Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Yang attended Kindermusic since early this year. Now he's attending second term.
was so active, he can't sit still lo. In the class i was tired to chase
him all around, sometime think that want to stop him from going to the
music class. I am so tiredloh. But when think positively, Yang really enjoying to the class.
Now he can make steady beat liao. Can even sing a song while he's playing. hehe... off cause you will never understand what he sing, he still talking baby words.
He's attending the class on Monday, so every Tuesday nanny will ask him what he learn in the class. My boy will "show" auntie what he learn. hehe... sure making everyone laugh, but he's enjoy.
During weekend he sure will play with her sister about what he learn in the class. Practice to him and learning class to Jing.
em... must think positively lah... later lah, my boy will as steady as other children too.

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