Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Durian hantu!

Both my children like durian! Like me - Durian Hantu! haha... Both of them like only "Branded" durian, like Ang He, D24, 101, etc. All because of they have this Good GrandPa lah. According to my Father-i-law, "aiyoo... i don't know how to spend my money!" What a good reason! My Yang can even see a un-open durian in the house, he will try his best to open that durian. Yesterday night, he used a spoon to open! haha... My Jing willing to skip her meal just want to enjoy her durian. em... one more thing... my hubby, their daddy hates durian very very very.... much!

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Angeleyes said...

Hey hey! Welcome to the blogging world!!!

Thanks for linking me up... I will Link you too. :)

How have you been lately???

Looks like Darrius have kawan lioa... he also loves Durian!