Friday, 22 February 2008

I don't know what to do...

Next week will be the buzy week for me... 5th International workshop: Novel Approaches to the Control of Helminth Parasites of Livestock 2008, oh... i have no time to sleep... oh no rest! see my period oledy late, pimple pop out here and there...
why i am so buzy? I don't time for Yang and Jing leh...

Monday, 18 February 2008

The powerfull of omega - 3 and 6!

Yang learns how to speak very slowly (when I compare wt Jing). So I just read and read and read to any article how to "make" him speak or "improve" his wording. So beside I "talk" to him "more" frequenely, I need some supplements too.
I found that omega-3 and lecithin can help in nerve signal connection. So I decided to let him try it. I choose organic flaxseed oil. He been trying this for 2 months liao, and I can see the improvement. He can speak more sentences now. Or may be because I was on leave for almost 3 weeks and he learns from Jing? Don’t know and don't care lah. The most important is he can speak more sentences now. The flaxseed won't have any side effect pun.

Friday, 15 February 2008

During chinese new year....

#1 - CNY eve and Tuan Yuan Fan,

Jing: When is CNY eve?
Mom: Today. why?
Jing: I want to eat Tuan Yuan Fan.

During dinner,
Jing: What is Tuan Yuan Fan?
Mom: bra, bra, bra... I explain from 1 to 10 loh...

#2 - Cheong Sum,

First day of CNY,

Jing: Mom, do i have Cheong Sum?
Mom: Yap, grandpa bought you one.
Jing: Yeah...

As my daughter likes Cheong Sum and during CNY it's a MUST to wear it.

# 3 - Ang Pao,

Jing: I don't want ang pao...
Mom: Why not? Ang pao mean you can grow up fast fast and guai guai
Jing: Ok, thanks uncle (or aunty) and gong xi gong xi.

Return to mommy,
Jing: Am i taller now?

Friday, 8 February 2008

i am sick...

Jia Lat loh... i am sick... fever and flu! So i didn't cook on the first day of Rat Year - DH brought all to restaurant. Hehe... i am no good in cooking too lah.

Happy Chinese New Year!

I know i am late... buzyyyyyyy.....