Monday, 28 July 2008

Last weekend

I didn't return to BM last weekend so DH has to came to Ipoh with Jing.
I arranged my kids for a studio photo section.
Both of them enjoyed it very much and very cooperative - finished in 1 hour with 3 pair of gowns each. Actually they only allowed 2 pairs each but since my kids were so cooperative, the photographer add one more set of costume.
Wait, i will showed their photo here, just need to wait ha!! Thank you.

After the photo section, we all went back to my rental place and when i asked Yang to sleep. Knew what he told me?!

Mom:" Yang, you woke up so early, so go to sleep now. I am going to walk walk before dinner."
Yang:" OK. walk walk ah? I want watch Bob the Builder."
(Em... he loves this movie and since that VCD still new to him, he wished to watch it before go to bed.)
Mom:" OK, but promise you must sleep."
Then i switch of Bob for him and Jing already slept before i switch on.

After 1/2 hour, Bob finished and Yang still awake.
Mom :" Yang, what are you doing?"
Yang :" Yang xing liao. (English:wake up) I want to go walk walk now."
Then ran to Jing, :" Jie Jie, wake up. Go walk walk."

Em... My Yang is a shopping maniac! Window shopping also never mind. Jing also the same! Hehe... "Infected" by mother lah!! LOL

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