Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Yang Yang cried want to go to Jusco in early morning

My Yang very teruk la! Everyday on our way tp nanny house sure will pass by Kinta City Plaza - Jusco, today my boy cried want to go shopping! It's 715 am! em... my son...

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Weng Po organic shawer gel

I am using Weng Po shower gel now. It's a local made organic shower
gel, made from coconut and palm oil extraction, so will have coconut
smell after using. So i try to introduce to my Yang lo. U knew what?
According to my nanny, while taking the bath my son close his nose and
showed hisugly face! :~ Nanny told his family member about it and
nobody believe so when my son go for evening bath my nanny called his
daughter and MIL to see to show that she is notblah la. And yap, my son really close his nose. haha...

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Jing can't open her eye!

My Jing have 2 very big and beautiful eyes. Her look was look like my
hubby. Due to she had "red eye" infection and i had told my mom that
sure she will have a lot of "tahi mata" in the morning. And yap, she did have a lot of "tahi mata" and she can't open her eye because my mom said her eye lashes too long can stick with lot of "tahi mata"! This morning, my mom took more than 30 miute just to sponge her "tahi mata". hahaha...

Farm Visit

Today went for a goat farm visit in Infoternak, Sungai Siput (U), Perak.
Just 30 minute from my office. So what i do over there? I brought my
practical student to that farm just want let them have an experience
only. 2nd, teach them how take goat faecal. They are really enjoying! Wai Yan was so excited "korek" the faecal and she is really have such "talent" to "korek" the faecal. hehe... :P

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Jing have "Red eyes"! mom just called me and told me that Jing has infected wt bacteria of red eye! hai... my sister always like that one lo, when anything happen to her own children just "ask" my mom to take care only. She...relax lo... she never understand that "red eye" can spread very fast because it's bacteria. very hard t tell them...

Experiment run...

I am running the counting of tryp today. So i have my practical student - Wai Yan and some friend to help. Really want to thank them fro helping.
wa.... really want to vomit for seeing under 40X microscope! I need to count using hemocytoeter, mean i need to count : 16 (kotak kecil)X 4 (replications) X 6 (samples) = 384 kotak kecil. Each 16 otak kecil contain ~150 tryp, so 384 X 150 = 57600 ekor tryp!!! I surrender after counted 4 samples! my eyes were so tired! but still have to carried on... take a 10 minutes la...

Monday, 18 June 2007

My own business update - June!

Just went to see the shop house yesterday. wah... the second owner want RM800 without any renovation. I think i am going to reject him la if he still want so high rental. Went to another shop, the owner want RM600 and i can save quite some renovating cost because already have partition, fans and light. Will discuss with the owner today , see whether he can reduce the price a bit! May be... wish me good luck!

Yang's new car seat

I just changed Yang's a new car seat. Zibos from Italy, recommended from a friend - Ros. Same as her, too short for my son, he can't see the outside view but he is happy with it. I think because of it's a new seat :) And i found that the seat is much more safer than my previous one. It have the safety pin/clip for the car seat to fit by the seat belt. I like it.

Monday, 11 June 2007

The power of advertisement!

Now i realiseD how powerful an advertisement is!

On Saturday (09/06/2007), both my children were having their dinner - cook by moo mommy - spaghetti! Jing is 4 and Yang is 20 moths. Jing can ate all by herself and you knew la, boy... :( But Off cause Jing still will "kena" some sauce on her dress. When she finished all her spaghetti's, here was the dialog between she and me, as i am still half feeding my son and he was playing and try to eat by himself.

Jing say:" oh... my dress is dirty. Mommy, i think you must use DYNAMO ANTI BAC, it'll help to remove all the stains."

Moo Mommy say:" hak... What? DYNAMO ANTI BAC? What is that?"

Jing say:" I saw advertisement from Ah Mah house's TV programme. DYNAMO ANTI BAC can remove all the stains. Just put on some on the stain and wash with washing machine." plus her actions too.


Friday, 8 June 2007

Pak La

Pak La is 67 years old. I can not imagine he is getting married! With his sister-in-law?! god...


hai...again the H5N1 outbreak... Means i need to standby to process to the tests. But so far i am still proceed on my research work only, not yet been calling.
Everyone should knew that these are team work, right? but ho... the head of that unit (i called her peacock, always so "beautiful" as she makeup, spray tonne of perfume,tudung sure matching with her cloths, branded, etc!), do not what to say... She is the type of person, when come to "benefit" she will claim all the works was done by her only. And our Director believe on her ONLY! so unfair, right? From processing the pooled organ to molecular work, she claimed that all done by her! everyone seem so benggang about her, but what to do, OUR DIRECTER ONLY "SEE" HER IN THE WHOLE TEAM!
We all just let her be la, God will see and knew what she have done!
Can you image how "jahat" she is. She asked a pregnant woman to go to farm to collect sample! really, #$%&NGD#@@~(*..... Yes, although the pregnant woman is officer at your unit but there are still other officers even lab assistants in the whole institute, please la!
Oh... BTW, it's true she don't trust on other unit staff, as i said before ONLY SHE IS THE BEST!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Rakan sekerja

To me, everyone is the same, from pra to head of institute. But ho... there is still a small group of senior "claim" that that there are senior and they knew everything, so they were so ACT! I can't tahan!
This afternoon we (practical student and officer) were playing with chinese word on the board, it's lunch hour liao. So off cause will make some sound one la. "wee, waa..." but this senior officer ho, came in and made commend - " pasar ke?" All of us so shock! and we just eep quite for a while, when he leaved we just continue la. What la... who he think he is? lunch hour, man, why can't i relax myself?! if really want to kira, hello, your pangkat still lower than me! ok?

Damn tired

As i said yesterday, i am damn tired, so with my son too. So both of us sleep before 10pm last night and woke up at 7 am this morning... he he... so siok...

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Yang's return home activities.

Every night when i fetch Yang from nanny's home, the first thing he
will do when reach HOME:
First, looking for his push car. Then he will made the "woo, woo, ..." sound during his driving. Then will call "mom mom" with his cute small finger he pointed to the fridge. He is asking for grapes. He likes grape. I washed the grapes, and he ate the whole grape, with skin and seed too. Oh... i believe that when a fruit come with skin and seed, we have to eat it. To balance the pH. I ate banana with skin too but only organic banana la. Then he will turn on the TV, playing his push car again and asked me to watch TV while he is "busy". After that he will point to the up stair, mean he want to sleep liao. So he will off the TV for me and push his car back, and wait for me to go to up stair together. He understand that he can't go up by himself unless i go with him.
When reach to the ROOM:
First thing is to jump onto the bed. He likes to roll on bed. Then play his toys, then drink water, read story book, then will ask for nen nen (milk) again. Mean he want to sleep liao. After drink milk and brush teeth, he will point to my McB, em...still can't wean kok. He need mt McB as pacifier so that he can go to sleep.
Ok, these are the activities my son will do every night when both of us are in Ipoh. So what i have to do is remember to top up the grapes! :)

Are u wearing underwear?

Just read from sinchew online, and read to a very funny acticle:
updated:2007-05-30 15:21:41 MYT








男職員在發生尷尬的意外後,成為公司裡所有同事的笑柄,許多同事過後都紛紛表示,要在他生日時,送他一打內褲! (星洲日報/國際‧2007.05.30)

Hello friend, there is somehing call G-sling underwear! I can imagine guy without underwear, not painful meh if scratck with the zip when walking? Guy... hard to understand!

Never ending tired!

aiyoo...went to some stupid seminar yesterday. From Ipoh to IOI Palm Garden in early morning and return to Ipoh after 5pm. Reach Ipoh already 9pm because stop for dinner lagi leh. I am so so so tired... some more need to take care of my son lagi... oh... if i have maid, so siok!
up at 7am and go to work at 730am (rush ho...). Then started to work
lo. Today need to buy equipments. I just finished made review and
prepare 115 (before prepare PO). SO tired with empty stomach, make me
so ... i am tired... i need some input!Ok lah, drink my hoslick la. Lazy to go out...

Monday, 4 June 2007


My son knew how to pronounce "lori" liao. Just wander why boy like transports? Since he is a baby, he likes things have wheel. Wright, right? Al boy like that one? He seem so excite when he "found" a "lori". hehe...:)

Jing - good girl

My Jing seem understand what i try to tell her. Went to see her teacher on 26th June, and i asked her teacher whether she has change her temper recently? and YES, her teacher also notices that. So i just tell my Jing what teacher to her. And she also agree what i said. (although she also agree don't mean she won't behave like that.) And since then when she start to "show", i just inform her. Already 1 week pass liao, seem like she is behave better now. Thanks, god!
Knew what we try to do? 1st, reduce her sweet" food intake. Child who like to eat sweet food than to have bad temper. 2nd, reduce watch TV program especially carton channel. 3rd, i have to always remind her and tell her more moral story lo.


opp..i skipped few days liao. Too bz on my project liao... and can't login during weekend, why? my kids are around leh, then end up with they play wt my PC lo.