Monday, 11 June 2007

The power of advertisement!

Now i realiseD how powerful an advertisement is!

On Saturday (09/06/2007), both my children were having their dinner - cook by moo mommy - spaghetti! Jing is 4 and Yang is 20 moths. Jing can ate all by herself and you knew la, boy... :( But Off cause Jing still will "kena" some sauce on her dress. When she finished all her spaghetti's, here was the dialog between she and me, as i am still half feeding my son and he was playing and try to eat by himself.

Jing say:" oh... my dress is dirty. Mommy, i think you must use DYNAMO ANTI BAC, it'll help to remove all the stains."

Moo Mommy say:" hak... What? DYNAMO ANTI BAC? What is that?"

Jing say:" I saw advertisement from Ah Mah house's TV programme. DYNAMO ANTI BAC can remove all the stains. Just put on some on the stain and wash with washing machine." plus her actions too.


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