Monday, 31 May 2010

Yang's progress

Ok. I think it's time to write something about my Yang.

He is going to 5 this coming Sept. He’s just 18kgs and 107cm tall.
Still very fair even always put him under the Sun. I prefer boy to be dark!

His journey:
1) Can't sit in one place very long. Personally I think his recent teacher can't control him. Last year 丽诗was very good, my boy can follow whatever she said even he nagged but still he will follow. He just too "smart" to "mark" someone that he can bully. The new teacher seem always tolerate with him, so he climb up her head liao.

2) He still can't really concentrate on what teachers teach/inform. Example, teacher asking to wear red tomorrow. He didn't understand but he will wear in red a day after because everyone wearing red the next day. And very proudly speak to the teacher "see, I wore red today."

3) Although I never expect my kid can be an A++ student, I just want them to have a very happy childhood. So he’s really enjoying his life.

4) Every night, if there was any homework’s, it's the time he and I kept "negotiating". AH!!! Just will make me crazy! Due to he's too tired, may be.

5) He went to Enopi math for sometimes. I can see his improvement in caughting up 1-10 and can count 1-10, even write. Can count by say only up to 1-100 but can't recognize yet.

6) A-Z still needs improvement. Mommy to work hard on this.

7) Chinese word - he knew some and starting to write his own name now.

8) Still asking him to use Jumbo Stabular pencil. Easy for him to grab.

9) Bought a lot of Montessori set as he play in ACS class. Hope that he can pick up something and also I can train his fine motor skills when plying with it. Exam, 几何shape。。

10) Surprisingly, he will open any book right now. He's favorite - the children encyclopedia. Always I have to read to him, but Jing and Mann will join too.

11) I have to always update with his teacher about him on anything. So that in kiddy, teacher will help him a bit. I can’t' expect teacher just concentrate on him but at least teacher understand why sometime he act so different.

12) Start asking me how to have his own baby! I told him he must get marry first and his wife will get him a baby by combining his sperm and his wife's egg. Co-insidenly read him an article that drinking coca-cola will kill sperm so he won't drink any soft drink now because he wants his own baby. Wahaha...

13) Will eat and drink anything that mummy offered. Still drinking oat milk with bottle. I think he's still missing the breastfeeding time.

14) Love his young sister, Mann, very much. Sleep also wants to beside her. But with elder sister - fight a lot, like cat and dog!

15) Need to practice 感官训练. Em...really take my times to pujuk him before start using gym ball.

16) He told me that he want to be Bob the Builder - can build house for mummy, Handy Mandy - can fix things, Policeman - helps to society, Fireman - rescue the house, and Army - can hold gun! So never ask him can he manage to do all this when he grown up. Because his answer will be CAN. His explanation - when he frees he can do other things mah...

17) Can follow 90% my instruction when I ask him to take something for me. It's a must to him; this is to train his to follow instruction. And sometimes, he will answer me like this “Can’t u see I am busy right now? Please wait!" in a very serious look!

18) Stick with me like leech! Sleep also mummy, eat also mummy, drink also mummy, bath also mummy... except poo poo, he will asked me go away because himself also can't tahan that smell!

Here was the chapatti,dal curry and cha that i brough back from Ipoh. Babysitter specially made for Yang. He ate 3 pieces of chapatti with his favorite dal curry and finish 2 cups of Cha. He miss allthese so much...

Blank mind

I just can't write!
What should i write?