Monday, 9 June 2008

Forgot home liao!

Jing forgot her home liao!!
DH closed to his younger aunty's family. During this school holiday, they have a hotel stay beside beach so asking whether can bring Jing along. Jing ask a lot of question before she decided to go by herself. DH and i have to work so just let Jing follow DH's cousin sister who is a "Gee Na Tao" (Queen of the kids).

Conversation on Sunday night.
Mommy:"See Jing Gu Gu asking do you wan to follow her to have a holiday beside the beach?"
Jing:"Who is going?"
Mommy:"See Jing Gu Gu, Ah Mei Gu Gu, Ah Boy Shu Shu, Lao Yee, Lao Tio, and 2 more Gu Gu. Oh... 2 brothers's Gu Gu also going."
Jing:"See Jing Gu Gu? Lao Yee daughter? Ah Mei Gu Gu elder sister?"
Jing:"Oh, i see. Means Lao Yee gave birth to See Jing Gu Gu first, right?"
Mommy:" Yes, she is big jie jie. Lao yee gave birth to See Jing, Ah Mei then Ah Boy."
Jing:"Am I going alone?"
Mommy:"Yes, daddy and i have to go to work so if you wan to follow when daddy go to Penang island he will fetch you along."
Jing:"em... How many day i have to stay there?"
Mommy:"Daddy said fetch you to laoyee's house on Tuesday and Thursday only will fetch you back."
Jing:"ha... so many days!"
Mommy:"Up to you, daddy have to work."
Jing:"em... 3 days ah?...(still thinking...) ok lah.... oh... remember to bring my swimming costume and lifebuoy."
Mommy:" ok, ok."

Conversation on Tuesday, when reach Lau Yee's house.
Daddy:"Ok, here are some rules you have to follow. 1, can't ask See Jing Gu Gu to buy toy. 2, can't cry, i am going to fetch you on Thursday only. 3, eat when they ask to, can't be a food picker. 4, behave yourself."
Jing:"em...ok...I will call you when i want to go home. Bye, daddy."
Daddy:"ha?! ok." Daddy opened mouth big big...

Conversation on Thursday, on the phone,
Jing:"daddy i don't wan to go home yet fetch me tomorrow?
Daddy;"ok. Remember the promises ha."
Jing:"em... ok."
Daddy knew that when Jing started with em... sure somethings went wrong.

Conversation on Friday, on the phone,
Daddy:"I am coming now. Please be prepare."
Jing:"Ha? so early? Now only 12 noon. Ah Mei Gu Gu haven't bring me to McD and swimming yet. I don't want to go home....."
Daddy:"Ten, when you want to go home?"
Jing:"Sunday? Can ah?"
Daddy:"Ask lao yee want you bo?"
Jing (immediately):" Lao Yee, Daddy asking you want me bo? nan, you talk to him, i don't want to go home yet."
Lao Yee?:"You come on Sunday lah."
Daddy can't do anything lo, :" ok."

On Sunday,
Jing:"Lao Yee, you called daddy lah, Tomorrow still school holiday. Tuesday only i go to school.
Lao Yee:"ha? Then on Monday, you say Wednesday only school day start lah..."

See, my Jing...

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