Saturday, 31 January 2009

When kids brushing teeth

When your kid is brushing their teeth, will you help them?

I let my kids brushed by theirself, after 3 minutes, is my turn to brush their teeth. Am i doing anything wrong? I just want to make sure they don't have any dental decay. Because i don't have a set of healthy teeth mah!

My mum and father-in-law, even my sister always bra...bra...bra... to me. Said must asked them to brushed by themself why should i "add" one more work to myself? em... I said they still young mah, won't know clean enough bo!

May i am to "kiasu"?!

Friday, 30 January 2009

Genting Trip during CNY - 1

OK,this year a bit different. Whole family (with DH's aunt family) went to Genting during 1st day of CNY, because DH's cousin can't come home during CNY, need to work as she handled the Happy Shaolin project.

We stay in Awana. Quick nice. Apartment type, so that we can cook ourselves. Chinese must having dinner together during CNY and eat at home can chit chat longer time mah.

First day, due to check in at 3pm so we didn't went to Genting Theme Part just went to Temple Cheng Swee after gathering dinner.

Yang was so excited because he never watch any "show" from China. LOL Yang so "ang mo"!

Luckily the weather was so nice, we can see the view very nice. And there have exhibition selling things from China, some local reptiles and local organic and herbs store. We bought some organic fruits and herbs. I love the organic ginger, very nice, less fibre and very big.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

naik pangkat

I was just received my letter - naik pangkat. And it's mean naik gaji too... huhuhu...

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Jing's progress-1

I just changed Jing to another kindergarten because the previous one tutup kedai! So sayang! I love the methods of that previous kindergarten but seem like in Malaysia almost 100% parents are kiasu type, that's why the number of student kept decreasing. :(
Jing's now is in a kindergarten that i think is less academic type. I hate homework's so do her. i told the principal that my girl no need a 100% prefect score on all subjects but please "make" her "love" more to books! That's all. Em... the principle seem not really agree with me! haha... but ho, the rest of kiddy... wah... some need Jing to sit for "enrollment exam" just because Jing enroll not from 3 years old! Can you imagine!
Keep call the principle how's my Jing progress. She said Jing need chach up on English, she is pushing her to read more on English story book.But no problem on Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia. Ya lah... forgot to told her that Jing is on Manderin base kiddy previous. hehe... And she said Jing behave very good. Yes, Jing always so polite.
Monday Jing has Ejaan. She was so "happy and proud" to inform me she done it 3 wrongly. Haha... I never gave her any pressure on her academic, that's why she "felt" it's nothing wrong. But it's true, nothing wrong mah.
Homework? sure got lah. But my advice to her, do it correctly and must be fast. At home sure will have a lot excuse but in school very fast because teacher will scold, this is what she told me.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My Yang

It's about him again...

Every morning,

"Yang, it's time to wake up."
"em... mommy, i want nen nen." with his eye closed.
"nah. I bath while you drink your milk. When you finished drinking come to bath room, ok?"
He will knock his head.
But ho... after he finished his milk, he just hold his bottle with his hand and continue to sleep.

"Yang,wake up loh."
no response.
"Yang,wake up."
No response.
"Yang, wake up." - higher tone!
"em....." with the eyes closed)
"Yang, wake up." - higher tone!
"Em......"- louder sound.
"Yang, wake up!" - highest tone!!!
Reaction 1: "Hm.... ok ok...." then walk to bath room.
Reaction 2: " I don't want to go to school. I want to sleep." Then off cause i still in highest tone!
Reaction 3: "Can i wear this (pyjamas) to school?" Then just need to look at him,he will walk to bath room.
Oh... both of us go to bed at 10pm and slept at 1030pm. Bedtime story and some "private" communication between he and i.

Why boy like that one ha? Jing never do that before.

Now i understand why my hubby "insist"want girl! LOL

Friday, 9 January 2009

Hyperemesis gravidarum

Sure, you will ask what is that?

"Hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of pregnancy sickness characterised by persistent nausea and vomiting as well as significant weight loss, of then more than 5%. It occurs in about 3 to 20 of 1000 pregnancies, hospitalising more than 30,000 women a year in US." I read from last Sunday (4 Jan) The Star, PEOPLE, page SF9.

I knew what happen to me now.

In US the doctor take seriously in such case not like in Malaysia, very "chin chai" only. They sure will have a doctor follow their case. In Malaysia, the doctor not even want to explain what happen to me! I was given metoclopramide only. Both government or private doctor just told me that i should feel better in a few weeks. Same as the author, when there was nothing left to regurgitate, i threw up gastric fluid, and even tinged with blood from my inflamed stomach. I was dehydrate too till doctor asked to receive fluids intravenously plus medicine. I even had the mind want to give up liao, but NO since i brought her to this world i need bear all these. Hubby is the great supporter to me!

In US, you will refer to a nutritionist and even social worker, who made sure there were no underlying psychological issues, such as an eating disorder, causing to reject food(never met a single social worker here pun!). In here, i was ask to eat what even i can eat and drink what i drink. That's all. So, i have to find the alternative way la! I surf net, asked friend, even read bookssss... I tried almost everything till i find the suitable "methods" just for me. I stopped my oral medicine and tried the methods till i success. Or i just keep on suffering?! I was on medical leaves almost 1 months (the whole December) to try up. Now i found my way! although i am not gaining any weight last 4 weeks, but my morning sickness did reduce a lot lot lot... I hope i can gain more weight next check-up since i loss 4 kg.

Hubby and I planned go for induce labour if i am still nausea and vomiting till trimester. Compare to the author, i am much more ok than her. She was on nutritional line inserted and need to pump in a 5 pound bag of milky liquid everyday. I hope i won't be like that and i don't think it will happen in Malaysia too.

Em... Noe easy want and to be a mother! Kampateh lah!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Update - My baby is 15 weeks old!

My baby is 15 weeks old liao. Went to a checkup yesterday. I can see her (oh... it's SHE!) little arms, the 10 fingers, leg, toes, heartbeat, liver, head and her face too... I was so excited till i forgot to ask gynae - can i have a vcd copy or a print. So touching... Em... She has a 10.9 head diameter with is same as my pregnancy date.

Hubby was so "happy" to get a girl. He wants girl. I knew he was tired looking after my Yang! Haha... Boy mah, more active. Went to wedding on 3 Jan, Jing also wished i had a girl because she said so that she can have a company to be flower girl during her shu shu's (my brother-in-law) wedding. LOL

Now, my morning sickness reduce a bit. Since i am at home for almost 1 month (MC and own leaves),i tried all kind of methods that anyone recommended. Last i found that i need to a vegetarian mom-to-be and also thanks to Irene who recommended Tevron cloth to me. Tevron is a kind of special cloth that creat by Japanese that produce negative ion. I wonder anyone knew "负离子"? Heard about Gethal mattress? Same concept. But Tevron produce more ion. "负离子" is believed that can balance our body ion charge and "cure" certain illness. Once our body with balance ion all kind of illness will gone. Tried lah... since i am so surfer! It's work! Amazing ha! Now my nausea and vomiting at least reduce during morning and afternoon,i can enjoy my breakfast and may be lunch now. :)

Monday, 5 January 2009

First in WORK!

I was on and off leaves during the whole December due to the morning sickness. Now need to be back to work because too many things need me to solve! First - i feel like DON"T WANT TO WORK! I STILL need rest... Actually, i am lazy... LOL