Monday, 30 June 2008


Yesterday DH and I decided to bring Jing and Yang to watch Kung Fu Panda. Both of us think they will like it. Play gamble leh, if Yang don't like it, mean the ticket wasted lo!
We arrived a bit late liao, so only left first row site. Since Jing so "wish" want to watch it , tak kesah loh.
Dh and I felt so lucky we were at the first row, because Yang can't stand till the end of the movie. He started to walk here and there after 2/3.
Surprising was both of them can sit quietly during the 1/3. Jing and Yang ate the nugget when watching movie. Jing has been to cinema several time liao, so she already used to the environment. But Yang, his first time loh! He didn't "blink" his eyes during the 1/3! LOL He ate his nugget, fries and banana pie while watching the movie. (This mommy using a huge handbag, so can "bring" anything in loh!)
The second 1/3, Jing still enjoying the movie. And kept asking why this and that... as usual loh. But Yang start to have the action liao! He want to follow them - the great five how to play "Kung Fu"! "Mommy, hek, hak, hok..."
The last 1/3, Yang started feel bore liao. So, he start to walk here and there. He wasn't afraid of dark. and have other kids "entertained" his too! hehe... But off cause he enjoying the last part - Kung Fu mah!
At the way back to home, he already started to follow the Panda play Kung Fu! and asking Jing to "fight"! haha...
Em... waiting for the next Mons Inc 2 liao.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Yang "glue" with mommy only!

My Yang very "sticky" - to his mommy! Still don't know how to "stop" him from doing it. I am not pregnant too.
He want to "glue" with when i sit down, sleeping time, dining time, whatever time when i am around.
I tried to "push" him away but he still will come near me then "glue" with me after 2 minutes! Try to attract him with toys, games and other kids, still can not. Bath want mommy, wearing cloth also mommy... I am so busy with him. Even Jing also can't stand with him. LOL
hmm... Like DH said now only Yang wants to "glue" to me, enjoy it. After he went to school and growth up, I will be the one want to "glue" with him. True also ho?

Sport's day - Mommy one ha!

Huu... I still can "play"! Sport spirit mah! Although i am not the best one, but i will try my best. This week just beginning, the following weeks still have other sports. So try la... I wonder why those lady really showed very "ladies". "Yee, Yah,... Tak nak..." I really can't stay for it! What too do, may be guy "appreciate" it?! Do know leh...

Monday, 9 June 2008

Forgot home liao!

Jing forgot her home liao!!
DH closed to his younger aunty's family. During this school holiday, they have a hotel stay beside beach so asking whether can bring Jing along. Jing ask a lot of question before she decided to go by herself. DH and i have to work so just let Jing follow DH's cousin sister who is a "Gee Na Tao" (Queen of the kids).

Conversation on Sunday night.
Mommy:"See Jing Gu Gu asking do you wan to follow her to have a holiday beside the beach?"
Jing:"Who is going?"
Mommy:"See Jing Gu Gu, Ah Mei Gu Gu, Ah Boy Shu Shu, Lao Yee, Lao Tio, and 2 more Gu Gu. Oh... 2 brothers's Gu Gu also going."
Jing:"See Jing Gu Gu? Lao Yee daughter? Ah Mei Gu Gu elder sister?"
Jing:"Oh, i see. Means Lao Yee gave birth to See Jing Gu Gu first, right?"
Mommy:" Yes, she is big jie jie. Lao yee gave birth to See Jing, Ah Mei then Ah Boy."
Jing:"Am I going alone?"
Mommy:"Yes, daddy and i have to go to work so if you wan to follow when daddy go to Penang island he will fetch you along."
Jing:"em... How many day i have to stay there?"
Mommy:"Daddy said fetch you to laoyee's house on Tuesday and Thursday only will fetch you back."
Jing:"ha... so many days!"
Mommy:"Up to you, daddy have to work."
Jing:"em... 3 days ah?...(still thinking...) ok lah.... oh... remember to bring my swimming costume and lifebuoy."
Mommy:" ok, ok."

Conversation on Tuesday, when reach Lau Yee's house.
Daddy:"Ok, here are some rules you have to follow. 1, can't ask See Jing Gu Gu to buy toy. 2, can't cry, i am going to fetch you on Thursday only. 3, eat when they ask to, can't be a food picker. 4, behave yourself."
Jing:"em...ok...I will call you when i want to go home. Bye, daddy."
Daddy:"ha?! ok." Daddy opened mouth big big...

Conversation on Thursday, on the phone,
Jing:"daddy i don't wan to go home yet fetch me tomorrow?
Daddy;"ok. Remember the promises ha."
Jing:"em... ok."
Daddy knew that when Jing started with em... sure somethings went wrong.

Conversation on Friday, on the phone,
Daddy:"I am coming now. Please be prepare."
Jing:"Ha? so early? Now only 12 noon. Ah Mei Gu Gu haven't bring me to McD and swimming yet. I don't want to go home....."
Daddy:"Ten, when you want to go home?"
Jing:"Sunday? Can ah?"
Daddy:"Ask lao yee want you bo?"
Jing (immediately):" Lao Yee, Daddy asking you want me bo? nan, you talk to him, i don't want to go home yet."
Lao Yee?:"You come on Sunday lah."
Daddy can't do anything lo, :" ok."

On Sunday,
Jing:"Lao Yee, you called daddy lah, Tomorrow still school holiday. Tuesday only i go to school.
Lao Yee:"ha? Then on Monday, you say Wednesday only school day start lah..."

See, my Jing...

Friday, 6 June 2008


Yang can talk a lot now. Although not in full long sentences yet, but at least he "learn" from what he heard. He learn a lot from Jing. may be kid with kid communication is much more effective than we, adult teaching a kid.

When i reached babysitter house,
Yang:" Den wo (wait for me). Take milk bottle."
Then he will run to take his bottle.

Now my house owner had her confinement at home, he has a didi (younger brother) at home. Every night,
Yang:" go home, got didi" Then he crapped his hand.
Mommy:"Where is didi?"
Yang:" at house."
Mommy:" not at house, but at home."
Yang:" At house."
Mommy:" No, at home."
Yang:" No, at house."
Mommy:" Yang, wrong sentence. At home."
Yang:" ken papa jiang." (Complain to daddy!)
and he stop talking to me.

Every night, before sleep,
Yang:" Mommy, phone nee? Wan call papa."
Then no matter how busy i am, i have put all the things down and make a call to his papa. If papa called first, he have sixth sense that that call is from papa.

Every night, when reached Ipoh home,
Yang:" Mommy, i wan Yakult."
Then he will run to the fridge, open it and took 1 bottle Yakult and flax seed oil.
I feed his 1 spoonful of flax seed oil and he will drink his Yakult after.
Yang really knew how to enjoy himself - he will turn on the TV while drinking that bottle of Yakult! He will throw the empty bottle by himself too. Good boy.

Em... Yang is growing up liao, no more a baby any more.