Friday, 13 July 2007

Jing punished by teacher

I knew my daughter quite "perontak" type kid. She will said you are wrong if she think you are doing wrong type lo, and also she will accept her punishment if she done something wrong.
Yester she told me on the phone she was punish
by her teacher. When asked her why? Sh just said she done something
wrong , then refused to talk me and passed the phone to my mom. So, my
mom said she will ask her later. When i called the next day (she went
tonursery) my mom told me the whole story. And yes she did something wrong.
Yesterday evening i call back again, but since my mom was cooking so she just borak with me lo. Off cause i will start with other topic first. When come to the topic of why punishment, here is our dialog.
Me:" How are you in school?"
Jing:"Teacher Lasy changed my seat. I am sitting at "huai" section."
Me:" Huai?"
Jing:" I done something wrong so teacher changed my seat. Now i sit beside Ting Jie." Me:" Why?"
Jing:" I am not good enough, so need to sit at "huai" (naughty) section."
Me:" I heard that you been punish by teacher?"
Jing:" Yap. I knew i done something wrong."
Me:" Why?"
Jing:" When teacher was teaching, i play with my friend."
Me:" Why you playing?"
Jing:" ok lah, mommy. I am tired. I'll pass the phone to grandma."

See... I knew why she refused talk with me. She knew tht i am going to bra bra bra.... lecture to her again.

Oh... Her teacher only sk her to stand at the corner with her friend. Ok la, i still can accept the punishment lo.

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