Monday, 30 June 2008


Yesterday DH and I decided to bring Jing and Yang to watch Kung Fu Panda. Both of us think they will like it. Play gamble leh, if Yang don't like it, mean the ticket wasted lo!
We arrived a bit late liao, so only left first row site. Since Jing so "wish" want to watch it , tak kesah loh.
Dh and I felt so lucky we were at the first row, because Yang can't stand till the end of the movie. He started to walk here and there after 2/3.
Surprising was both of them can sit quietly during the 1/3. Jing and Yang ate the nugget when watching movie. Jing has been to cinema several time liao, so she already used to the environment. But Yang, his first time loh! He didn't "blink" his eyes during the 1/3! LOL He ate his nugget, fries and banana pie while watching the movie. (This mommy using a huge handbag, so can "bring" anything in loh!)
The second 1/3, Jing still enjoying the movie. And kept asking why this and that... as usual loh. But Yang start to have the action liao! He want to follow them - the great five how to play "Kung Fu"! "Mommy, hek, hak, hok..."
The last 1/3, Yang started feel bore liao. So, he start to walk here and there. He wasn't afraid of dark. and have other kids "entertained" his too! hehe... But off cause he enjoying the last part - Kung Fu mah!
At the way back to home, he already started to follow the Panda play Kung Fu! and asking Jing to "fight"! haha...
Em... waiting for the next Mons Inc 2 liao.

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PenangTuaPui said...

Brought my wife for the movie, she like it so much...