Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Bad bad bad quality - Kindermusic instrument

Yang attending Kindermusic class 1 years plus already. Now he is going to attend his 4th class of Our Time. So, in kundermusic class, you are encouraged to buy the home practice music set. It's 2 story book, parent guide book, and 1 musical instrument. Yang have Fiddler dee-dee, Wiggles and Giggles, Away We go and Milk and Cookies. Above photo showed were the music instrument from Wiggles and Giggles and Milk and Cookies. See how bad the quality!!!
I really no mind to pay for the home music set, since the class was so expensive liao, so never mind la. But ho... i am paying for the so BAD quality instrument! Hello, Kindermusic leh...

Milk and cookie instrument - stir xylophone:
1- the color fade
2 - rough
3 - very bad finishing!!!

Wiggle and Giggles instrument - Zig Zag blocks
1 - easily break!
2 - see the tiny piceses showed at photo no.2

Fidder dee-dee - Fiddlesticks
1. - fade color also

Do you think i should let my Yang playing? I complain to the music school teacher liao, and she said she will forward to the Kindermusic HQ. Hope that Kindermusic will do something la.

Oh... the home music set is RM 215 and the whole term 15 classes is RM375.

Expensive bo? Aiya, i can't always buy new cloths lo and buy funny funny things liao lo.


Peridot&Sapphire said...

wah! that's very expensive for such a bad quality set. where does yang attend the lesson? in BM?

Moo mommy said...

In Ipoh. Penang one located at Sg Ara, Little Cottage music school. Only one in Pg.
Oh... Jing attended Music Garden in BM. Island too far liao...