Tuesday, 29 January 2008

My mom broke her arm

aiyoo...My mom broke her arm on Saturday, now i really need a maid. She broke her right arm and can't do any works liao. But very hard to find a temporary maid. Anyone have any suggestion? I need a maid now! Just need to clean up the house, take care of 3 kids like bath and make sure on time to go to school and may be cook for lunch.

Friday, 18 January 2008

My heart feel so warm...

As i am working in Ipoh and Yang is here with me, but DH and Jing were in BM.
I am quite allergic to some food, especially synthetic sweetener. I ate some 'jeruk' on Mon till now still coughing!
Last night was a hot and dry night. I have to switch on the air-con or Yang won't go to bed (he told me he's hot!). Usually i have a jar of water in the room, easy for me to mix milk for Yang and i can drink also. But last night, really a hard night for me, dry air mah i cough and cough lo... and I think i disturb Yang. He woke up and get me the jar of water... oh... so warm... i want to cry liao... seem like he understand me and i need to drink water to made my throut smooth so that i can stop cough.
Thank you, my dear...

Thursday, 17 January 2008

My bread - fail la!

hehe... i made the bread by myself - using bread maker! but ho... i don't have any talent on cooking one la. Even my hubby challenge me, so... i will try until i success loh...

Look at above picture - water too much, yeast too much, flour not enough, or flour expired liao... ?!

Any command?

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Bad bad bad quality - Kindermusic instrument

Yang attending Kindermusic class 1 years plus already. Now he is going to attend his 4th class of Our Time. So, in kundermusic class, you are encouraged to buy the home practice music set. It's 2 story book, parent guide book, and 1 musical instrument. Yang have Fiddler dee-dee, Wiggles and Giggles, Away We go and Milk and Cookies. Above photo showed were the music instrument from Wiggles and Giggles and Milk and Cookies. See how bad the quality!!!
I really no mind to pay for the home music set, since the class was so expensive liao, so never mind la. But ho... i am paying for the so BAD quality instrument! Hello, Kindermusic leh...

Milk and cookie instrument - stir xylophone:
1- the color fade
2 - rough
3 - very bad finishing!!!

Wiggle and Giggles instrument - Zig Zag blocks
1 - easily break!
2 - see the tiny piceses showed at photo no.2

Fidder dee-dee - Fiddlesticks
1. - fade color also

Do you think i should let my Yang playing? I complain to the music school teacher liao, and she said she will forward to the Kindermusic HQ. Hope that Kindermusic will do something la.

Oh... the home music set is RM 215 and the whole term 15 classes is RM375.

Expensive bo? Aiya, i can't always buy new cloths lo and buy funny funny things liao lo.

KFC Triple XL Burger

I kena tipu lagi!!! See the KFC so called Triple XL Burger! Yap, the bread is BIG, but the meat... hak... only half thickness of Zinger burger meat, and it's cut into 2 pieaces ya!! em... The combo set contain 1 "so call - Triple XL" burger, soda drink and ice cream - i am still hungry after that!!!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Good to have "kakak" - maid! - Part 2

Ok, I send Jing to my mom usually during Sunday night. Because my friend went out so can't send the maid to her, so to my mom home first la, near by her house so she can fetch after her dinner.

Here is the conversation between my mom (grandma) and Jing.

Grandma:" Aiya, kakak headache need to find her Panadol."
Jing" She is sick? Ok, let me prepare a grass of water for her."

Then, my mom get the maid Panadol and Jing prepared the water.

The cupboard was dirty, after "serve" the maid my mom just went there and wipe the cupboard.

Jing:" Why are you doing all this things?"
Grandma:" It's dusty, need to wipe."
Jing:" Grandma, you can ask kakak to do mah. daddy said her jobs is do the housework."

Grandma... my mom really speechless...

Luckily my mom told her that kakak not feeling well, can't disturb her. Then only Jing "satisfy"!

Jing, oh, Jing... She is really "planning" when i have a maid. Need to "review" whether i "can" have a maid bo...

Good to have "kakak" - Maid!

I used to asked for a maid to clean my house every time when i feel i can't / no time to clean the whole house liao. Paid by day. Last Sunday just asked for 1. Usually Jing won't border there was a maid or not, but this time...

Here is the conversation between DH and Jing during dinner.

Jing:" Why we don't have a maid at home?"


Jing:"She can do a lot of things mah."

DH think for while and reply:" If we have a maid, she only will help mom mom doing house works."

Jing smile sengih-sengih and reply:"em... ok...."

The conclusion - Jing thought if DH get me a maid mean "kakak" can help her "do" a lot of things/works! She is planning liao if daddy said soon we will have a maid! So DH said need to "review" again whether need to get a maid bo?!

Em... Jing.... Oh Jing.....

Monday, 14 January 2008


Jing and Yang likes to fight. For anythings! Jing likes loves to disturb Yang, and Yang off cause doesn't like it. So end up, Yang will chase Jing and they run and run and run around whole house... If Yang can "reach" Jing, sure he will beat Jing, then Jing will "twist" his hand, then yang will pull Jing's long hair, Then Jing will beat back... then i can hear "mama,....., wah...wah... ah.... no.... cry la..." I will never "interrupt" them, i will let them fight (no bleeding, let them be la...). After that i will punished both of them. My principle - you are wrong if you beat other(s). When asked to be apologized each other, Yang be the gentleman but Jing... always will refuse (need to manja her, tell her a story... untung one story leh..).
This whole drama episode kept on repeated and repeated at my home everyday every time...
Oh... i can tahan they cried long long time and they "look" cute and funny! haha...LOL

Friday, 11 January 2008

My "baby' - the mice

I am doing my project which need to passage into the mice so that to keep my Trypanosoma alive. So lucky i got the positive case on Tuesday. Cepat-cepat infected into mice la or i lose my trypanosoma again. In my unit, we do have our duties, so off cause the mice need to monitor each day. This Aunt J supposed to be look after the mice (not said supposed but she do in the mice duty group.) she can just ignore! geram... this is not the first time liao, really speechless to her... Yes she is senior but not please not so "acting". She is just a laboratory assistant only, ok?

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I really "hates" my sister 1st ad 2nd kids - rude, no manners, ego... my sister la, she is the type of mother "kids can learn everything by just send them to nursery"! I been argue with her about "parents to put attention to kids more than anything" for several times liao. Both of husband and wife are the same, but ho still can have 3 kids. Now my grandma and mother so regret to ask her to give birth to 3 kids liao, since she was so selfish and never spend extra time to her kids.
Her jobs - "produce" baby, then send to her MIL to take care till 3 years old then send back to my mom for nursery. Her MIL was in Kepala Batas, no "good" nursery. Oh... She stay near my mom's house. She prefer to works, everyone in my family really encourage her to work than become a fulltime housewife.She works till 530 pm, husband and wife in the same company. So, reasonable la to go to office together. But ho, my BIL working hour not fix one leh, sometime need to work overtime leh. Off cause she can drive herself, but she refuse. So, always came back late la. Sometime 9pm!!! Hello, my dear sister, you have 2 kids to look after leh. they need someone to teach. Not just send to tuition can selesai all things one leh. Some more, your kids ho, not/won't/refuse to lishen to what Ah Mah (my mother) said one leh. Image la, 3 kids at home which can't control!! Till my husband also can't stand, he will fetch my daughter to his office from 630pm till 930pm then only send back my daughter to my mom home to sleep. He continue to work in office loh. (I am not in mah, he can work till whatever time he want. :P)
Don't know what to say to my sister liao. My mom, sound her also the same.
The different she is at home and not at home is her kids won't run from front to back and back to front. Her kids scare to her, cause her punishment - pukul anak! until sometime my mom can't stay and ask her to bring her kids home and do whatever she want, but not in front of my mom. her kids also.. will never know why kena pukul, because she never explain!
After dinner, she will just sat in front of TV and started her "pointing order"! "JQ, take this to me." " JH, take this to me", she just like a Tua Pek Kong! She will turn on the TV program that she want to watch. Her answer:" I was so tired and working whole day liao, need to relax first." Hello, my dear sister, not every TV programme is suitable to kids!
Ah... don't know what to say! I just know i will always watch myself (not kids first.). Will never repeat her step la...

Long long meeting...

Can you imagine yesterday i was in the meeting from 830am to 630pm? em... my buttock was pain...

Monday, 7 January 2008

%$#@~&*^%:... advertlet.com

Just wonder what the hack this "advertlet.com" doing... making me so panic - blog sudah dicerobohi, kena delete liao!... I am blur on IT ya! Luckily managed to fix it.
Thank siggyx.com.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Old old buddy...

This is my old old buddy... we were friends since 1982... what a long long long time liao...
He just get marry. Look how nice his photo, because he is a photographer mah... he took my weeding photos also, but ho, budget problem not as nice as his one and that 7 years back mana ada so canggih thing especially in small town like Bukit Mertajam. My photo album was the first generation of digital type. em...dun have soft copy can't upload here. Sorry!

Friday, 4 January 2008

NEET - 尼特族

Understand chinese ah? Read this...


在日本社會裡,這幾年出現一種「尼特族」( NEET),指的是:Not in Employment, Education or Training意即不升學、不就業、不進修的十五到三十四歲年輕人。他們很多是長期在父母羽翼下成長,一旦到該進入社會的時候,卻喪失做決定的能力與勇氣。他們通常缺乏自信、人際關係孤立,不肯面對由校園轉換到社會的挑戰。或是曾在職場受到挫折,而不願再嘗試。

父母過度保護,是養出尼特族小孩的主因。經濟成長搭配上少子化趨勢,父母大都有足夠的經濟能力,也願意一直金援小孩。尼特族一旦遭到挫折退縮到家裡,父母 也不向小孩施壓,漸漸讓他們成了足不出戶的隱蔽青年。而尼特族中也不乏曾是「乖乖牌」的小孩,從小接受父母的安排,為符合家庭的期望不斷讀書、補習,長大 了才決定以消極的態度表達抗議。尼特族繭居家中的時間一旦越拖越久,就業競爭力就越薄弱,惡性循環造成個人、家庭,甚至是社會沉重的負擔。

trial anderror),結果就是即使七老八十了,心裡仍在青少年階段徘徊。









關鍵時刻:青少年期的試誤 回頭時間成本低,叛逆能量可善用政大心理系教授陳皎眉表示,如果說試誤是人生必經的階段,那麼青少年期,就是試誤最關鍵的時刻,〖因為即使發現路不對了, 回頭的時間成本最低。」而且青少年叛逆期有很強的能量,聰明的父母善用這股力量,可將它導向正面用在自我探索上。

Joseph Luft)與英格漢( Harry Ingham〉發展出的「喬哈利之窗」JohariWindow )可以解釋其中關鍵:每個人都有不為人知的潛力,或者連自己都不知道的天分,只有親子之間能夠坦誠,孩子才會將隱藏的那個自己打開來,告知父母自己要什麼,而自己又有哪些天賦是父母沒有注意到的;另外,父母也應該給予子女誠實的回饋,協助孩子找到連他們都不知道的潛能(見圖)。

台大心理系畢業,又有商學學位的李明融是一個帶種的爸爸,因為他支持讀了兩年大學的女兒李盈瑩,放棄文憑的執著,轉讀餐飲職校。他不在意親友對他不支持孩 子讀書的批評,因為人生路漫漫,他看到一個更真實的世界:身邊成功人士雖多,但快樂的人很少。文憑,無法讓女兒更快樂,這就是事實。





關鍵思維一:把孩子當大人看待 孩子做出選擇,父母就必須退後帶種與放縱之間,是有不同。

哈佛大學心理學博士愛卜斯坦( Robert Epstein),在二○○七年四月出版的新書《在每位青少年中再發現成人》《 The case against adolescence: Rediscovering the adult in every teen


陳 皎眉舉例,當孩子因為喜歡扭蛋,說要去開店,父母可以問問:「你知道開店是什麼樣子嗎?」如果孩子說不出所以然,或者聽到開店要處理那麼多事,就打了退堂 鼓,父母大概就知道,孩子並不當真。像伍榮陞數度觀察伍家鼎,發現他積極蒐尋餐飲方面的資料,「布局很久」,於是知道兒子是當真的。

陳皎眉表示:「對父母來說,最難的事其實是體悟,『雖然你能給的很多,但也就只能給到這麼多』(You can do so much, but only so much. )。」

關鍵思維二:挫折不能無止境 以階段性目標,培養自主與信心






他比喻說,清朝當時,父母為女兒裹小腳,從不管她怎麼痛、怎麼叫,因為心中相信,這樣女兒才可以嫁到好人家。「現在做父母的,表面上不為女兒裹小腳,但心裡面卻拚命為子女裹小腳。」父 母若想方設法的要子女按照自己期望走,就是在心裡跟小孩子比武,兩個人在鬥,最後一定會有人受傷。不為子女裹小腳,也是伍榮陞掙扎過後的體會,他說,子女 不是父母的「家產」,父母只是忠心良善的好「管家」,「我們只能灌溉、施肥、除草,至於這棵樹要結什麼果子,是他的生命,也是他的責任。」他牽著兒子的手 笑笑說。



I think i am not that type of parent because first i am too poor liao, at least financially i can not support them all the good good luxury things loh...


是一位男性朋友sms给我的,那时刚好谈到“情人”, 我和他都是属于他人了。


我回他: ק%$#¥℃×!~。。。


奖金- 银行户口!
不得不喜欢花 - 女儿你也有份哩!

我朋友是无话可说啦!我老公会不会气死掉呢? 哈哈哈哈。。。

I am selling thing on eBay!

I started to sell my extra things off liao... too many extra things at home leh, so if you are free, please drop by to:

1. Bib, bowl, clip, pin and comb - sell in set

2. Born & Bond Sarong sling

3. Fisher Price Toy's car

4. Sony DVD+RW

5. Farlin Bath Net

6. Tommee Tippee bowl and cutlery set

7. Ice block

8. Disposable underwear

9. Kids Playing map - just sold, very fast buyer!

Coming soon... Anakkun stroller and Elego car seat...

Thursday, 3 January 2008





2008 - Price increasing year! - Part 2

Went to Pasar malam yesterday, even Lok Lok (Celup-celup) also increased price from Rm0.50 to RM0.60! Oh...my God... can't those family have a lot of kids, how to survive!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Look great, right?

Every paraent off cause will always feel or say their kids are look great, right!?
me too loh! hehe...

McD Porridge

I wonder that the porridge will never get in FULL one ah? This is not my first time got the "half full" porridge. Since i bought Driv Thru, i didn't return lah, but yesterday i really get mad liao, i bought from counter and open the lid in front the McD stuff. and so the manager asked why, so i complained that i always got the half full porridge. Geram mah... and she insisted said that it's full woh! didn't apologized pun!
I have to band McD porridge liao!

2008 - Price increasing year!

Went to shopping at Jusco, Giant and Tesco yesterday. I found that the price for everything was increased! Example, i bought Popeye singlet set for Yang at Giant last month and i found that Yang love it. The price was RM6.90 during middle of Dec but yesterday - 1/1/2008 the price was RM7.90! Increased 14.5%! Wah... not just this only, diaper also increased, dairy, etc...
Em... how to survive with my little salary...
Have you notice when government said all government servant get their increased salary, everything increased price - a lot compare to the % of increased salary. So what the use of increased salary - better than nothing, right?