Monday, 18 February 2008

The powerfull of omega - 3 and 6!

Yang learns how to speak very slowly (when I compare wt Jing). So I just read and read and read to any article how to "make" him speak or "improve" his wording. So beside I "talk" to him "more" frequenely, I need some supplements too.
I found that omega-3 and lecithin can help in nerve signal connection. So I decided to let him try it. I choose organic flaxseed oil. He been trying this for 2 months liao, and I can see the improvement. He can speak more sentences now. Or may be because I was on leave for almost 3 weeks and he learns from Jing? Don’t know and don't care lah. The most important is he can speak more sentences now. The flaxseed won't have any side effect pun.

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KittyCat said...

Hi! In general, boys learn to talk slower than girls. Read to him, watch those ABC, 123 VCDs and also chat with him. It's nothing to do with nutrition coz he's a healthy kid :)