Thursday, 31 July 2008

How to choose Kindergarten

I wonder what's the present "roles" to choose a kindergarten for our kids.

To DH and I,
1) Environment must clean
2) Less student in whole kindergarten
3) Play and Learn
4) Less homework
5) Not coloring section in class (wasting time - as coloring can do it at home.)
6) Have craft class
7) Only learn what should be learn at their age
8) Healthy food served

How about you?

So i found 1 in Bukit Mertajam. It's a branch from The Bridge's learning Centre in Damansara and 1 in Ipoh, Young Explorer.

These are the only place that the teacher told me that they won't force student to learn and write at age 4. Age 4 is the stage that a kid learn their hand motor skill only. Not to force them to write as much as possible. The teacher only will let the student to hold pencil when the kid "show" their interest in "holding" a pencil and start to write.

As i am searching kindergarten for Yang in Ipoh, I found the terrible fact in Ipoh - age 4 need to write a lot and have a lot of coloring class.

Why must force a 4 years old kid to write? I am thinking of if my Yang start to write from age 4, means he has to write 3+6+5+2+4 = 20 years!!! (until university!) wah oh wah... Crazy lah...

But, nowadays parent want their to write and write and write... A lot of parents feel proud when their kids showed and telling their parents that they knew everything the teacher teach when in Standard 1. The kids learn before in kindergarten mah. But i am worry! They will feel bore in standard 1 or 2, and started to "slow down" in the process of learning.

Are you agree?

She can sleep in any place when she feel tired!

Girl should be more ... how to said? care about her image, right?
But my Jing ... She can sleep in any place when she feel tired! Really, any place and anytime. Good?
She only will wake up when she had enough sleep. So, no matter how you wake her she still can continue to sleep. Good?

Back to Yang, i have to "lock" him in the room because he can sleep very deep. Once got sound he will woke up. Moreover he need mommy to accompany him, only me, OK!

Hm... my girl - image habis lah...

Opp... wrong side! Haiya!

Yang now knew right and left side of his shoes. Every morning i have to send him to babysitter and recently he insist want to wear his shoe, because usually he want me to carry him to the car.
This morning, he was wearing his shoes. I knew it's wrong, but i just keep quiet lah because i am rushing. Hehe...
I knew he didn't notice it. But on the half to babysitter place,

Yang:" Opp... wrong side! Haiya!"
Then he changed his shoes. He acted like nothing happened!

I just kept quiet at aside and i am so happy!

Hmm... he learn 1 more thing again.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Last weekend

I didn't return to BM last weekend so DH has to came to Ipoh with Jing.
I arranged my kids for a studio photo section.
Both of them enjoyed it very much and very cooperative - finished in 1 hour with 3 pair of gowns each. Actually they only allowed 2 pairs each but since my kids were so cooperative, the photographer add one more set of costume.
Wait, i will showed their photo here, just need to wait ha!! Thank you.

After the photo section, we all went back to my rental place and when i asked Yang to sleep. Knew what he told me?!

Mom:" Yang, you woke up so early, so go to sleep now. I am going to walk walk before dinner."
Yang:" OK. walk walk ah? I want watch Bob the Builder."
(Em... he loves this movie and since that VCD still new to him, he wished to watch it before go to bed.)
Mom:" OK, but promise you must sleep."
Then i switch of Bob for him and Jing already slept before i switch on.

After 1/2 hour, Bob finished and Yang still awake.
Mom :" Yang, what are you doing?"
Yang :" Yang xing liao. (English:wake up) I want to go walk walk now."
Then ran to Jing, :" Jie Jie, wake up. Go walk walk."

Em... My Yang is a shopping maniac! Window shopping also never mind. Jing also the same! Hehe... "Infected" by mother lah!! LOL

Su bak!

Su bak in Korean means watermelon.

Have anyone of you notice that all most 90% of Korean restaurant will serve watermelon as desert? I noticed that when i visit to the restaurant.
Why? Asked my Korean uncle, he said Korean love to eat watermelon and it's season fruit in Korea!


Here i found some recipe specially for watermelon, want to try?

The calory density for water melon can search in

Friday, 25 July 2008


Aiyooo... Yang was bite by only 1 mosquito in the bed room and this
#$@% mosquito not just bite at 1 place but 5 on face, 8 on both hands
and 6 on both legs! He look so ugly now! Pity him also, so itch loh!
woke up middle of the night (430am) and try to chase that mosquito.
It's took me 1 1/3 hr to chase for him! Crazy... and i am so tired and
sleepy now. :(

Think i should buy a electrical mosquito racket later!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Air Terjun at Junjung, Kedah

I have a dream - i want to own an organic farm! I wish to plant myself! Hehe... You can order vege from me, next time. So, i started searching for land right now. Nearby my house, Mengkuang empangan, but the water is from Sungai Muda, not from the hill - not qualify. Then my DH recommended Junjung, Kedah. Water from Banjaran Malaya.

Here are photo i took. But not qualify too, because it's the area land owner plant durian tree means the soil been contaminated by the synthetic fertilizer. I bought 2 durians on the way back, wah!!! Excellent, man!

Jing and Yang enjoy themselves very much. First, both of them refuse to jump into the water. See, how "deep" the water is.

My Jing still ok, when i bring her into the water. But Yang... He almost cry after stay less than 3 minutes! So chicken!

I still searching around Junjung. Success contacted a property agent, ask him to find better i. Pray for me, my friend, hope that i can get it as soon as possible!

Cloning another you??

Anyone in Klang Valley, if you are interesting to the above seminar, please attend. But need to pay RM70 for non-member!

I wonder if i have another "I"? I want to be clone when i am getting old BUT with the term - the clone must clone together my memory!!! (Possible? May be, because every single cell have their own memory!) Then the second "I" can continue my "journey"... Oh... must clone another DH too or search for another?! LOL

Dolly was the old story since 1997. I found some article in TIMES magazige - please read Dolly, The Sheep on March 10 1997 and Human Cloning on Feb 19 2001.

And also i read from another side - You will understand what is clone and others too.

Hm... good ha!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Yang attending Kindermusic for sometimes. Now he is attending Our Time for the 5 term because he joined at age 16 months. Going to change to Image That start next term. (hm... my boy growth up so fast... still missing the time when he latched on my breast! hehe...)
Now, he can play the music instrument very nice, following the steady beat. He sit still when reading to story book too. He can follow what teacher singing, although sometime in his own language (LOL!) Less running around, can follow the class better now. He is big boy now.
Oh... Last week he "fight" (?) with Edmund, another boy elder than Yang few months. WA, Edmund was blocking Yang's view during story reading time. So Yang pushed him. Of cause i asked Yang to apology and shake hand with Edmund. But who know Edmund will beat Yang! I thought Yang will fight back(because other adults and i were quite away from him.), aik... Yang ran to another side of his teacher and pointed to Edmund, :" You, DON"T BEAT! DON"T BEAT! STOP!" But Edmund still ran to Yang and continue to beat Yang, Yang didn't fight back! Luckily teacher just beside both of them so she just push them one in each side. I was so surprised Yang didn't fight back, I thought alamak... Now he understand what i had teach him - can not fight or he will hurt other or himself. Teacher and other parents also so surprised too, because Yang is most actives student among those kids, without him the class so quiet! (Teacher told so!) Edmund, udang di sebelah batu loh!
Seem like i can put him to the nursery - i won't worry always got complaints from other parents. hehe...

Monday, 21 July 2008


My FIL LOVE Jing very much. Wherever he go sure he will bring her along (not over night la!). But to Yang, he always said no. Every time just let my poor boy, Yang will cried and scream at the gate and he left like this... so pity to my boy. What should i do? Hmm... i will bring my boy have a short ride with motorcycle loh, or he can cried for 1/2 hours!
Who say old folk want / love boy? My FIL wants girl only. He said my boy so naughty (actually just active compare to girl.). hmm... don't know what to say...

Between Jing and grandpa

Grandpa: "Jing, you must tie your hair after bath."
Jing:" OK, then you have to tie it for me."
Grandpa:" I don;t know how to tie."
Jing just gave her comb and rubberband to grandpa and said :" You must learn just like what you have teach me LEARN THE THING THAT YOU DON"T KNOW, right?"
Grandpa, speechless and "try" to tie her hair.


World Breastfeeding Week 2008

Hak! It is August! Breastfeeding week again. To me, I am celebrating it for my fifth years. Can't believe i have breastfed for 4 1/2 years! Now my breast are "resting" state! haha...

Any mommy is attending? I think i can't, because Jing had muzic class on Saturday from 1015 to 1 am.

Anyway, enjoy yourself to the attending mommy.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


I have a very problematic cousin. She always run away from home - just because wants to enjoy with friend. My uncle almost gave up liao! He gave her 100% freedom but she requested more! What she want to “enjoy" - taking pill, drink alcoholic, smoke... non sense thing! Oh, she just 17!
So what to do? "Drake" her from JB back to Sungai Petani, her mother side grandparent home. She refuse to come back to BM, she will be control 100% from my grandma. She used to ponteng sekolah at Form3 so she was been "drake" home to BM till form5. Then after returned to her parent place, again repeat the entire stupid thing!
Her grandparent recommended a kids psychology to her. First we don't know that it's Christian thing loh. Till last Saturday, my mom went to tokong and brings some "hu tao" for her, she refused! My mum was so sad! She kept on telling she is Christian lah, bra bra... Even my mum cried in front of her, she still doing nothing! I was so disappointed too. Oh, she was force to go to Han Jiang College to continue study.
Ok, here I want to say! WHO IS JESUS? WHAT IS CHRISTIAN? Jesus said that those Christian can't took any "ho tao"? Hello! To me, religion is what you believe. But when you are hurting someone, still Jesus said can't took "ho tao" meh! I really can’t tahan with those always said Christian lah, Jesus lah... That’s why till now I am not a Christian and or Muslim!
Sorry to say, my friend!