Thursday, 29 April 2010


I was sick since after Chinese New Year. On and off,on and off, non stop cough with phlegm. I wonder am i allergy to somethings? Want to go the allergy test but ho... too expensive la and then end up taking anti-histamine medicine only. Last night, i felt so cold and woke up at 145am. Why? I had fever! Again! Last Monday alsoi hav fever.

Not just me, Mann too. The phlegm seem never go off. I changed her Babynet formula to Oat milk, seem working. Allergic to formula.

Yang, this 3 weeks also on and off fever. But only for 1 day after taking medicine because too high. Infected from nursery? may be? or from me? Now in his nursery, chicken pox virus is circulating. Will he infected too?

Jing, due to the teacher in school don't allow them to drink water, so ashe lways complaint she 's headache. That teacher's NUT! The reason she don't allow kid to drink water because she scare that kids may spelt water on the book. What a non-sense reason! So what to do, ask my gal drink water during rest time.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fat and Thin

I wonder that is anyone you would like to have a fat kid?
Personnally, i prefer a thin kids more than fat one. Easy to carry and look healthier.
But not so thin la.

All my kids just normal only, but i wonder why still got someone complaint that my kids too thin. Then continue critic, i didn't gave them enought food la, must be due to i send them to nursary whole day la, i didn't give them the best formula la...etc.

1. At home, 3 of them ate a lot! Same potion as mine. I will make sure they have enough nutrition, vege is a must (potion like my full hand), fish or meat(either one, potion like my full hand too), tao hu, egg, etc. Rice is a mixture of white rice and multi grains. Before each mealthey willtook a bowl of soup and after meal 1 - 2 hr will serve with fruits.

2. The elder 2 went to full day nursary but don't mean that taking not enought food (actually compare to home lesser la.).

3. All my kids are not allow to drink formula. They are taking oat milk plus Amway protein. Everyday will have 1 multivit, 2 vit C, 1 spoonfull of flaxseed oil and 1 spoonfull of grape seed oil.

All my kids healthy, enought la. Who said FAT kid is healthier?

So what should i do? Continue kept my ear shut!

Monday, 26 April 2010

My No 4??

Hubby said since Mann going to 1 year old, he gatal-gatal wants no 4! And he wants a boy so that can make up "double good" (两个好字).

Wahahaha... what happen to my hubby?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mann is 9 mths old!

This is her favorate bottle. She choosed it herself.

Huhu... At last she is 9 months!

What is her progress?

1. Still cruising.
2. Knew that is she cry she can get whatever she want. Headech!
3. Want to eat everything if she can and you fed her!
4. Knew that when mommy say "it's HOT!" and she won't touch it.
5. Night feed still 2 times. I am tired!
6. Crawl here and there, especially loves to chase for jie jie and kor kor.
7. Sometimes, "free hand" then fell down lo! May be she thought she can stand with 2 feet. Wahaha...
8. Don't like sip cup, so using straw type bottle to drink water.
9. Loves to play flash cards.
10. Showing mommy "milk" sign when want to feed.
11. Loves to go "walk walk".
12. Hates stroller! But loves carrier.
13. Very jeoulous! When jie jie or kor kor sit on mummy's lap, she will chase them away! Once sit on mommy's lap and never want to leave.
14. Love to smile!
15. Totally weaned from McB! :( Made me feel so so so so... bad! Due to babysitter emergency admitted in hospital so have to leave her to my mum in kampung. So in a week time only, she rejected my McB! But still drink from EBM. Why? Don't know.