Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year!

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How Yang ate?

See how my son eating? He just like to use Punjabee style every time at the end of one meal-ate by hand. Let him be lah, just make sure he had finished his meal and full enough.

Sunday, 30 December 2007




不是我排斥, 只是我不想准备两份餐具。麻烦!

Langkawi trip

Went to Langkawi with my family during X'Mas. Em... a 3 days 2 nights trip, too rush lo... not really enjoying.

First photo - my mom and her 2 lovely daughter.

Second photo - leex family!

We have our very good time at Caber car and swimming pool.

I do have a lot of commends ...
1. I will never never rent a 12 ppl van. Advice: rent 8 or 15 seat van or MPV better.

2. I thought Awana Group can be trusted, but ho, when we reach there it's all different story. When i done my full payment at Ipoh Branch, everything ok, any syarat also can, but reached Awana Porto Malai, "Nop, Ipoh ppl ddin't tell us what you want." Especially i oledy stated that i want my 5 rooms in the same building and 2 queen size bed per room. ik.... geram geram...

3. Since we have Muslim in our group,so need to eat halal food la. I can't image how the Malay can survice if they run their business like that!!!
First lunch, a food coach near Kuah town, i think almost 100 store there - but selling the same foods. Just fried rice will took him 1/2 hrs and u can see - Skim Mikro Pembiaan Perniagaan (sound like thatlah.) . If they keep on run business like that, for sure till 2020, still mikro only!
First dinner, went to the famous Ikan Bakar restorant at Pantai Cenang - their reply, ini aje kita ada dan kita orang buka pukul 8, u nak makan kena tunggu, em... setengah jam. oh my God, it's oledy 8pm, please. Went to another and another restorant - same answer also. At last we end up in a Malay restorant also cause oledy 830pm, for sure they prepared liao la! and knew what they are very keram kabut, keep on asking us what we had order. I asked to prepare pizza and spagethi for kids first but ho the stupid waitress said can't not leh, need to finished the whole table order first leh... ah... really make me crazy!!! The end, they forgot to add in the drink order!
Second lunch, Pantai Pasir Hitam, oh... my god... the very first time i ate fry fish that haven't siang sisik! The store very dirty and have cats running around, end up, my mom, my kids and i ate only white rice and telur masin. Drinks, kelapa muda only cause no need to go through their "hand".
The rest of our meal, in a Thai style restorant-Eden group (Halal off cause. wah... fast, clean, and my kids not complaining they were hungry. ) and fast food better.
Sure u will ask why don't have dinner at hotel? cause for our group, need about >RM1K just for the X'mas eve or X'mas dinner! wah....

4. Nothing to see at Underwater World! really nothing... and the fee - RM800+ for the group!

I will never go to Langkawi again - for family days!







Sunday, 23 December 2007

GrandDD is MIL now

Here are part of the daily conversation between my DD and FIL,

On the phone at 10 pm. (She knew how to dial to her grandpa.)

GrandDD: Yeh yeh (in Chinese means father side grandpa), where are u?
Grandpa: Chit chat with friends.
GrandDD: Do u know that i am suppose to go to bed? U should come back NOW!
Grandpa: haven't finish yet. U go to bed by yourself first.
GrandDD: No, i can't sleep without u! please, yeh yeh, please...
Grandpa: ... ... ... ok lah.

Actually this's the routine work to FIL, after pension off cause gang with old friend one la. but ho... seem like grandDD more important now. hehe... and my daughter want to sleep with him now, dunno why. oh... without mattress, just mat only.

Cool water

Look at Yang, He 's so happy!
I never knew that he likes cool drink, see that bottle that he holded - he put in the fridge without anyone notice! He took it out dunno after how many hour liao. Coinsidenly DH pass by kitchen and saw he took the bottle out from the fridge. If not, we all will never knew that he knew put he bottle in the fridge and wait until it get cool.
Off cause, he finished the whole bottle of water in less than 5 minutes!

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

MSAFP test for Down Syndrome-NTD screen

Have you heard about the MSAFP test - Down Syndrome-NTD Screen test? This is my first time since my 2nd pregnancy at 2005.
My house owner just pregnant 16 weeks. Her gynae offer her the above test, so did lo. Her result was not so good - Increased risk of down-syndrome! She need to did the amniocentesis test to confirm YES or NO!
She was blur on science thing so she refer to me and showed me her report. It's done from a local laboratory (gribbles laboratory) , em... since i just heard about the test, i surf online about it. But i still not really confidence with test.
I call the Gribbles lab just to ask for the sensitivity of the test. Off cause i know that this is not a diagnostic test. The person from Biochem stuff told me that they are using software to predict the risk (my friends reading is 1 in 229) base on Malaysia population. But She can't tell me how accurate the test is!! Hello... i have the right the to know the % although i am not the patient. Anything wrong that i know the %! Or they NEVER HAVE the figure!
Please commend and pass to your friend! I am disappointed with her attitude - Typical Malaysia! Want to bluff to me... i am researcher leh, i do lab test too leh!!


Yang learn how to speak very slow. May be due to he "expose" to too many language qua! Until today he only can say single words (very seldom can "join" the words into one whole full sentences. :( ) I feel so guilty that i can't be with all the time. When I have Jing, i am a SAHM. Unfair, right? Really have think about be a SAHM again...

Monday, 17 December 2007


I received this cookies presend from my house owner. (She is married, it was from her neighbour.) Nice, right?
荣成礼坊 cookies were very famous in South Malaysia not North Malaysia. Northern friend sure won't pay so much just to buy the box. This is Northern ppl character, want things as cheap as possible. :(
Next time when my kids married, i am sure i want this kind of present for everyone. So still another 17 years to go, because my eldest DD just 4 years old, hak!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

My shoe

Do you know what happen to my shoe? I pin it and glue it with tape! Weird? Me too feel like that, but what can i do leh...
I went to a symposium at Help Institute last week. Need formal wear mah,
so have to weara my formal shoe lah - the pair of shoe i been kept in
the shoe cupboard for >2 years. It's look very nice during morning
section but during lunch hour, the left side "open" a big mouth! the
upper and bottom seem can't get togetherliao,
so what can i do? just find whatever things i can get from my bag only
lo! Luckily i found a pin and a roll of tape, so here it's look like lo!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Tan's family photo

Here was the last family photo for my grandpa. He is 88 when he passed away. I miss him a lot although he the traditional type - boy more important than girl, but when want to go anywhere, he's still ask me fetch him.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Nissen cloth diaper pants

At last i got my cloth diaper pants for Yang! I asked my BIL bought it from Taiwan. Nissin brand and very very cheap compare to Malaysia or USA. Look nice, right?
Anyone want bo? He is coming during Chinese New Year, can tumpang beli. :) of cause have girl version one la.

Monday, 3 December 2007

why so boring leh...

I am so boring! Monday mood mah. and i am alone, my colleague on leave
lo. Today i need to do all the diagnostic works and go out for lunch by
myself only. Boring... so decided to sit in front of computer all day.hehe...

Eyes grow molds - Part 3!

hak... my plan really works! Now she knew that i am going to lock all her favorite channels, she done her home works! ( i didn't force her to do one ha, she ask me to bought for her some exercise book one lo).
The plan still continue... haha...

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Eyes grow molds! - Part 2

Since my DD still continue watching the channel 325 and 613 non stopping, i decided to LOCK the channel.Last night already ask DH to lock all the cartoon program channel as my DH subscribed all channels!
This morning she started to "show" her "face" to grandpa. She ask grandpa to call DH but she refuse to talk with daddy. Luckily FIL collaborated too, he told Jing that she is the one watching those channels so she have talk by herself. He is not going to help her to bag from her daddy. You know la, when you are doing something wrong, you won't be dare to talk,
Now is 2 pm, she still refused! The end, the channel still locked! She only can watch her programme(s) when daddy is back! Haha...

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Jing, your eyes will grow mold!

My mother went to Paris so my FIL have to take care of her since school holiday already started. School holidays started, she asked me to buy her some exercise book, such as colouring book, writing, story book, etc... so i did bring her to book store and she just pick whatever book she want. She told me that she will do the book that she have bought, i just believe her lah. She was so sincere mah.
Already one week, i called my FIL, according to him, first 2, 3 days wah... so hard working, she was doing her home works. but after that she fight with grandpa - ASTRO! DH working, i am not around, she was in front of the TV all the time till daddy get home.
When i return last Saturday, she just kept quiet - mean she was in front of TV all the time lah. If i kept asking again, she said i am so noisy, why like to nag to her? Oh... my god, kids nowadays! I told her if she kept on watching TV again, for sure her eyes will grow mold! and she believe it! haha...

Crancky boy!

My boy was so manja and bad temper lah. He can cry if anyone said no to him. He scream, cry, kick, rolling on the floor... whatever you said it he can do. I am not pamper to him, i can tahan he cry just like Michelle can tahan her daughter. But when nanny and FIL were around, he's un-control!

She left!

Last month was so excited because at last my working place have another young Chinese lady. But ho... she is going to resign liao. Em... where are those Chinese leh? I mean in government sector lah!

Monday, 26 November 2007

Gardenia bread increase the price without notice?

Hello, Malaysian friend. Have anyone read from any information about the increasing price of Gardenia bread? wah... I bought the bread on 6 Nov and the price only RM1.90, today the price is RM2.10! wah! man! increase RM0.20 and RM0.30 for the big one!
hai... everything naik harga, my salary...luckily increased too or $ not enough lah!.

Friday, 23 November 2007

"Kota" sudah cukup!

I am working in government sector so off cause lah i have a lot of Malay friends, include my colleagues too.
Yesterday when we go out for lunch we saw a road block at the opposite side. Three of us were so surprise, wah!
rood block at middle of the road and so unusual place! After 1/2 hour
when we pass through that road, "eh... no more road blockleh!"
You know what both my colleague said:" Aiya... Raya sudah nak sampai mah dan "kota" untuk hari sudah cukup!"
I was so surprise when they told me that! Means both of them was so "knowledgeable" and knew what means to "fair".
I am so proud to have such friends which never told me that government doing nothing to "help them".

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

First sentence

Yang was 2 years old and since he expos to too many language so i didn't false him to talk. But till now he still can't speak in full sentenceleh! I was so desperate to wait for the first sentence.
On 11th Nov 2007 time 8.32pm, Yang was 2 years old and 1 month and 11 days, he speak his first sentence. He brought Yakult to me which still seal in plastic,

Yang: Mama, wo yao...he...yakult.(with the innocent look! and means- I want to drink Yakult)

Mama: ha?! again...

Yang: Mama, kai... (open)

I look to him and DH,

Mama: I must give him the Yakult because this was his first sentence. Yang, so cleaver can speak in full sentence.

Yang: yeh... (and clapping his hand.)

Oh, my God... at last he knew how to use a full sentence!

Monday, 12 November 2007

How they play

See how my kids enjoying them self! I have this car from my aunt and the car already 15 year old, still very tahan lasak. They are very enjoying to play like this, especially my son love to "squish" at the back. hehe...


Nowadays, the weather was so gila! DH just fall sick since last Friday. Fever, on and off. Went to see doctor and he said due to the weather can't do anything, just need more rest (quite impossible one lo!) and drink more water. Hope he get well so soon as i am in Ipoh liao, who is going to take good care of him leh. Pity him pulak!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Workshop on CSF

Knew what is CSF? Classical Swine Fever, cause by virus and won't infected human (don't worry!) but almost 100% mortility on swine (pig loh!)!
The workshop just ended 31 Oct 2007. And my group - Chew, No Na, Sharifah Fatimah, Norian, Mag, Peter, Zaini, Khadijah and Fiza, all were so good and ready to work as team. I was so angry when i was assign to hadle the workshop. They (HQ) gave it to me on 27 Oct! Layout, certificate, name tag, etc... hak... have not done yet. And my so call "advisor" from my place Dr J, he told me everything will be done by HQ! But when he was away (still can go for holidays in Eygyp!), HQ told us that we need to prepare everything. @#$%&*... According to the commitee group, Dr R should be handle all these things. Don't know what to say lah, she is a senior, ok... suppost to knew a lot of things, right? She is a Ph D holder (according to one of the VO here), should knew how arrange things nicely before workshop, right? but ho... she is out! I won't pety her for arrange the 60 folders by herself till 3 am, she should knew how to use man power in my institute, right? My team can prepare the 70 name tag from a to Z in 2 hours time only, see how powerfull lah! She even can use the name of the head to ask to go for meeting at 930pm! The meeting was till 1030 pm. She can request us to stay and help her to clip and arrange the folder (she haven't finished yet!), sorry la, i told her my son is going to bed liao, i need to be home liao. So bye bye! The folder was prepared by my team and the help of Dr Raymond (participant) in the next morning. She didn't turn up during the registration session too. She atill can go fer her breakfast, chit chat, etc. Leave us mati like this. Hello, she is the so call important person leh (according to her lah! Everything "must" go through her first!). Didn't wish Good Morning too. What should i say? speechless!
But at last the workshop was conducted successfully la. The President of the workshop satisfy, private sector also ok. So ok lah...
Thank to my team - Chew, No Na, Sharifah Fatimah, Norian, Mag, Peter, Zaini, Khadijah and Fiza again!

Stop woke up at middle of night la!

I was so $#@&*(% to my son... this few days don't know why he kept on woke up during middle of the night. Then he will wake me up too just to accompany him. If i refused to woke up, he sure will ask for nen nen la, here itchi, there pain, want to drink water, etc. He drink milk before go to bed. why ha?

Monday, 29 October 2007

Play House Disney

See, both my kids with Play House Disney cap. Cute, right? I got it from Astro Road Show at Kinta City Shopping Mall, Ipoh last week. It's limited edition (according to them lah!) But i don't care, still want 2 caps because i have 2 kids mah.

Prema, what are you doing?

Prema is my friend. She had a MyV that she bought 10 months ago. Knew what? She never knew that tyre need to pump air!! This is the Picture that she pump my car tyre for the first time! So... cute!! Dijah_Best is with her, just want to in the photo loh! For the first time mah!

Jing Art work

See these are my girl drawing + coloring!
First lesson draw chick - and she told me that her chicken kurang makan that's why so skinny. haha...
Second drawing - She said she make mistake here la, there la... bra bra bra...
Next week will post her third drawing and her first coloring drawing without guidence of teacher - She knew how to "apply" the technique that teacher teach! wah... my girl really "big" enough liao, knew how to "apply" whatever others teach liao.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Alice, see how my boy eat the cake!

Haha... He loves the cream. Can finish 1 whole cake lo!
Thanx, Alice

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Technorati Profile

Colouring contest

My Jing went for colouring contest last weekend. She is 4 only. Actually just let her have some fun only because my sister's children also joining. She likes my sister's son wherever he went if possible she will follow! Because thisko ko never fight with her, will gave her whatever she want.
Jing off cause didn't won lah. But at least now she knew what mean to contest. Since she didn't won first 3 place, she decided want to go for drawing class and she attend
her first drawing classliao.
Next week only can post her first drawing class drawing. Forgot to bring to Ipoh lah.


After the gathering, i brought my children to beach - unplanned! So need to buy some stuff for them lah. They were enjoying themself very very much (including daddy too! haha..). Both of them enjoying playing the sand more than playing in the water. Luckly lo, because the toilet closed i only have 3 bottle of 1.5 l water to wash them. Limited water!

Gathering in Penang

Ah...we called out some friend from MMB or blog to meet but ho... only 3 person turn out lo. Alice and Darrius, Sharine and daughter, and my family.
We have our lunch there, my son enjoying running around. Only my son, not other kids! why? my son too too active. I am so tired!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Hello Kitty International Lantern Festival

Just went to the show last weekend. Em... quite
expensive, RM12 for adult and RM8 for child. But since i promised DD
want to visit so noexcuse to say no to her. Promise is promise mah!
My son was enjoying to walk here and there, Jing prefer to go for ride on other game. both of them seem not really "enjoy" the lantern there. Hubby and i busy on bring Jing to see all the lanterns and chasing for Yang. hai... this was what family is loh!! haha...

Free riding at Giant, Perai.

I wonder why my son to ride on these machine? My daughter will say no until she's turn to 3. It's free, anyway!

Selamat Hari Raya

Just want to wish my muslim friend Selamat Hari Raya!

Thursday, 4 October 2007


I was so shock when i was called to go for the training in my working place by the "peacock". Surprise! I really very very shock! Anything behind the stone? Kia Xi Lang lah!
Don't know why suddenly she treated me so nice. May be she has changed? The senior told me - impossible loh, sure later will be assign by other tough works lagi!

I wonder if there's any possibility she change liao? God will know! Now is fasting month, she need more pahala qua?

Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Hak! At last my Yang wean off himself liao. He just urn to 2 on 30th Sept. Before that he still stick to my breast especially when he's up sad. But on 29th Sept, he has some fight with Jie Jie, so up sad la, when i offer him my breast he refused! "no, no, no... mom mom." Hak... he really wean fully liao from my moo's.
Em... my breast can rest now. May be just for a while?! hehe...


Cool New Graphics - MySpace/Friendster

Happy Birthday Yang Yang! He is 2 years old boy now, active, happy, stubborn, ... boy now.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Tryps in buffy coat

Can you see the moving tiny thing in between the line? that's
trypanosoma, blood parasite. Fun? no lah, these tiny tryps if multiply
in blood - will bring death loh!


I was so boring today...
My big aunty visited me liao! I really hatesssssss..........
Why today... it's my weekend leh... i only can meet with my DH on weekend only leh...

Monday, 24 September 2007

My son like to scream!

Did your son like to scream? My son dose! He can't reach to the thing he wants - he scream. Grandpa going out with Jie Jie but not him - he scream. I am too slow to make him his milk - he scream. Fight with Jie Jie, usually fight for toys loh, - he scream too. Not just scream, he cry like hell! em...what should i do? Lembut, kasar? I also don't know because when he is merajuk he don't like other people touch him. (pelik?!) Sometimes, i just let he cry and i walk away... It's work but not every time loh. get angry? wah... already few times kena by me lah, but still the same. I am really out of idea laio, u?

Flu, caugh... my children sick!

aiya... both my children sick lah. First my son. Fever and caugh for >6 days liao, so bring him to Government Hospital in Ipoh (as other big private hosp didn't open so early morning mah...). He need to be X-ray (infection bo?) and blood test (dengue). He scream like hell! poor little thing... Second my daughter pulak. She complain stomach ache. Cry and cry and ask help from daddy. Daddy sure panic lah, his anak kesayangan woh... but only wind inside stomach.

JPH R&D Workshop

At last... all done...But still need to compel the proposal in to a book so that can public that book woh...
I never been to Genting for years liao. So never knew about First World hotel, First World Plaza, even new look of IN and put theme part. Don't call me "sua gu" or katak dalam tempurong... because i prefer to go to Cameran Highland. My hubby also don't like to go Genting because he said he has to pay a lot to Uncle Lim and if we go to Cameran just need to pay petrol and tol $ because his Dua Yi is staying there mah! To me, i like nature lo.

Friday, 21 September 2007

How you open the door?

This is how my son open the door! My daughter, no... she will never do that! Daddy will open the door for her but with my son around... he will open the door for everyone! haha...

My kids

I love my kids very very much. I bought the camera just because i want to catch their picture. As i hate to appear in photo one lo. Everything lah... when the camera with me, they will be in my photo liao. Dunno when i get own they will catch my photo bo?... ya ho, i seldom catch my mom photo! Sorry, mom! hehe...

Friday, 7 September 2007

Genting highland

hak...i am going to Genting Highland next week from Monday to Wednesday. but ho... not going to casino - workshop loh, the time too compact, i think i don't have extra time to go loh! but i will "squish" some time one . hehe...

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

My foul meh...

It's my foul meh.... If i didn't allow to borrow the book!
I am so angry, really so angry!!! I am a Research Officer but i have to in charge on Library thingssss which it's suppose to be Admin Officer works! So when i decided to buy some new books for library, all those book i label
as Red Spot - means you only can do reference IN THE Library , you are
not allowed to borrowed OUT from Library. My department don't haveenough $ to but 2 copies so that each required section can keep one copy.
This Dr. Vet, ok
she did asked me to but the book that she want to use as reference as
she need to it to writing up her thesis. So after discuss with Big
Boss, I allowed to borrowlah with the syarat she need to let other use if other need it as reference. At first of cause i don't allowed but she kept on telling the non sense... She told me that i will get in trouble with those NON SENSE rules... hei...please la, my library committees set those rules because we want to encourage all the stuffs here to GO TO LIBRARY MORE FREQUENTLY. What wrong with it? Am i doing something wrong?
em... this is what happen in Government Sector la! You need to do a lot of things out of AREA. I am a research not a library leh...

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Playing the toys...

This what my Yang do before go to sleep.
930pm - went into the bedroom.
930-10pm - his playing time with his toys, the dog and giraffe from FisherPrice.
10-1030pm - bath, nen nen time, bed time story and go to bed.

Jazz's birthday

Who is Jazz? is the youngest tiger in Lost World of Tambun. He just 2 year old and born in 31 August 2005. Merdeka Tiger! My head of unit and i were invited to his birthday party yesterday. What a weird experience - celebrating tiger's birthday! haha...
You know what - the tiger sitter was a young man call Zul. He is not a vet nor graduate from animal science but a technician who works in Lost World few years ago. He never thought that can be a tiger sitter but since pasang wayar near the tiger cage everyday, till he "felled in love" with the tiger and tahdah... he become the tiger sitter. haha...
he is very hard working person and really love the tigers (total 8
tigers). Never asked for leaves or MC (cause every 6 month will get one
vaccine jab) and he was 24 hrs on call.

Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh, Perak

Have u been to Lost World of Tambun? There the nize picture from there!
The last picture was one of the view IN the park. It's call [The Niddle of Tambun].
2nd and 3rd picture - there is a natural cave and they re-renovate to use as a conference room. According to GM, Mr Calvin Ho, "I" can "call" for a party in that cave. Just RM88 per pax including meal and wet and dry park entertaiment. Cheap ho... can think about it - my children birthday party or my family day. hehe...
4th picture - from the toilet!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Nurulaini's new born baby

hak... at last Nurul delivered. Yesterday ~2.45pm, a 2.5kg baby boy was delivered in Ipoh Government Hospital. Both mother and baby were healthy. Congrats, Nurul.
And off cause i am so KPC
lo... since i waited with her DH outside the labour room from (1230noon
till 430pm) so just wait till she was in the wad too. And yes, baby successfully latch on his first suck on 730pm! Yippy... Why so late? Both mother and baby were slept during 2.45 - 730pm, cause by the jab - Pethidine again lo!
Baby nick name - FaKhorJah. After Fatiha, Khor (me) and Dijah name. hehe...

Tenency agreement

I wonder who knew how to edit tenency? I need to rent a shop lot for my new business. So i found 1 and want to rent lo. So i need a tenency agreement. But ho... Lawyer in Bukit Mertajam gilak one!!! He want to charge me RM600!!! What he need to do is prepare the agreement (cut and paste and edit the tenant nema ONLY!) then become witness, then buy a stamp duty and go to mahkamah cop. That's all! And he want RM600. I ask a friend in KL, they only will charge RM200! wah... 600 and 200 very different leh... i wonder the Association of Lawyer "control" the price bo?!
So i prepare the agreement myself, and all i need just stamp duty $ and petrol $ to and from mahkamah, oh...also some papers and printer ink. mana perlu RM600! that lawyer gilak!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Scientific VAM Congress 2007

Just went to a scientific congress to present my scientific paper.
1st photo: During the dinner.
2nd photo: "skip" from the congress and have my shopping at KLCC. We went to a Arabic restorant - Bukhara Restorant at 2/3floor. The tea time set was very cheap only RM12.50 ++. There, a tray of foods and a pot of Arabian mint tea. Nice view too... so relax...

Monday, 30 July 2007

I melted my children milk bottles!

hehe... see, what have i done? While i sterilize my children milk bottle - cook on pot, i slept! When i woke up, it's almost 2 hrs liao, and all the milk bottle melted! So lucky i am using a stainless tail pot or habis la saya, sure will on fire.
Emm... i am so careless. I am not dare to tell my hubby too, sure he will nagging ... fast fast go buy a new set. hehe...

Friday, 27 July 2007

Tanjung Tuan

See all the pictures above. It's in Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembila. Just went for as fasillitator for MTCP (Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme and there was a jungle tracking program. I took some pictures during the whole journey. Tanjung refer to the oldest light house in Malaysia. Never knew about it until i reach there and read by myself through the signboard. The jungle tracking took about 2 hours. There were 2 way to go, one must across mangrove and another one is go through jungle. We all went through jungle way bacause mangrove way - air pasang!
How to get there? Near by the PNB Ilham Resort, PD.