Monday, 17 March 2008

Yang:" Yeh, new choo choo train!"

DH went to Ikea and got his son a set choo choo train.
See how happy Yang Yang is!
It's 11pm and he still don't want to go to bed because of his train.
em... then he slept with his new choo choo train...

All happen on 23 Feb 2008.

Today is 17 March 2008 ... he used the tract as his roller skate!

New Product - Guava + Apple!

See the new product from Malaysia!!! teng teng teng teng... Guava + Apple!

Look great, right?
But ho... Kena tipu one lah...
Where got such thing leh...
It's all because of my DH leh.

See the label, people oledy told it's JERUK JAMBU, he just trust what ppl said only.

Then taste, yak yak yak ... used chemical to jeruk, i bersin after one bite!

i am back!

Almost 1 moth i was away ya... miss me bo... hehe...
Ok, i am a bit relax now liao.
but i need a own laptop la. Think have to manja-manja with DH then only can get a free one lo. haha...LOL...