Friday, 9 January 2009

Hyperemesis gravidarum

Sure, you will ask what is that?

"Hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of pregnancy sickness characterised by persistent nausea and vomiting as well as significant weight loss, of then more than 5%. It occurs in about 3 to 20 of 1000 pregnancies, hospitalising more than 30,000 women a year in US." I read from last Sunday (4 Jan) The Star, PEOPLE, page SF9.

I knew what happen to me now.

In US the doctor take seriously in such case not like in Malaysia, very "chin chai" only. They sure will have a doctor follow their case. In Malaysia, the doctor not even want to explain what happen to me! I was given metoclopramide only. Both government or private doctor just told me that i should feel better in a few weeks. Same as the author, when there was nothing left to regurgitate, i threw up gastric fluid, and even tinged with blood from my inflamed stomach. I was dehydrate too till doctor asked to receive fluids intravenously plus medicine. I even had the mind want to give up liao, but NO since i brought her to this world i need bear all these. Hubby is the great supporter to me!

In US, you will refer to a nutritionist and even social worker, who made sure there were no underlying psychological issues, such as an eating disorder, causing to reject food(never met a single social worker here pun!). In here, i was ask to eat what even i can eat and drink what i drink. That's all. So, i have to find the alternative way la! I surf net, asked friend, even read bookssss... I tried almost everything till i find the suitable "methods" just for me. I stopped my oral medicine and tried the methods till i success. Or i just keep on suffering?! I was on medical leaves almost 1 months (the whole December) to try up. Now i found my way! although i am not gaining any weight last 4 weeks, but my morning sickness did reduce a lot lot lot... I hope i can gain more weight next check-up since i loss 4 kg.

Hubby and I planned go for induce labour if i am still nausea and vomiting till trimester. Compare to the author, i am much more ok than her. She was on nutritional line inserted and need to pump in a 5 pound bag of milky liquid everyday. I hope i won't be like that and i don't think it will happen in Malaysia too.

Em... Noe easy want and to be a mother! Kampateh lah!


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Moo mommy said...

I will!

Moo mommy said...
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KittyCat said...

You poor thing! I read about the Japanese woman and felt really sorry for her.

Wonder if another gynae or hospital may be able to help? Not sure if you go Bagan Specialist coz I hear of a good gynae there.

Take care ya!

little prince's mummy said...

Triple awards for u:

Moo mommy said...


Yap,i hear too. But not really know he is good in which field. I plan to go to Island Hosp. Jing delivered there and they hv nutritionist. Ya ho...discuss wt hubby first.


KittyCat said...

Must ask you about this already because I just found out that my gynae left the hospital already! O_O

Peridot&Sapphire said...

oh... so this is also your case? I read the article from The Star too... it sounds like a very serious case but in m'sia never heard about this. I'm lucky as I never have morning sickness for both my pregnancy.You take care and yes Kampateh to you!