Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Good to have "kakak" - maid! - Part 2

Ok, I send Jing to my mom usually during Sunday night. Because my friend went out so can't send the maid to her, so to my mom home first la, near by her house so she can fetch after her dinner.

Here is the conversation between my mom (grandma) and Jing.

Grandma:" Aiya, kakak headache need to find her Panadol."
Jing" She is sick? Ok, let me prepare a grass of water for her."

Then, my mom get the maid Panadol and Jing prepared the water.

The cupboard was dirty, after "serve" the maid my mom just went there and wipe the cupboard.

Jing:" Why are you doing all this things?"
Grandma:" It's dusty, need to wipe."
Jing:" Grandma, you can ask kakak to do mah. daddy said her jobs is do the housework."

Grandma... my mom really speechless...

Luckily my mom told her that kakak not feeling well, can't disturb her. Then only Jing "satisfy"!

Jing, oh, Jing... She is really "planning" when i have a maid. Need to "review" whether i "can" have a maid bo...

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Peridot&Sapphire said...

she has the potential to watch over the maid doing work or not if you really have one in the future... she sure will report everything for you! Good la... hehe...