Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Yang attending Kindermusic for sometimes. Now he is attending Our Time for the 5 term because he joined at age 16 months. Going to change to Image That start next term. (hm... my boy growth up so fast... still missing the time when he latched on my breast! hehe...)
Now, he can play the music instrument very nice, following the steady beat. He sit still when reading to story book too. He can follow what teacher singing, although sometime in his own language (LOL!) Less running around, can follow the class better now. He is big boy now.
Oh... Last week he "fight" (?) with Edmund, another boy elder than Yang few months. WA, Edmund was blocking Yang's view during story reading time. So Yang pushed him. Of cause i asked Yang to apology and shake hand with Edmund. But who know Edmund will beat Yang! I thought Yang will fight back(because other adults and i were quite away from him.), aik... Yang ran to another side of his teacher and pointed to Edmund, :" You, DON"T BEAT! DON"T BEAT! STOP!" But Edmund still ran to Yang and continue to beat Yang, Yang didn't fight back! Luckily teacher just beside both of them so she just push them one in each side. I was so surprised Yang didn't fight back, I thought alamak... Now he understand what i had teach him - can not fight or he will hurt other or himself. Teacher and other parents also so surprised too, because Yang is most actives student among those kids, without him the class so quiet! (Teacher told so!) Edmund, udang di sebelah batu loh!
Seem like i can put him to the nursery - i won't worry always got complaints from other parents. hehe...

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