Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Jing's progress-1

I just changed Jing to another kindergarten because the previous one tutup kedai! So sayang! I love the methods of that previous kindergarten but seem like in Malaysia almost 100% parents are kiasu type, that's why the number of student kept decreasing. :(
Jing's now is in a kindergarten that i think is less academic type. I hate homework's so do her. i told the principal that my girl no need a 100% prefect score on all subjects but please "make" her "love" more to books! That's all. Em... the principle seem not really agree with me! haha... but ho, the rest of kiddy... wah... some need Jing to sit for "enrollment exam" just because Jing enroll not from 3 years old! Can you imagine!
Keep call the principle how's my Jing progress. She said Jing need chach up on English, she is pushing her to read more on English story book.But no problem on Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia. Ya lah... forgot to told her that Jing is on Manderin base kiddy previous. hehe... And she said Jing behave very good. Yes, Jing always so polite.
Monday Jing has Ejaan. She was so "happy and proud" to inform me she done it 3 wrongly. Haha... I never gave her any pressure on her academic, that's why she "felt" it's nothing wrong. But it's true, nothing wrong mah.
Homework? sure got lah. But my advice to her, do it correctly and must be fast. At home sure will have a lot excuse but in school very fast because teacher will scold, this is what she told me.

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Peridot&Sapphire said...

ya... i also don't plan to push my kids to get high marks... but know what they are learning and yes loves story book, loves to read.