Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Yang's return home activities.

Every night when i fetch Yang from nanny's home, the first thing he
will do when reach HOME:
First, looking for his push car. Then he will made the "woo, woo, ..." sound during his driving. Then will call "mom mom" with his cute small finger he pointed to the fridge. He is asking for grapes. He likes grape. I washed the grapes, and he ate the whole grape, with skin and seed too. Oh... i believe that when a fruit come with skin and seed, we have to eat it. To balance the pH. I ate banana with skin too but only organic banana la. Then he will turn on the TV, playing his push car again and asked me to watch TV while he is "busy". After that he will point to the up stair, mean he want to sleep liao. So he will off the TV for me and push his car back, and wait for me to go to up stair together. He understand that he can't go up by himself unless i go with him.
When reach to the ROOM:
First thing is to jump onto the bed. He likes to roll on bed. Then play his toys, then drink water, read story book, then will ask for nen nen (milk) again. Mean he want to sleep liao. After drink milk and brush teeth, he will point to my McB, em...still can't wean kok. He need mt McB as pacifier so that he can go to sleep.
Ok, these are the activities my son will do every night when both of us are in Ipoh. So what i have to do is remember to top up the grapes! :)

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