Monday, 24 September 2007

My son like to scream!

Did your son like to scream? My son dose! He can't reach to the thing he wants - he scream. Grandpa going out with Jie Jie but not him - he scream. I am too slow to make him his milk - he scream. Fight with Jie Jie, usually fight for toys loh, - he scream too. Not just scream, he cry like hell! em...what should i do? Lembut, kasar? I also don't know because when he is merajuk he don't like other people touch him. (pelik?!) Sometimes, i just let he cry and i walk away... It's work but not every time loh. get angry? wah... already few times kena by me lah, but still the same. I am really out of idea laio, u?

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