Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all!

I am online today, ONLY HA!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Sesame Street was here!!

I knew Jusco having this Sesame Street show at 3 selected outlet in whole Malaysia. One of it was in Jusco Seberang Perai which just nearby my house. But i never knew when are they coming.
Luckily last Sunday, Yang was cranky want to go shopping so the nearest shopping complex is there lah. then i found out ... THEY are here!!!

Here i showed the pictures. See my Yang sitting so "still" for that show. Before that he kept running between me and Jing. " I want to sit with mommy." and showing his pity face like mommy going to "run away" from him. Then when the show started, he was very enjoying. Jing off cause she love Elmo and Cookie Monster very very very ... much.

Hehe... this mommy also a fan of Elmo.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Time to sleep. Opp... laptop masuk kilang!

Haha... it's weekend again. It's time for me to sleep because hubby at home to take care of them.

but ho... laptop send back to Fujitsu for services.My finger Print device can't been detected. Who said Fujitsu good? Or i am really the unlucky one leh? or i should blame Vista? No quah... since no.3 can "create" without hubby and my notice pun! LOL

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Now is Snake story pulak!!!

A snake appeared at my room yesterday! Luckily Fireman caught it! Today asking worker to fix the glue through my whole room.

As i stay in quartes at my working place. I never expect that i can have this kind of "visitor"! A dark green background with light green spot snake! Fireman told me it's not a harmful snake, it's a belong to the tree. But all snake have teeth, right? I scare of Titania's.

The quartes design is like British design only the room are "jet" up 3 foots. Why? the room will be cool i think. But after the JKR renovation... em... the workmanship... you know i know lah... The wood floor not really attach to the wall, left a gap in between. That's why that snake have the chance to go into my room.

First, it's early morning. It's climb up my mosquito net. Hubby saw it too, but fireman fail to caught it. so i sumbat the gape with some newspaper before done anything. Late afternoon it came out again when i was washing my cloth. Wah... so long... 1 meter long... Now without hubby liao. I called fireman and not dare to move to anywhere, just keep trap looking where it go till the fireman arrived.

But ho... stupid fireman kept me wait for extra 5 minutes because went to wrong house! They finally caught it. Phym...

I wonder why i still can be so steady?? em... I also warn the fireman not to kill it in my house as i am pregnant.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

I am back from terrible morning sickness!!

Hello, I am back!
I was away for 1 week... I have a very terrible morning sickness. I was asked to admit since I can't stop vomiting and vomiting till blood came out liao! Its dark red in colour means it’s happen before I vomited. I wonder where it’s been injured. Didn't go to emergency because Yang already slept and I am alone in Ipoh leh, who want to take care. So, decided to visit doctor tomorrow. When I visit the doctor the next morning after sending Yang to nursery, he asked me to admit because no point he gave me the medicine and the absorption of medicine through stomach much slower that inject directly into blood stream. Then, I called hubby to fetch me from Ipoh. I admit at Bukit Mertajam Hospital. Both my kids were "sending out” to other place so mommy can have "peace".
I was on drip and doctor injected "stop vomit" medicine on me. I was discharged because hospital full. Didn't go to private hospital because all the same only. Just $ is different. I am on Metoclopramide 10mg tablet each time I want to start "eating"!! Qi Cham!!! I tried not to depend on medicine too much, then end up with vomiting till blood again loh! I was really on leave without kids for one week! Miss them so so so...much, but what to do, I always feel sleep after taking that medicine.
Now I am back to work because tomorrow has another following check-up. See what the doctor will say about it.
I know, everyone keep telling me eat this la eat that, but ho... I can't. Those Assam, ginger and etc make me vomit more. No bread or biscuit too. I just can't! I have to eat rice, actually not really like it but at least this is the only type of solid food that I make vomit less. Meat, fish, veggie... sorry lah. Now drinks also very choosy - I can take oat milk and Amway Replacement Meal. Both are expensive drink but contain very high vitamin and mineral.
Em... I pray a lot hope that I recover back as soon as possible.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Detoxification during pregnancy?!

As i can't stop the vomitting, i seek everywhere and anyone to cure the vomitting! I am very very very very.... tired with the answer:" Aiya, like that one loh. Early pregnancy like that one lah. You will be better later." Be fracky, i am sick about this kind of answer! Why can't i have an enjoyable pregnancy?

Last saturday, i went to a phamasist topurchase Yang's oat milk. Imet with the phamasist. I told him my condition. As he's same as me "believe" that term of "detoxification". I told him that i done my first time detoxification and then i conceive the following month before my second time detoxification. I knew that my first time detoxification quite success as i can detox till my liver and gall-bladder. I pass out a lot of dark greenish poo poo and a lot of colorful tiny stones. Off cause not everyone understand what am i saying ha?! I stop after 3 full days of vege and fruits juice. I am not dare to continue more days because this is my first time. So i decided to redo after 2 months.

But ho... My "Chi" is "good enought" to let a "life" to "growth" in my body after first time detoxification. Then the toxic in my body still high, that's why i keep on vomitting, the first sign of body to reject all the bad things get into the body. Just like when we were vomit during food poisonning, the first sign our body reject the bad things is vomitting. Itotally can't take anything contain preservative or colouring. Now even my body shampoo have to be organic too. Or i will start vomitting again!

My friend suggest me to do another detoxification. If my baby can take it, he will stay. Hubby sure said NO. But i told him if i did do it, when the baby come out, he will suffer as all the toxic will pass to him. Then he... kept quiet. I told him i am very tired. I want to try.

I am trying "钙离子" now. As this is the simplest way to detoxify my body. But the strongest effect! So i dilute 100X! Oh... i can't take any water that's boiled before. Water must be only after filtered only! See, how choosy i am!

May be most ofyou won't understand what am i saying here. But ho,if you understand Five elements of our body, Organ activity time, and even chinese time to rest, etc. May be you will understand what i am saying.

I told my baby. " Stay with me. Mommy is doing the best for you."

Friday, 28 November 2008

Candida sp.

I was surfer from urinary tract infection for 3 weeks!!

First few days, still can bear the pain as i make sure i drink a lot of water. But can't cure.

Second week, went to see doctor because already urine contain blood! Doctor gave adviced took some antibiotic loh. And my urine profile showed Leucocyte count is very high. So he assume was bacteria infection. I also asked to done the urine culture to confirm the kind of infection. My mistake - i went to goverment hospital.

Third week, still the antibiotic can't cure the pain... Went to private hospital, same gave me antibiotic.

Forth week, i gave up! Drink a lot a lot a lot of water and kept changing my panty let it's cure by itself. And it does!!

Then i received a call from government hospital - my urine culture report was bad. Need to reculture again. I went loh... and i found out it's Candida sp.! Fungus infection! No wonder antibiotic can't help me lah! I need antifungus! Luckily not Candida albican.

Em... Why took them so long... actually 3 days can tell me the result! Oh... next time i do the culture myself as i have all the facility in my lab. hehe...

Second ultra scan

Went to visit gynae yesterday. Because this 2 days morning when i woke up, always my tummy have a hard "lump"! Quite worry... Not feeling any pain.

Gynae said it's because the worm move to one side due to my position of sleep. He done the ultra scan, can see the fetus heart beat. But can't take the picture as i already wee wee, picture not clean enough.

Em... a life is inside my body!!!

Monday, 24 November 2008

PTK exam

I amgoing to sit for my PTK exam tomorrow.
So wish me good luck!!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Yang talk a lots now!

Before i send Yang to nursery,i told the nursery teacher that Yang not really can talk in full sentences yet. But now after 2 1/2 in nursery... non stop talking...

Today in nursery,
Yang still running here and there...

His teacher:" Yang, you should not run like this. You will hurt yourself if you fell down."
Yang still running....
His teacher:"Yang, come and sit beside me." (Yang only will lishen to this teacher.)
Op... Yang walk so slowly to his teacher and try to pull the chair away from his teacher.
His teacher:"No, you have to sit beside me."
No choice, he has to follow.
Yang will do anything and works if this teacher ask him to do.

So, after lunch hour.This teacher leave first and told her girls if Yang behave naughty just call her.

Then, time for another teacher D to leave. She asked Yang want to follow her to Jusco to buy thing?
You know what Yang told her!!
Yang:" I don't want. Later you will call Mrs L to report on me."
All the teacher laughed!!

Em... my Yang...

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

morning sickness

why should i suffer for this leh....

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Yang is 3 years and almost 2 months now. but ho...

1. still less concentration on doing works, especially when ask him to write, colouring, playing education game...

2. If is outdoor... he is no 1.

3. Stubborn!!! No mean no... no negotiable!

4. Luckily won't beat other kids at nursery. Cross my finger.

5. "Super Glue"to mommy... may be i pregnant??

6. Love to fight wt Jing. Whatever Jing hold any toy he will "claim" it's his!!

7. No ending story about things have wheel...

What do you think?

Monday, 17 November 2008

Am i too excited to have my 3rd baby?

My DH asking me this question. I announced it in FaceBook, so mean the whole world knew about it! DH and I are from the same secondary school,so we had the same schoolmates. He was greeting by an old friend about my no.3, and he "gong gong" why his friend knew about it. Haha...LOL

Then he wait until last Friday night and asked me. I said i announced it in FaceBook which DH HATES this kind of stuff. Now, he is asking me to teach him how to play FaceBook. hehe...

But really... am i too excited? LOL... Now not yet 8 weeks... hak... another 32 weeks to go only, quite short to enjoy the pregnancy journey, right? haha...

I am a bit ok compare with last week. Last week i vomit till no end!! Urology Specialist said may be due to i had terrible urinary track infection... Hope so lah...

Yang's react!

When i told Yang that i am pregnant, he started to behave weigh!

He is so "attach" to me... Sleep time must mommy accompany, drink milk must mommy mix, bath also only mommy, everything is mommy mommy mommy...

I am sick with my morning sickness and he always mommy mommy mommy... wah... tension!!! When i pregnant with Yang, Jing won't be so ... over leh!

Hi... need to bear it since he's so "jealous"! But still, he wants baby. LOL!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Tired tired tired.... Working as a goverment stuff...

May be most of you think that become a government stuff like holding the stainless Stael bowl but ho... for a non-bumi to stand in between "them", do you know how tough?!

I am in Veterinary Department. So, do you think anythings wrong if i want to involve myself in Pig Industry? Since "they" don't care at all!!! Yap, never care.

I apply for the MOA Dana for pig diseases project and was been turn down. The reason - i really can't accept!!! Pig not priority!!! MOA, please... Kementerian Pertanian!!! I was ask to get the fund from the farmer!!! So unfair!!

I wonder should i continue to stay here? I am a "invisible" stuff here too... I was"kick" from one section to another section... But when i request to transfer out - another non sense reason was given too.

Em... I am started to look for another job liao... With my 3rd baby, hope he bring both of us a very good luck!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Em... I don't think my kids saw goose before. Went to "ang kong" temple and surprising they have goose there.

See,both my kids just stand there for 10 minutes just want to see goose. Jing kiasi not dare to walk close but Yang went near to the gate. Luckily, the hole not big enough for Yang to put his hand in. Or will "bite" by goose.

Jing started to ask: " Goose are bigger than duck, right?"
"The sound of goose is different."
"Why roaster can gang with goose? no fighting?"
"Do we eat goose?"
"i am scare lah,it's huge!!!"

My Yang, just making the sound of goose and roaster. Then Jing was explain everything to him. I don't know what they were discussing, but good, at least i know they are communicating. :D

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

First checkup

Just went to my first maternity checkup at GH yesterday. Everything seem OK. I can saw the tiny 19.8mm sac! But too small to see the fetus yet. At least i can confirmed I AM REALLY PREGNANT! :D

Friday, 7 November 2008


When you look at the picture, i bet you know what it is mean. Right?

Yap, i am pregnant with my No. 3!! I bought that kit only RM6, and i have a very strong positive result!

I wonder how i get pregnant leh?Hubby and I were so "carefully"! haha... Should be my ovulation day delay loh,or else impossible one! We were so "safe" for 3 years.

Anyway... congratulation to myself lah...

Thursday, 6 November 2008


My grandpa passed away 3 years ago, 28 Oct was the day. Our family done some ceremony for him. He was a Buddhism.

In Chinese society, grand-children from daughter side are not the "importance" person. Because "we, the grand-child at daughter side" carried other surname. So, during this event not attending also never mind. But, he was the only grandpa that i have and stayed with for 16 years...

I was on leave that day! But ho... the grand-children who carry his surname... only 3 appear... the rest with the reason - working! My Jing, the great grandchild still remember him and she missed him so much.

Ok, about my grandpa, he was a very traditional man loh. For example, he only gave my sister and i half of the pocket money compare to my cousin who were the same surname with him. Yap... so unfair... and my sister and i are girl lagi leh, ok!
But never mind, my grand mum will top up! haha...

Luckily, I have very good mother - who always teach us need to respect the older no matter what have they done. So i will try my best to do whatever he want me to do. Actually, he always asked me to fetch him out, i am his driver! He was the type want to eat something special, then he will call you to fetch him. Fetch him only... he won't treat for that special meal one!!! His belonging surname grandson... always had their reason why can't pick him up! When i had kids, my kids will just followed in my car loh.

I am so lucky i had a good mum although she never went to school before. At least i had quite some number of sweet memories and times with my grandpa!

Mengkuan dam walk

My house just nearby Bukit Mertajam Mengkuang dam,in 10 minutes drive only. I just love to went there so my kids can walk on the grass without shoe. Actually i love the feeling walking on grass, hehe...

This time we decided to walk into another pass way around the dam. Quite far! Took about 1/2 hour. You can know how "far" from Jing's face! She complained and complained, want to return... But my Yang...

See negotiating with daddy want to walk further more! And Jing don't care - walk back herself! haha... Of cause in the end,we all return, because mommy and daddy can't tahan liao! haha...

Steam Pumpkin Cake

Here i ready with steam pumpkin cake! But taste not as good as steam banana cake. Pumpkin taste not strong as banana and the egg taste "covered" all!
Want to try strawberry but still can't get in pasar malam. Oh... cheaper a lot compare to supermarket.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Will your father-in-law cook?

I just considered myself very lucky! I don't have Mother-In-Law and a very understanding father-in-law. Without MIL it's reduce the chances my DH sit on the wall and good FIL can help me do a lot of things include cleaning up the house.

My hubby and I were in Ipoh during Saturday because i am going to move from rented house to government house. Need to clean up and move my things. We can't return on time.

When i reached home by 730pm, my FIL already fetched Yang from my mother's place because she need to attend dinner. Then I saw both my kids were after bath and taking their dining. My FIL cook! Although it's just very simple meal, i don't mind. Both my kids very enjoyed!

Hm... I am so lucky...

Friday, 31 October 2008


I am very tired.... every week to and from between BM and Ipoh... When is it going to stop this kind of life leh?
I really really really... hope that i get the transfer letter as soon as possible lah...

Friday, 24 October 2008

Police Malaysia Part II

Again... someone tried to break into my rental house yesterday night. Alarm rang, showing that someone was at the ceiling roof...
I swift off the alarm and reset again, who know may be too sensitive to the cat, rat, and etc. but ho... It’s still ringed! Mean someone was there.
I was about to sleep, so holding my Yang in one arm and another arm with my weapon - kayu!! I called my owner, *&^%## didn't answer. Call to her house and asked her mother to wake her up and come immediately.
Then I heard some sounds from ceiling... I don't know what to do leh... so use all kind of things (whatever) to block the room door. Beside that I called my neighbour to accompany my owner to come into the house.
Then, I started to cry and my hands were shaking. I took a deep breast and I knew I must calm down because Yang was with me! I called to Gerakan Ipoh. Then I started cry nonstop liao... I told polis woman my address and I got a nice scold for not telling the right address. Off cause I scold back - Here is Taman Riang but according to Balai Bercham they said here is Taman Bersatu. So mana satu betul? Tanya Balai Bercham. Ini kali ke-4 dah pecah rumah di rumah saya duduki! She just kept quiet!!! I made the call at 21:17.
After that, I heard someone calling from the back, not dare to open the curtain, who knows that thief is standing beside the window!! But then I open with camera on my hand, just snap, snap, snap... before I reach the window. (Aiyo...flash light mah) Oh... It's the Taman Sukarelawan. They asked me to open the house. I said no and ask them to wait in front the house and wait until my owner is here.
When I heard the alarm off and my owner called me with hand phone. Then only I came out, I ran down with Yang on my arm. The sukarelawan ran to upstairs and my owner got them a stair to climb. I don't think the thief was there, because it’s taken 10 minutes for my owner to get to my house.
Then my neighbour asked to stay in her house for a while. I called my friend and said I am staying with her for that night! Her husband and she decided to come immediately so that I won't be alone driving to her house. (How nice my friend...)
ok... what my owner and sukarelawan and neighbour doing in the house, i am not interesting...
What I know, the police came at 21:55!!! *&^%$#@*...
I asked my neighbour looked after Yang while I packing my things to move out from that house ASAP.
Then, I just followed my friend to her house.
I can't sleep well whole night!!

Why it's took 40 minutes to reach? because Gerakan Ipohand Balai Bercham yang small too not link ok??!!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Polis in Malaysia... and kedekut owner...

I worked in government area,so i gang with lot of Malays. Luckily in my unit, they are ok - not "close" minded type.

Ok, I was away from Ipoh house during Raya holiday. 30 Sept, 2.30pm i leaved my Ipoh house. And I received owner call at 430pm asking me wither i close the gate or not. The gate is open - someone went into the house!!! I have to return to Ipoh again loh!!!

At 545pm i reached the Ipoh house. Owner said he has made a call to Gerakan Ipoh and they send someone to the house. BUT, this police asked my owner to take the photos by himself then he bla... Ok, then my owner took the photo by himself. After that her wife started to clean the house.

I lost 1 box of skin care and 1 box of cosmetic! Ah...what the thief want to do with that leh? Hadiah Raya untuk wife dia? Just i felt sad because the boxes were so unique, gift from my hubby... %$@@&*^%...

My owner lost a bunch of house keys. So that night all the lock have to change lo.

What i benggang again - when i make the report to the police station, the police officer ask me to wait because he want to "buka puasa"! Ok, for what i understand, he can just drink some water then continue his works. Since he is a gov staff, never mind loh... low mark in SKT - won't die what, may be just get transfer only mah... I didn't say anything, let him lah if he think that he was doing the right thing!
Second, when my owner and i try to explain to him, he just ha..ha.. then make his own personal call asking about his makan, minum...
Third, the inspector also 1 kind... since i make report in Bercham so need a inspector to go the house and have a look but after the first policeman dinner, the call to the inspector can't get through ... nobody answer!!! If someone half death, think he must be mati liao lah... After quite sometime when get to him he can said he can't come now, because another bigger case waiting for him. Same pecah rumah but lost car, my one just minor only!!! Oh... Ya, and since we already took the photos.

Ok, we just went home and wait. By that time already 830pm i still not yet having my dinner! I bath and took my dinner and wait till 930pm, then i asked my owner to wait for him. I am going back to BM liao. Don't know my owner wait until what time leh?

My owner put on alarm on that Saturday afternoon, and the thief came again on that middle of night! Luckily have alarm. And knew what my owner said, he put on alarm FOR me (FOR me !!!), so he increase RM50 rental!!! %$#@~&*^... I am moving out by end of this month! Actually, i should asked him to pulang balik my lost - because he so kedekut to put on one more lock to the sliding door, that's why the thief can get in so easily.

Now every nighti slept with pushing the bed to block the door!

Quirky Tag

Little Prince passme this tag.

Ok, what is my unspectacular quirks...

1. Althought i am sick right now, but still refuse to take any medicine. I believe my body can recovered itself, i just need to drink a lot of fluids. If my kids get sick, usually no medicine too.

2. I want my study table to be neat. And hubby working table as well.

3. Both my kids are free to unwear their shoe when at playground. Can't wear sport shoe, because it will "prevent" their feet to "growth".

4. I still refuse to wear baju kurung to office, because i am a chinese.

5. I put anythings in my handbag too. Same as little prince. But i used seperate bag for different things.

6. I must make suremy house is clean before i leave to Ipoh. I will woke up 4am just to clean the house before i leave at 545am.

Rules :
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. List 6 unspectacular quirks you have.
4. Tag 6 bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each taggee's blog to let them know they've been tagged.

Would like to pass the tag to:
Sharine and En En
mummy gwen

Jing's first tooth!

Jing complained that her tooth was "shaking" on Wednesday. I thought just kidding, because she just 5 years 5 months only! Too soon?

When i return to BM on Saturday, she started to complained she was pain whenever she "touch" that tooth.

So i decided to be her "personal dentist" (FOC mah...LOL). Actually she refused to visit the dentist.

I never removed any single tooth by myself or my mom before, but still have to do so leh. She asked me to prepare an ice cube for her. She knew that ice can stop breeding if so. Then i use kitchen towel to hold her tooth.

First trial - can't remove yet. So tried again...
Second trial - op... breeding, i was so scare liao, i want to stop actually, but my Jing ho..." mommy, one more trial, see it's coming out!"
Third trial - success!!! And very fast she put the ice cube on top of it to stop breeding.

She was so happy because it's not hurting her any more. I think it's irritating because something is "shaking" inside the mouth.

Then she started to call her grandma, grandpa, grand aunt... to inform everyone that she is "bo geh"(no tooth!)now! Haha...

She was so brave!!! Good girl!

Friday, 17 October 2008

He chewed!

"Mommy, see, Yang Yang is shame!!"

"What happen to you? Why you open you pyjamas?"

"Nah!" He gave me the break into 2 pieces button!! :O

"What happen?"

"Yang Yang bite loh!" Then he walk away like nothing happen!

Em... my Yang...

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Must read!! Philips AVENT on Bisphenol A (BPA)

Anyone read this article before?

Try to read at http://www.consumer.philips.com/consumer/en/us/consumer/cc/_categoryid_PHILIPS_AVENT_ON_BPA_AR_US_CONSUMER/#id2

What do you think? Since Avent has such problem i can't image the bottles that "made in Malaysia"!!

So i trying to get it (BPA free) from Singapore. I am training Yang to use cup - fully now, hope i success.

Oh... Singapore having great sale on Avent BPA bottle. Dare to use? buy from S'pore, very cheap.

Oh... my God... your eyebrow...

I think i haven't post this photo, right?

I was "crazy' liao when i reached home and saw Jing's eyebrow!
She used Daddy's shaver to shave her eyebrow and scissor to cut her hair!!
So lucky she didn't cut herself. But... i felt like pengsan!!!

It's took "months" to growth back,ok??!!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Cute car

I saw this car this afternoon. Cute ah? Unfortunately can't take from the front. As i need to drive le...

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

BanusLink redemption

I did redeem quite some number of kitchen utilities from BonusLink.
Today i redeemed a rice cooker and stand mixer. Total: 17400 points. Oh... i only redeemed at Points Knock Down section. Can save a lot of points.

Morgan Stand Mixer MSM-NA3HM

Cornell 1.8L Jar Rice Cooker CRC-JE30PSS

Sure you will ask why i have a lot of points? My FIL contributed with using Bonuslink at Shell petrol station for lorry diesel. Hehe...

Monday, 6 October 2008

Fun Fair

BM was just a small town only. But always have Fun Fair anywhere!!
Can't let Yang "saw" the Fun Fair, i must make way to avoid passing there even the "blinking" Fun Fair light too. Or he will jump and jump and jump... until someone bring him to there. Usually Yeh Yeh (grandpa) will surrender first loh...
But ho... he was too "chicken" to play. Jing was so enjoyed but he choose the baby rise only. The game that Jing played, he said NO! Off cause Choo Choo Train never said no lah...

He enjoyed at train and baby rise (very slowwww...).

Jing is different, "bo kia si" type!

Taking photosss

Both my kids love to take photo. I mean they are using camera. Why? Both of them was curious why people can get inside the screen. I need to explain and explain why to them. I have to study how the camera made till the new technology... i am also gila type one - my mom said. May be to some people they assume kid never understand but not me. Just explain and they learn one more things mah. I am learning too!
I am thinking sending them to photgraphy workshop. hehe... i knew Canon offer this kind of shop when i visitto a Canon Showroom in Guyney Plaza few years back. But not sure that shop still there or not. Sure hubby said i am gila liao. LOL

Show u:

From Yang

From Jing.

Asean Culture Centre @ Tapak Pesta,Penang

So Penangie, no way to go?
Please visit to Asean Culture Centre @ Tapak Pesta. Just went last Sunday with my kids and hubby.

Less than 20 stalls opened because just only opened. It should be has more stalls by coming school holidays.

I found a shop opened by an African, selling wooden decorating things and furniture. Look nice and the price... Hubby said expensive because i suggest to have one for our new house balcony.

Nice? Need RM1700 for 4 chairs and coffee table. The baby chair cost RM120.

Ok, the decoration things was so cute. I bought 2 turtle cost RM10 each for Jing and Yang. Planned to buy the bowl next trip when i went without hubby... hehe...

If you prefer the African face design decoration, he has a lot of it. But i don't like, look aiyeh...

Both my kids love balloon. Coincident someone "repairing" the huge balloon and Yang get very excited! He stand and squat next to it almost 15 minutes and no
t allowed anyone "disturbing" him. haha...

Oh... If you love coffee, he sell roasted coffee from Africa too. This picture showed he use the coffee beans to decorate because expired liao.

Why am i promote his shop... because the rest just local things only loh...

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Gift from RamblingMoo

We met again in 2 Oct. She came to Bukit Mertajam - shooping at the new Jusco in Northern region.

RamblingMoo gave Yang birthday present so do Jing, also got one from her.

Both of them very happy.

They opened it in the next morning. When mommy still lazy to woke up and they were "free" to do whatever they want. Mommy still on the bed! hehe... (pai seh..)

Then i heard the "Yeh..." sound. I knew they must be opened the gift and happy with it. and they tear thegift paper, not appreciated at all... so nice the butterfly!

Thanks, RamblingMoo.


Jing love to eat American Breakfast. In Bukit Mertajam, each set in hawker center cost RM5.50! "kia si lang"! So I decided to make it myself.

Cute? Yang has Pooh and Jing has Hello Kitty. Yang totally NOT "appreciated" the "tree" that made from sausage. He insisted wants to change with Daddy sausage that's in original shape.

Mommy punya.

Daddy punya - the left over bread and etc...

All this no need RM22 pun... and i gave extra gift - the banana cupcake!

I successed!

At last i successed to make Banana Cupcake, recipe from RamblingMoo. And i put in baking powder as the last ingredient.

Here is before steam. I can make 7 cupcake.

Nice boh? all can huat!

Both my kids love it very much. See, Yang eating the last cupcake and i ask for 1 small piece. How "small" the piece he gave me!LOL

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Happy Birthday Yang Yang

Here was celebrated in bbsiter house.

Here is with nursery friends. I prepare some simple gift for the kids too.