Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Yang Yang angry liao!

My Yang is the one child in nanny's home. Everyone love him - spoil him actually! Yesterday when i fetching him from nanny's home, he was playing with his favourite blocks game and wagons. Nanny's son was gang to him lah. So keep on disturbed Yang. wah...Yang
Yang become so angry. He started with making sound, yelling, kicking
his legs, till throw his toys. Who came near him, die la... This is my
first time i saw my boy so angry and so bad temper! At home he will
never do this may be he knew that i will "caned" him if he "merajuk" like this. So bad temper. But off cause i did scold in frond of nanny, will hurt his feeling mah.
So when return to home, i start my lecture to him. He just keep quiet
and came hung me. Showed to me that he knew he was wrong. So sweet. Now
i knew howmanja my boy in nanny's home. He is the King! What to do... unless uncle is at home, he won't do like this.

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