Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Yang:" I am Superman!!!"

From the title i bet you know what will happen to him!

Yap, he sprained his right feet! Lucily no fracture.

What he did - he jumped from the slide! I wonder where he got this ideal?!

Teacher said heart attacked! Me too...

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

U see what Yang's done!!!

I am going to faint!!! He insisted want to wear the dress so that he can "turn" (dance) like the dancer from the movie. But... phew... he changed after enough "playing" !

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Handle 3 Kids?

I wonder how am i going to handle 3 kids after i delivered no. 3? i am going to take extra leaves so that 3 of them can be together for sometime. Just wonder how am i going to be?

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Is pig under live stock category?

I wonder that anyone can give an answer?


If is Yes, why my research project about was not approve? and the reason given because PIG not priority!!! But Agriculture Ministry emphasize that want to increase research on LIVE STOCK!!!

So... WHY???

Pig industry in Malaysia is the second biggest livestock sector after poultry by contributing 19.3% to the livestock communities.

I still don't understand!!!

Actually i am quite disappointed! If it's not "halal" to you don't mean that everyone need to follow you, right?

Sunday, 12 April 2009

rhinoceros VS hippopotamus

My kids asked me to read them a book. So when i read till the page Animal in Grassland, there was a rhinoceros photo.

Yang:"Oh... hippopotamus!"
Jing:"No, it's rhinoceros!"
Yang:"No, you are wrong. It's o!"
Jing:"No. Mummy tell Yang what is it?"
Mummy:"Yang, Jie Jie is right. It's a rhinoceros. See, rhinoceros has horn on their face but not hippopotamus."
Yang:"I learn from school. Teacher said it's hippopotamus."

Mummy... Oh! So, he did learn something from school ha! I thought he just play only! hehe...
Em... What should i do... I search the whole book but can't find the hippopotamus picture. Ok, i surf on-line.

Mummy:"Yang, see here is the image of hippopotamus." Compare with the book, " See, the different between these two animals. Are they the same animal?"
Yang:"(took him 10 sec to compare.) Em... not the same animal."
Mummy:"This is rhinoceros and this is hippopotamus. ok?"

Then he showed me his satisfaction face. What a kid!

Thursday, 9 April 2009


How long never see a rainbow? I think quite a long long long time...

I am so lucky! Nice, right?

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

DH going to china!

em... Dh is going to China and i can't follow!! Ah... I want to follow.... I want to buy a lot of things...

Monday, 6 April 2009

Allergy Part 2 - The reason?

Refer to Allergy, i wonder Yang's allergic was because i let him play with the snail for one whole day? Infection from snail? as snail is intermediate host for some diseases. Em... Don't know because baby sitter's husband throw away his snail and Yang was so sad about it. Poor Yang.

From that snail, Yang learn a lot of knowledge. This "gila" mummy search from book, Internet, etc. all about snail and tried to explained to Yang. I wonder he understand it or not?! Haha...

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Nice dress,but the price...

I wonder when i took this photos? Forgot!

Due to Jing had very less dress, so decided want to buy some nice nice, cute cute dress.

These dresses very nice and cute ho... But per piece is at least RM119.00!! so, at the end, buy nothing...

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Both my kids love painting. Especially Jing. She has been asking me to buy the water color for year,just i don't think she is ready yet. But ho... she success to pursuit DH to buy for her when she went shopping with DH.

On Saturday,

Today, mummy is busy. Mummy need to go out to buy baby's things because it's Anakku sale day. I bring Yang together. When i returned... Jing is painting. Daddy said she wants to. (Actually ho, DH "lazy" to entertain her by read her a book, teach her in maths, play with her... I just knew it!) Then Yang want to join too. Both of them are first time "playing" with water colour.

Jing said DH draw her a view picture. (Ha? My DH can draw? What i knew was he always fail in act during secondary school.) But Jing still accept it.
Yang said he want a picture same as Jie Jie. I just draw for him la. But later he said he want a crocodile.

Here were their finished paint.

From Jing

Yang's crocodile

Both of them enjoy very much. What a peaceful afternoon for mummy and daddy! haha...