Thursday, 7 June 2007

Rakan sekerja

To me, everyone is the same, from pra to head of institute. But ho... there is still a small group of senior "claim" that that there are senior and they knew everything, so they were so ACT! I can't tahan!
This afternoon we (practical student and officer) were playing with chinese word on the board, it's lunch hour liao. So off cause will make some sound one la. "wee, waa..." but this senior officer ho, came in and made commend - " pasar ke?" All of us so shock! and we just eep quite for a while, when he leaved we just continue la. What la... who he think he is? lunch hour, man, why can't i relax myself?! if really want to kira, hello, your pangkat still lower than me! ok?

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