Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mann is going to 21 mths old lo!

This is me, Mann.

I love dye curry, same as Yang.

Mummy is back! Must try hard to open the door for mummy.

I am watching my favorite VCD, don't disturb me, please.

So lazy to update about her.

Finally, she is going to 21 mths on April 2011.

What she can do right now:

1) She started to talk. Calling everyone she know, basically Papa, Mama, 姐姐(elder sister), 哥哥 (elder brother), 阿嫲(grandma), 爷爷(grandpa), Wu Wu (Should be 叔叔,uncle), and 姨(auntie), including some basic words like 喝水(drink water), 要,不要(want or don't want),这个(This one),排(stacking blocks) ,开(Open or other meaning move, please),yiyi (dirty),坐(Sit),kaikai (walk walk),Hot, 擦(mop or wipe), etc. Still can hear she is in her own language.

2)She appreciated when anyone gave her somethings, she will say Xie Xie (Thank you.)

3)Love to sing. Every morning (when i am not at home), she will choose VCD and asked Ah Ma to play for her. And usually she only will sit there for maximum 15 minutes only, then it's become background music for her. She loves Chinese New Year song and Ai YoYo teacher teaching English VCD.

4)She can eat by herself now. She just loves soup. I don't mind she meshed up, i want her to be independent and enjoy every meal.

5)Still on cloth diaper. She still don't understand must use potty or go to toilet by herself. But she will pull the cloth diaper out when it's wet.

6)Loves to bath. Anytime and anytime also no problem.

7)She loves to smile to everyone. Especially her Chicky smile made everyone want to pitch her, this is what she hates!

8)Knowing that when daddy and mummy is going to work and when is the time to go walk walk.

9)Others than daddy and mummy, anyone change their cloth, she will grasp on that person leg or stand beside the door or bring her show to ask anyone to put on for her. Then she will started to wave bye bye to everyone.

10)She love to disturb Jing and Yang because she want to write or color too.

11) Loves story book especially those have a lot of words. She will point it and READ by herself i her own language.

12) She love to wear beautiful cloths. She will started to dance when i put on her a cloth that she never wear (usually belongs to other kid's cloth). She don't mind 2nd hand cloth,even when you told that the cloth belongs to A, B or C.

13) Loves to play with adults shoe. She will wear the shoe and walk the whole house, especially high heel with Kik Kok, Kik Kok sound.

14) By the way,she know how to unwear herself. She just follow what the elder do, including standing to pee because she saw how Yang's pee before.

15)Don't like sweet and sour things. She loves bitter food, especially bitter gound.

16) Still don't like to eat fruits except banana. Don't ask me why, i think because it's sweet. Luckily she loves to eat vegetables.

17)No more night drinks! Wa hoo!!! She can sleep from 930pm to 730am, only once in a week woke up at 530am to ask for milk only.

18) Still want her pacifier to go to bed. Very hard to wean it, but at least she is not looking for it whole day. Takes time.

Coming 13th April is her next check u p at Klinik Kesihatan Berapit. Want to know how she is now because almost 60% of her Chinese New Year cloths become so short.

God bless me to such a lovely daughter!