Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lee Munn's up date at 39 weeks

Yes, she is 39 weeks old now!

Still my tummy height is 37cm, didn't drop at all! Ah... i have to wait...

Her head is in lightening position, waiting to come out anytime (but it's since 36 weeks.).

And extimated weight - 3.625kgs! I feel like going to faint! Her head diameter is 11 cm! Woh...

I think i should control my diet from today onward till i deliver.

So please pray for me for smooth deliver. Thank you.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Yang made me a sandwich!

This is piece of sandwich Yang made for mummy. But ho... he don't know mummy "hates" tuna right now. Still, i have to finish it.

Thanks, honey!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Update of Lee Munn at 36 weeks

Munn is moving to 36 weeks now! Quite sometimes didn't update about her.

My Yang still wants baby boy! So what to do? I don't know yet.

Went to gynae visit last week, success pursued gynae to take 4D scan for me, but ho... Munn already in lightening position, but not yet "lock" totally in the pelvis. I can't see her face liao, moreover she faced to my back. So my gyane said:"Em... seem like your baby ask you to save that money and want to give you a surprise!" Ok, that's it! I can save RM100+!

My friends who due date supposed early than me 2 weeks, already gave birth. Seem like the percentage for Munn over due is very high. Jing over 2 weeks and Yang over 1 week.

Here is the results i play at Facebook - "What Will Your Baby Be Like?"
She is Ah Cute Little Angel Girl and She Is Beautiful And Would Nevah Be Naughty Nyce One!!