Monday, 14 January 2008


Jing and Yang likes to fight. For anythings! Jing likes loves to disturb Yang, and Yang off cause doesn't like it. So end up, Yang will chase Jing and they run and run and run around whole house... If Yang can "reach" Jing, sure he will beat Jing, then Jing will "twist" his hand, then yang will pull Jing's long hair, Then Jing will beat back... then i can hear "mama,....., wah...wah... ah.... no.... cry la..." I will never "interrupt" them, i will let them fight (no bleeding, let them be la...). After that i will punished both of them. My principle - you are wrong if you beat other(s). When asked to be apologized each other, Yang be the gentleman but Jing... always will refuse (need to manja her, tell her a story... untung one story leh..).
This whole drama episode kept on repeated and repeated at my home everyday every time...
Oh... i can tahan they cried long long time and they "look" cute and funny! haha...LOL

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