Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Cloth diaper - Gro Baby and Kissaluvs

I bought one size CD from Sandra (Mia Bambina). Want to try the Gro Baby System (since the shell can be use repaeatly) and Kissaluvs Fitted (Chanel and Chinnee told me more absorb).

There, i received it on 8 Aug and it took me 3 days to wash and dry 3X, weather not really good in BM, Penang. Look nice leh!

Just now want to try on my Mann, first trial on her. So tiny, it's cute! Right?

But ho, just after snap the photo, she made big business!! So, first trial on solid. I should buy 2 set!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Updated of Mann - Mummy is very tired....

Today Mann's 1 month and 3 days old.

Confinement lady went back on last sunday. So mummy had to take care of Mann all by myself. I need to bath her, feed her (feed on demand), change her, entertain her...

Her progress...

She woke up, first want to be feed. Searching left and right looking for mummy McB. 1, 2, 3, still not coming, then she will start with "ek, ek," sound, very softly sound. Then after 5 second, started " EK, EK, HEK, HEK" sound, louder sound. After another 5 second " OGEK, OGEK..." CRYING liao... So let her cried, if i am busy in the toilet or cooking.

After feeding, need to entertain her! Talk with her and play with her, if she didn't back to sleep. ON MY hand , OK? neverever think about put her back to the bourcer.

When Yeh Yeh at home, he just LOVE to carry once Mann making noise. Tu lah... now Mann habit - can't put her back to bourcer is she is awake.

ok, till now. She is crying liao...