Wednesday, 2 July 2008


I have a very problematic cousin. She always run away from home - just because wants to enjoy with friend. My uncle almost gave up liao! He gave her 100% freedom but she requested more! What she want to “enjoy" - taking pill, drink alcoholic, smoke... non sense thing! Oh, she just 17!
So what to do? "Drake" her from JB back to Sungai Petani, her mother side grandparent home. She refuse to come back to BM, she will be control 100% from my grandma. She used to ponteng sekolah at Form3 so she was been "drake" home to BM till form5. Then after returned to her parent place, again repeat the entire stupid thing!
Her grandparent recommended a kids psychology to her. First we don't know that it's Christian thing loh. Till last Saturday, my mom went to tokong and brings some "hu tao" for her, she refused! My mum was so sad! She kept on telling she is Christian lah, bra bra... Even my mum cried in front of her, she still doing nothing! I was so disappointed too. Oh, she was force to go to Han Jiang College to continue study.
Ok, here I want to say! WHO IS JESUS? WHAT IS CHRISTIAN? Jesus said that those Christian can't took any "ho tao"? Hello! To me, religion is what you believe. But when you are hurting someone, still Jesus said can't took "ho tao" meh! I really can’t tahan with those always said Christian lah, Jesus lah... That’s why till now I am not a Christian and or Muslim!
Sorry to say, my friend!

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