today school has singing competition, so we all gather in the hall."
Mummy:"Ya ho, you are joining too. How? enjoying ah?"
Jing:"OK lo. At least i can remember the whole song."

wahaha... This is my girl. I never ask did she win any price but did she enjoying the process.

Monday, 12 July 2010

She is 1 now!

Sorry for the late update. I was too busy...

Ok, day before Mann's birthday hubby and decided to held a small family party for her. Since Jie Jie and Kor Kor has once before.

So what's the menu? We bought a 1/2kg cartoon cake, Sheng Li fried chicken (taste 1000X better than KFC), fruit juice too (too lazy to made myself.), i cook fried Mee diao (a teochew must have birthday dish), red egg, vege curry, Korean BBQ fish, and my sister brought some junk foods. That's all.

Who were invited? Total just 17 ppl. What a small family, and i should have more children to contribute a bit to Lee's family?? wahaha...

Ok, i told everyone the party will be start at 6pm. And everyone was waiting for hubby to get home till 7pm! Dun ask me what he have done, i already very "hot" with his excuse!

Mann's started to made noise once hubby brought Jing and Yang together,but not with her. They went to get the birthday cake, fried chicken and fruit juice. She was so UNSATISFIED with what daddy done. Grandpa brought her walk with motor bike, she refused! Ok, walk around the house, she started making noise after 5 minutes. I drag her to take a bath, after bath, still cranky. When Ah Ma's arrived, ok, she can behave well for 10 minutes. Then arriving of others guess. She just refused to play with others. Aiyo... so yao sheng kak! When daddy's back, she insisted want daddy to carry her!

Then it's photo section, snap snap snap...it's digital camera so can snap how many i want. After snap, we all finished the food in 30 minutes! Kia Si Lang!

Mann is turning 1. Wah... time just flieddddd.... i just believed that!
From the moment i knew that i pregnant wt her till now, it's really a fantastic experience or memory to me.
I have to go through terrible morning sickness, even need to admitted, the horrible experience delivered in Penang Maternity Hospital (What a suck hospital!!), sweet memory when she first latch on me (unfortunately just 9 mths she allowed me to be milk factory. What's a sad!), excited memory when first meet with Jing and Yang (Yang was so disappointed when i told is SHE.), then her first smile, first turn, first crawl, first cruising, first word (off cause "mom mom" first,means food. 2nd word is mum mum. No more Pa Pa first like Jing and Yang.), first tooth, first walking (in very short distance.)... all these happened in one year time only. I just can't believe it!
After 6 hours old, she suck her own hands to show that she wants milk.
She started addicted to pacifier after 2 weeks old, mummy just can't start she wants to be nurse 24 hours! I am not a good mother,i trained her with pacifier.
She can turn when she just pass 3 months old.
By 4 months old, when she sleep she rolled the whole queen size bed!
Since 5 1/2 months old, she started to have her first tooth. Till today, she have 6 of them!
Her first food at 6 months old - rice frank. She can eat a lots! But till today she still so mini size!
Since she's 8 months old, she started call "mom mom" when she saw any food. Then she called Mum Mum and Ah Ma after woke up. (Ah Ma means Grandma. My mum take care of her when i am at work.)
She crawl when she just 6 months old. She start to learn to walk when she just 7 months old. She holds and walks. Today, after 3 days from her 1 year old birthday, she's walking! She's just stand up and start to walk at least 3 meters! Refused any help!
She started to show her naughty temper when she's at 9 months old. She understand that she can have everything she want by showing her naughty temper. Headache! She even started to disturbing Jing and Yang by this month. What's Jing and Yang doing she also want to follow. haha...

Oh... My Mann! I wished her have a wonderful life!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Mann is going to be 1 on Saturday,what should i do?

huhu...times fliesssss..................
Mann is going to 1.

Should i plan for a party for her?

Friday, 18 June 2010

Mann is 11 mths lo!

Ok, I skipped 10 months old progress "report", lazy mah...

She is 11 months now.

During 10 months first week, she knew how to stand from sitting position liao. First she sitting, then she squaw, then she stands by her own, with free hand. She giggled when she mange to stand up by herself.
2nd progress, she knew how to blow a whistle!

During 10 months second week, she knew how "write" on paper. Jing and Yang need to do some homework, to avoid Mann disturbing I need to find her a Jumbo pencil and some paper. She just loves to "write” on paper. But after 3 days, she rejected the paper I gave and want to "write” on Jing or Yang's book too. I started "consult" her liao CAB NOT WRITE/DRAW ON THE WELL/FLOOR... ONLY PAPER! I also offer her magnetic board to draw, she just love it.
2nd progress, learn things very fast! She knew how to use remote control. While pressing on it, she will look at TV, DVD player, even air-con to see whether any changes bo. Jia Lat!
3rd progress, she reached height as TV cabinet. So she can take whatever thing beside the TV cabinet.

During 10 months third weeks, she started to show that she want to eat by her own. gave her some baby biscuit in a bowl and spoon too. So she can play with it for 1/2 hr, mean everyone can be FREE so 1/2 hr. LOL Beside that, she started calling "mama" when looking for me. Just melted my heart!

During 10 months forth week, she can walk 2, 3 steps! When she stands by her own and anyone beside her she will walk toward him. While she walks, she laughs by her own. Seem like she was enjoying that moments!

Fully 11 months, oh... I can see her 5th teeth liao! And started to making more noise or cried very very loud like someone beat her just because she can’t get her thing by her own or fight with Jing and Yang for things she want, even it’s not for her. She was so manja to daddy!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Jing's Progress

She is 24kg only and 124cm tall.
Quite tall but too skinny, not enough food? May be. Or too stress?

She is 7 now. But think like 12 years old girl. Quite a lot of supposed mummy has to do things she will complete for me or start worry about it, including Yang's progress. That's why she is so stress, created she the tension!

She is a smart girl. I no need to call for her to review her study, do her homework, eat, bath, playing, reading... I only have reminded her to do her work. No shouting for her. I even stop checking for her homework, everything will be done perfectly.

Ok, she still monitor in her class as her form teacher said she can finish/complete her homework very soon so she can help her in many ways, like helping the other friends, carry books, etc. Teacher never tough her HOW to be a monitor, so normal way lo, she will shout to friends to ask them keep quiet. Then she started to write those "naughty” friends on the board and later teacher will punish them. All these made her friend “hate" her! She started to show her unstably behavior/bad temper since April. She is facing social problem with her friends now! She never knew how to express all these unhappiness and end up she fight a lot at home! Fight with the brother, sister even Ah Ma. So lucky that I got my transfer back to Bukit Mertajam and I can over seeing my 3 kids all by myself. Teach, guide, even share with them from now on. It's serious on my girl case! Almost every night she fights in anything’s!! Making me nut!

What should I do? I talk with her day care teacher about these and she also noticed it. So we came out with the conclusion, my Jing not only in a very stress situation but also she wants my attention! The first thought came in my mind; I am not a good mother! She’s understood what I have to do for Yang; I need more times for Yang and baby, and just I never care about how she feels. She stills a child and she needed my LOVE too. I just always think that she is a "little adult" to me. Poor Jing! Manage to talk with her in privately, she cried and cried and cried, and I promise her that I will always find some times for her and also want her to tell me that she needs my attention if she feels that I am less time for her. She stopped fighting with Yang now and can help me in guiding him to do some works too.

While, in her social part, I just told her my experience and I want her to think how to solve it by her. She can suggest the method and I will discuss with her. So far, she has solved most of the problems especially with her friendship part. Can you imagine what a miracle if I put myself down as a parent and talk with her like a friend!

Monday, 31 May 2010

Yang's progress

Ok. I think it's time to write something about my Yang.

He is going to 5 this coming Sept. He’s just 18kgs and 107cm tall.
Still very fair even always put him under the Sun. I prefer boy to be dark!

His journey:
1) Can't sit in one place very long. Personally I think his recent teacher can't control him. Last year 丽诗was very good, my boy can follow whatever she said even he nagged but still he will follow. He just too "smart" to "mark" someone that he can bully. The new teacher seem always tolerate with him, so he climb up her head liao.

2) He still can't really concentrate on what teachers teach/inform. Example, teacher asking to wear red tomorrow. He didn't understand but he will wear in red a day after because everyone wearing red the next day. And very proudly speak to the teacher "see, I wore red today."

3) Although I never expect my kid can be an A++ student, I just want them to have a very happy childhood. So he’s really enjoying his life.

4) Every night, if there was any homework’s, it's the time he and I kept "negotiating". AH!!! Just will make me crazy! Due to he's too tired, may be.

5) He went to Enopi math for sometimes. I can see his improvement in caughting up 1-10 and can count 1-10, even write. Can count by say only up to 1-100 but can't recognize yet.

6) A-Z still needs improvement. Mommy to work hard on this.

7) Chinese word - he knew some and starting to write his own name now.

8) Still asking him to use Jumbo Stabular pencil. Easy for him to grab.

9) Bought a lot of Montessori set as he play in ACS class. Hope that he can pick up something and also I can train his fine motor skills when plying with it. Exam, 几何shape。。

10) Surprisingly, he will open any book right now. He's favorite - the children encyclopedia. Always I have to read to him, but Jing and Mann will join too.

11) I have to always update with his teacher about him on anything. So that in kiddy, teacher will help him a bit. I can’t' expect teacher just concentrate on him but at least teacher understand why sometime he act so different.

12) Start asking me how to have his own baby! I told him he must get marry first and his wife will get him a baby by combining his sperm and his wife's egg. Co-insidenly read him an article that drinking coca-cola will kill sperm so he won't drink any soft drink now because he wants his own baby. Wahaha...

13) Will eat and drink anything that mummy offered. Still drinking oat milk with bottle. I think he's still missing the breastfeeding time.

14) Love his young sister, Mann, very much. Sleep also wants to beside her. But with elder sister - fight a lot, like cat and dog!

15) Need to practice 感官训练. Em...really take my times to pujuk him before start using gym ball.

16) He told me that he want to be Bob the Builder - can build house for mummy, Handy Mandy - can fix things, Policeman - helps to society, Fireman - rescue the house, and Army - can hold gun! So never ask him can he manage to do all this when he grown up. Because his answer will be CAN. His explanation - when he frees he can do other things mah...

17) Can follow 90% my instruction when I ask him to take something for me. It's a must to him; this is to train his to follow instruction. And sometimes, he will answer me like this “Can’t u see I am busy right now? Please wait!" in a very serious look!

18) Stick with me like leech! Sleep also mummy, eat also mummy, drink also mummy, bath also mummy... except poo poo, he will asked me go away because himself also can't tahan that smell!

Here was the chapatti,dal curry and cha that i brough back from Ipoh. Babysitter specially made for Yang. He ate 3 pieces of chapatti with his favorite dal curry and finish 2 cups of Cha. He miss allthese so much...

Blank mind

I just can't write!
What should i write?

Thursday, 29 April 2010


I was sick since after Chinese New Year. On and off,on and off, non stop cough with phlegm. I wonder am i allergy to somethings? Want to go the allergy test but ho... too expensive la and then end up taking anti-histamine medicine only. Last night, i felt so cold and woke up at 145am. Why? I had fever! Again! Last Monday alsoi hav fever.

Not just me, Mann too. The phlegm seem never go off. I changed her Babynet formula to Oat milk, seem working. Allergic to formula.

Yang, this 3 weeks also on and off fever. But only for 1 day after taking medicine because too high. Infected from nursery? may be? or from me? Now in his nursery, chicken pox virus is circulating. Will he infected too?

Jing, due to the teacher in school don't allow them to drink water, so ashe lways complaint she 's headache. That teacher's NUT! The reason she don't allow kid to drink water because she scare that kids may spelt water on the book. What a non-sense reason! So what to do, ask my gal drink water during rest time.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fat and Thin

I wonder that is anyone you would like to have a fat kid?
Personnally, i prefer a thin kids more than fat one. Easy to carry and look healthier.
But not so thin la.

All my kids just normal only, but i wonder why still got someone complaint that my kids too thin. Then continue critic, i didn't gave them enought food la, must be due to i send them to nursary whole day la, i didn't give them the best formula la...etc.

1. At home, 3 of them ate a lot! Same potion as mine. I will make sure they have enough nutrition, vege is a must (potion like my full hand), fish or meat(either one, potion like my full hand too), tao hu, egg, etc. Rice is a mixture of white rice and multi grains. Before each mealthey willtook a bowl of soup and after meal 1 - 2 hr will serve with fruits.

2. The elder 2 went to full day nursary but don't mean that taking not enought food (actually compare to home lesser la.).

3. All my kids are not allow to drink formula. They are taking oat milk plus Amway protein. Everyday will have 1 multivit, 2 vit C, 1 spoonfull of flaxseed oil and 1 spoonfull of grape seed oil.

All my kids healthy, enought la. Who said FAT kid is healthier?

So what should i do? Continue kept my ear shut!

Monday, 26 April 2010

My No 4??

Hubby said since Mann going to 1 year old, he gatal-gatal wants no 4! And he wants a boy so that can make up "double good" (两个好字).

Wahahaha... what happen to my hubby?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mann is 9 mths old!

This is her favorate bottle. She choosed it herself.

Huhu... At last she is 9 months!

What is her progress?

1. Still cruising.
2. Knew that is she cry she can get whatever she want. Headech!
3. Want to eat everything if she can and you fed her!
4. Knew that when mommy say "it's HOT!" and she won't touch it.
5. Night feed still 2 times. I am tired!
6. Crawl here and there, especially loves to chase for jie jie and kor kor.
7. Sometimes, "free hand" then fell down lo! May be she thought she can stand with 2 feet. Wahaha...
8. Don't like sip cup, so using straw type bottle to drink water.
9. Loves to play flash cards.
10. Showing mommy "milk" sign when want to feed.
11. Loves to go "walk walk".
12. Hates stroller! But loves carrier.
13. Very jeoulous! When jie jie or kor kor sit on mummy's lap, she will chase them away! Once sit on mommy's lap and never want to leave.
14. Love to smile!
15. Totally weaned from McB! :( Made me feel so so so so... bad! Due to babysitter emergency admitted in hospital so have to leave her to my mum in kampung. So in a week time only, she rejected my McB! But still drink from EBM. Why? Don't know.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Zoo Taiping on 14 March 2010

Yang with his favorite animal!

Stop raining liao, so faster faster shoot a phot of them.

Went to Zoo Taiping on 14 March 2010.

It's the Big Day of my colleague to get marry. She is an Indian, a Malayalam Indian (Pure Blood). For your information, nowadays Indian still followed what their parent said. The wedding was held in Taiping. So take the chance to go to Zoo Taiping and also visiting my auntie since I didn't join the family gathering past CNY.

Jing and Yang were so excited! After return from the wedding ceremony, both of them "automatically" request for lunch and go to bath! Because I said only can go after lunch and bath.

They jumped and jumped in the car on our way to zoo. It's so crowded! And now only I realized its school holiday! Then, it's started to rain. Of cause not a heavy rain la. First I decided to cancel the trip; I can see the disappointed "wrote" on Jing and Yang face! Hubby said waited for 10 minutes if the rain getting small then we goes. Both of them were so happy. Off cause the rain was getting small.

The ticket was so expensive! 2 adults and 2 kids cost RM40! Woo...

We didn't go with cruise because it's so crowded. So we walked.

First is Owl, wild cat, bird, lion (its roar! wah... so loud), tiger ... and Yang favorite animal - Giraffe. He even asked to take a photo with the giraffe too. Then, rhinoceros and hippo, I been arguing with him before about hippo and rhino. Here is the golden chance to show him how the two animals look different. And Yap, he knew it now! He even waited want to see the hippo, because it's rainy day hippo hiding in the water.

It's took us two hours to finish the whole trip! Hubby and I felt like kaki patah liao, but when look at Jing and Yang, its worse lo!

Where is Mann? She was with my mum at my auntie house.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Where is the big big lampu?

Last Saturday night, during our way to dinner,

Yang:"Mummy, where is the big big lampu?"

Mummy abd daddy:"huh?"

Yang:"Where is the big big lampu?"


Yang:"You see,it's dark outside, where is the big big lampu?"

Mummy and daddy get it and laught till we cried.

Yang means THE SUN! Wonder why he got such ideal - Big Big LAMPU!

Mummy:"I explaint to you before why causes day and night. Now you tell me... Why it's dark out there?"

Yang:" Because the earth move, moon and the sun didn't move. So dark lo."

Pity him, i explaint too "deep" to him. Hehehee...

Mummy:"Just because the earth rotate so u get day and night. Because ... again my lecture to him."

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mann's is 8 mths old now!

Am i look pretty?
(P/S: the hair band was removed after the photo taken. Pity her too tide.)

She just love to eat. See she can smile so nice when she is having her favorite food.

Woo... time flies... Can't believe she is 8 months old now!

Ok, what she can do:

1. "Cruising"! So have to always keep an eye on her, not really knew how to sit from standing position yet. Sometime ask for help by yelling!

2. Taking more milk and formula now. Can eat one whole bowl of plain porridge, carrot, potato, and cereal. Showed yucky face to broccoli. Haha... Try fish, and she love it. Can finish one whole adult palm size pomplete!

3. Crawled the whole house and "exploring" everywhere in the house!

4. Love to "taste" all kind of thing that she can grip with her little hand. Paper, lizard shit, cloth, book, anything’s! Em... I have to hide everything in the cupboard with lock.

5. Knew how to open drawer! Just notice this morning. She observes what I done and she tries it! I notice it when all my/her cloths in the drawer she put all out and find the more attractive color to put in her mouth. Faith!

6. Will never go to sleep if the light still on and Jing or Yang still around her. She will ask them to play with her or she will cry lo!

7. Only want daddy to carry when daddy is with Bjorn carrier on! (Daddy was so sad!) Because it's "walk walk" time!

8. Knew to pronouns "mama" (calling me la! ask for breast milk) and "mam mam" (call for food!)

9. Can wave to say bye.

10. Still showing stranger anxiety.

11. She had 2 tiny teeth coming out liao. She bit my nipple and of cause I flick her! Now NEVER bit because she knew I will flick her. hehe...

Love to sleep on my hand. If i carried in this position for 2 hrs she can sleep for 2 hours. but my hand...

She knew that drink the water from this point since can't open with her hand even she try to throw on floor also can't open, she used her mouth lo!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Beh tahan! I wan to complaint!

Last night I attended a dinner that held by Menteri Besar Perak. It's Perak dengan Penternak 1 Malaysia.

Here is the invitation card.

But ho....

Stated there started 7pm. But ho, turn to another page, 815 pm then only MB arrived... (wah... 1 hr 15 min for the guess to arrive? just 1500 ppl only with invitation card, no outsider ok!)

Ok, we waited...

Eh... what is the different between table serve with glass plate and plastic plate?
here i showed you the dishes served with plastic and glass plate.

ooh...only for 3-4 person dishes...

Wah... enought for 10 person lo!

See the different. Plastic plate table ... only cater for 3-4 person only but the table was for 10 person seats!

Noticed or not, said was 1 Malaysia but the food were so "Malay". Penternak from whole Perak mah, should have more variety dishes and NO BEEF!! SUK should knew that!

If i am the farmer (penternak) sure i will ask whether i need to SPONSOR some meat or not!!

Complaint no 2:

MB actually arrived at almost 9pm. Since most of the guest arrived before 8 pm so the RAKYAT have their dinner first beside waiting for the VIP.
When the rakyat finished their food then only the MB 姗姗到来。
Even Timbalan Menteri Kementerina Pertanian Datuk Wira Mohd Johari Baharum had to wait for him!

Pity all the VIP, they can't have their dinner until the MB reached. Means last night those at VIP table taking dinner very late lo.

And the anugerah didn't finish yet when my watch showed 11pm! Sorry, i am leaving liao, baby want to sleep!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Yang's Progress

I noticed that Yang learns thing very slow. Exam, when i teach him 1, 2 ,3, he can't remember it. No matter what kind of method i try. Why? dunno. He's in 5 years old kiddy class now, and he can't recognise all 26 alphabet yet.

So hubby and i start to search and read book, Internet, even refer to paed.

From the book we read, we notice that Yang had the symptom of ADD (attention deficit disorder) not hyperactive or autism. We refer to child psychologist too and he's still monitoring him.

The child psychologist teach us to play some games with him especially with gym ball so that Yang can coordinate his brain with what he do with his hand. And also massage his whole body with brush. Yang need to redo all the motor sensory skill and manage his behaviour.

I also found BOLD to help me on this. In BOLD, the volunteer help in train him in many way, playing games and etc. I can see most of it is Montenssori methods!

Yang still under monitoring, hope he is OK. I not expecting i had a genius kid but i want a normal kid that the social won't look at his as an adnormal kid, that's all.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Mann's 7 months today!

She is 7 mths old now! Fast ho?

What she can do?
She can:
1) By now she is able to sit unsupported quite happily and even able to push herself up into a sitting position with her arms
2) She have started to lunge forward from a sitting position for objects that are out of her reach.
3)started to crawl (broadband too slow can't unload the video... sayang...)
4)Not long gabble and smile at anyone and everyone she met, but she's now getting a lot more picky about who she talks to and may distrust strangers. Showher stranger anxiety, especially separation anxiety, being more clingy with me and fretting or crying if i leave her.
5) Yap,eating some solids now. Start wt Holle porridge.
6) This week, she starts "cruising"-walking while holding onto furniture or other objects - Jia lat! So soon...

Cute? She has curly hair!

Still need pacifier to sleep.