Monday, 30 July 2007

I melted my children milk bottles!

hehe... see, what have i done? While i sterilize my children milk bottle - cook on pot, i slept! When i woke up, it's almost 2 hrs liao, and all the milk bottle melted! So lucky i am using a stainless tail pot or habis la saya, sure will on fire.
Emm... i am so careless. I am not dare to tell my hubby too, sure he will nagging ... fast fast go buy a new set. hehe...

Friday, 27 July 2007

Tanjung Tuan

See all the pictures above. It's in Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembila. Just went for as fasillitator for MTCP (Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme and there was a jungle tracking program. I took some pictures during the whole journey. Tanjung refer to the oldest light house in Malaysia. Never knew about it until i reach there and read by myself through the signboard. The jungle tracking took about 2 hours. There were 2 way to go, one must across mangrove and another one is go through jungle. We all went through jungle way bacause mangrove way - air pasang!
How to get there? Near by the PNB Ilham Resort, PD.

Yang favorite lorry

See, my son with his favorite "lorry"! Yang really likes lorry, crane, bus, all transport/with wheels! Don't know why, may be because he is boy?!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Yang attended Kindermusic since early this year. Now he's attending second term.
was so active, he can't sit still lo. In the class i was tired to chase
him all around, sometime think that want to stop him from going to the
music class. I am so tiredloh. But when think positively, Yang really enjoying to the class.
Now he can make steady beat liao. Can even sing a song while he's playing. hehe... off cause you will never understand what he sing, he still talking baby words.
He's attending the class on Monday, so every Tuesday nanny will ask him what he learn in the class. My boy will "show" auntie what he learn. hehe... sure making everyone laugh, but he's enjoy.
During weekend he sure will play with her sister about what he learn in the class. Practice to him and learning class to Jing.
em... must think positively lah... later lah, my boy will as steady as other children too.

My blog about me or children?

It's came to head when i writing the post just now.
This blog is to me or my children leh?
em... don't know.

At first, i think i want to write something about my children. but ho... only my boy loh. Because he is with me all the time mah. My girl is with my mom in Bukit Mertajam.

Not fair? what to do? i can't handle 2 kids by myself. And i can't find a suitable nursery for my girl yet in Ipoh.

My boy... everyday have new thing one lo.

Buzy weeks...

I will be start busy tomorrow.
First, as a facilitator for MTCP.
2nd, attending parasite workshop.
3rd, attend seminar about library again.
4th, scientific congress.
5th, annual meeting for DVS.
6th, my new center...
7th, all the small thing to arrange all the participant to VAM.
8th, library again...
9th, my things already arrive need to collect.
10th, i haven't clone my PCR product yet...
wah, wah,.......
Help!!! I need to settle in 3 weeks only loh....
em... have to start taking "kai jing" today. Hahaha... LOL

Friday, 13 July 2007

Jing punished by teacher

I knew my daughter quite "perontak" type kid. She will said you are wrong if she think you are doing wrong type lo, and also she will accept her punishment if she done something wrong.
Yester she told me on the phone she was punish
by her teacher. When asked her why? Sh just said she done something
wrong , then refused to talk me and passed the phone to my mom. So, my
mom said she will ask her later. When i called the next day (she went
tonursery) my mom told me the whole story. And yes she did something wrong.
Yesterday evening i call back again, but since my mom was cooking so she just borak with me lo. Off cause i will start with other topic first. When come to the topic of why punishment, here is our dialog.
Me:" How are you in school?"
Jing:"Teacher Lasy changed my seat. I am sitting at "huai" section."
Me:" Huai?"
Jing:" I done something wrong so teacher changed my seat. Now i sit beside Ting Jie." Me:" Why?"
Jing:" I am not good enough, so need to sit at "huai" (naughty) section."
Me:" I heard that you been punish by teacher?"
Jing:" Yap. I knew i done something wrong."
Me:" Why?"
Jing:" When teacher was teaching, i play with my friend."
Me:" Why you playing?"
Jing:" ok lah, mommy. I am tired. I'll pass the phone to grandma."

See... I knew why she refused talk with me. She knew tht i am going to bra bra bra.... lecture to her again.

Oh... Her teacher only sk her to stand at the corner with her friend. Ok la, i still can accept the punishment lo.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Senior again!

Like never ending story if i want to said about senior!? : (
She is just Lab Assistant working for 25 years. But ho... when come to work, how to design a new project, she off cause will show us how "powerful"
she is. She will start to say need to do this and that but ho...when really
doing work, never record la, never follow the manual/schedule ... what
to say leh?! Never understand old folk!!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

New job???

Do i need a new job? em...seem no need lah... but ho... Ipoh is 150 kms from my home leh and i am away from my hubby and dear daughter. I return every weekend, quite tired. So my friend just approach me to apply a new job in USM, Penang. I applied liao! hehe... near to my house leh, and i can further my study to oversea with full scholarship! Hope that i can success, wish me good luck la and remember to my name on your praying list. Thankx.

Yang Yang angry liao!

My Yang is the one child in nanny's home. Everyone love him - spoil him actually! Yesterday when i fetching him from nanny's home, he was playing with his favourite blocks game and wagons. Nanny's son was gang to him lah. So keep on disturbed Yang. wah...Yang
Yang become so angry. He started with making sound, yelling, kicking
his legs, till throw his toys. Who came near him, die la... This is my
first time i saw my boy so angry and so bad temper! At home he will
never do this may be he knew that i will "caned" him if he "merajuk" like this. So bad temper. But off cause i did scold in frond of nanny, will hurt his feeling mah.
So when return to home, i start my lecture to him. He just keep quiet
and came hung me. Showed to me that he knew he was wrong. So sweet. Now
i knew howmanja my boy in nanny's home. He is the King! What to do... unless uncle is at home, he won't do like this.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Ipoh famous Poh Piah.

The first photo showed the famous poh piah in Ipoh. I love it! This the traditional poh piah. All hand made, include poh piah kulit! Inside the poh piah, u can find, sos XX (don't now but i guess is tau cheo sos.), green veges, crab meat, seng kuang, cucumber, fried onion, and fried scrimp. Like spicy just add one more layer of grind sos chili. Best leh! The fried udang kering very nice, you can't find in other place. Even poh piah in Melaka (near by the famous chicken rice ball.) also not as tastier as this one. I can took 4 pieces as my dinner. hehe...
The second photo showed you the Ah Pek selling Poh Piah. Quite blur? i am not dare to take his photo la. He is very garang. You want to buy, you have to Q-up and wait. Very crowded and each of them order at least 4 pieces. Ah Pek can prepare 14 pieces per one round. Hebat leh!
Place: Near the blue church in Ipoh Garden/Canning Garden, Ipoh.
Time: Saturday and Sunday. Monday? See your luck loh!
Price: RM2.00 per piece but only RM3.30 per 2 pieces.

Durian hantu!

Both my children like durian! Like me - Durian Hantu! haha... Both of them like only "Branded" durian, like Ang He, D24, 101, etc. All because of they have this Good GrandPa lah. According to my Father-i-law, "aiyoo... i don't know how to spend my money!" What a good reason! My Yang can even see a un-open durian in the house, he will try his best to open that durian. Yesterday night, he used a spoon to open! haha... My Jing willing to skip her meal just want to enjoy her durian. em... one more thing... my hubby, their daddy hates durian very very very.... much!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Hair style like anuty!

Just notice myself through my "latest" photo - i look like really an auntie look! God...... What should i do? redo my hair style? but i want long hair! Just like my daughter said, long hair look nicer as she refuse to cut her hair loh!:~ Oh, using pin, hair band... i feel so uncomfortable with all the thing loh, made me headache! em... i think i going to cut my hair la. Haven't meet my hair stylist yet, this Saturday will meet her. See how she is going to SAVE me... poor me... old auntie! I am still young leh...

Friday, 6 July 2007

This is me and my "children"!

I adopt some children leh. This is the picture of me and my two children! hehe...

Ego Seniour!

I think i did mention this "peacock" before in previous post. Yesterday was our monthly R and D meeting, and it's my turn to present my work. This "peacock" was there!!! A big big big... surprise to everyone because she never attend since 1st R and D meeting. She thought this was a "cheap plak" R and D presentation only, she only will present her work in "international" seminar, not even local seminar or congrass.
You know what? She only will commend when it's my turn and Lee's turn! "benggang betul" !!!
The question she asked: " What do you need to do this project?" Off cause i have my strong reason to do it la, if not what is the use of doing research. To other who know me, actually she want to ask me what am i doing in Parasitology unit! Since i "transfer" myself from her unit to this new unit! She was so %$#!*@... i think.
To Lee, people already explained what can not do further research bacause of contaimination of cell line. She kept telling him how to do the work! em... i wonder is she lishen to our presentation?
Then she just walk away after presentation of us. This is she lah...

Ang is leaving!

my dear friend is leaving... to Qi Dao, China only! To me, what a surprise! em... i was so selfish ho...think about our 15th CNY gathering - who is going to organise leh? Nobody welling to help! Angry? What to do?! So already decided if still nobody want to help us (Ang, Hoon Cheng and i), three of us not going to organise any gathering any more! op... away from the topic! hehe...
Ang is a good friend of mine. But sorry eh... he is not my type! (you know what i mean.) My hubby also ok if i go out alone with him. He knew he is not my type lo.
Ang has ignition's look, and i like to "buli" him. yek yek yek...

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The Success!

I been working at here almost 3 years, but ho... actual working days is
less than 1 year! Why? Because previously i was under a very "qia lat" bos.
She "hates" me, till now! Never understand why! Just because my
qualification is higher than her, i have experience on my works (same
what i have done for my Master lo.), more friendly than her (at least i
will wish other Good Morning - she did complain to my big big boss that
i didn't greet her woh!)...
Never understand her. Now i in other unit, with this senior boss, what
.. she is good, nice, friendly, welling to teach (previous one, em...
never teach me one, scare that i will be "clever" than her quah!)... She will support what i am trying to do. Off cause la, i need to submitted to her my proposal.
I just "transfer myself" to here, em... 2 months. I can coming out with one paper liao! I am going to present it on the coming 19th Veterinary Association Malaysia Congress. See, i am actually working now leh! And the feeling of such success... wah.... not even can describe with words lah!

Monday, 2 July 2007

Wai Yan

Hak... She is my practical student - Wong Wai Yan from UPM. Oh... of cause la, i am the old lady in the picture! I like her a lot. She did show she have the initiative to learn and will try and try till success during experiment. Good ho!? hehe...