Monday, 20 September 2010

PINK Festival

Didn't you attend the PINK Festival on 18 Sept 2010 at Youth Park, Penang? If not... aiya... you and your kids have missed the great opportunity to lishen to the world famous professional storyteller telling story for you, and it's free.

Daddy was busy, but still i decided to bring 3 kids to there by myself. I just don't want to miss the chance! Won't regret! Last minutes, my mum also wants to follow because she just worried to my 3 kids, later my auntie la, my father-in-law la... called me asked whether i can handle 3 of there by myself and i answered my mum was here too,then only they "released" me from the call. Am i look so "fragile" that i can't take care of 3 by myself? Actually they never knew that i have them out by myself several times before. LOL

We reached there about 1020am. What me sick about it is that there are several parking lot but the guide refuse to let us park with the reason want to reserve to the VIP. HELLO... Why only VIP reserve to park in front? First come first serve and if you knew that you are VIP you should be there early since the festival started at 10am. End up i park at a non-parking lot with other 2 cars and one of the lady told that guide that 3 of our car not going to remove our cars since the organiser not solving the parking problem so well! So we just leave our cars...

First, where to go... i try to find the big map, unfortunately, the organiser didn't do it. I have to ask around where to get the activities booklet, where is the tent, etc... At last, I manage to found the tent due to the mandarin storytelling is going to start very soon. Who is Mandarin story teller? He is Mr Ng Kok Keong, want to know who is he, i gave you his Facebook link.

From 1100-11430am, my kids was in the mandarin tent lishen to Mr Ng telling 聊斋的小故事. Surprisingly, my Yang can sit still for 30 minutes!!! and my 14 months old Mann also can lishen for 30 minutes!!! Jing was 7 years old so is at the "shy" stage, Yang still don't know so he just expressed his feeling anywhere! Mann, if it's not interesting sure she want to leave by making noise,but luckily none.

Then we moved to Mdm Jeeva Raghunath's tent. She is one of world famous storyteller! Even some worldwide internationally company invited her to give storytelling to their staff (ADULTS!!) just asking her to distress their staff. She is very good in making animal sound, mimic cartoon sound, and marvelous voice for singing! When she sing, Mann was dancing!!!

After that, we move to Dr Magaret Read Macdonald's tent. Yang asking is she own the McDonald company? I said no this is not that McD uncle. LOL. Dr Magaret travels the world telling stories and teaching others to tell. She is the mantel to some number of world famous storyteller! She even hold a PhD in Folklore and author of 60 books! Dr Margaret was in different style, she love to involve kids when she is telling a story. Kids love to be called by her to go state! LOL

Ok, is time for lunch. I just wished that i can go somewhere to have a good lunch and can go home la. I am tired... But ho... my kids knew it, so they chooses to stay there for their lunch although only have 1 stall selling fried rice and mee, they still want to have lunch at there. Off cause the foods... nyak... another complaint i wish to make is i can't find any plain water stall!!! Luckily i brought a lots.

After the lunch , we move the British Council tent to lishen to another world famous storyteller, Cassandra. When she telling a story, she will involve all the audience "into" her story. Everyone have to "move" follow her story. My Yang was so excited, because he can "move" not just sit still. LOL.

After each session, kids who have PINK booklet are allow to claim for 1 sticker. If can accumulate 6 sticker, you can get a PINK Festival key chain. When my kids accumulate 6 sticker, first thing they want to do is to change the key chain before proceed to another tent. LOL

It's afternoon, most of the person already left and my kids have the chance to get their free balloon! Pity the volunteers, have to flip the book to make the style what a kid want. Bravo for them!

We left at 220pm. It's too late for my Mann to get a nap and look like it's going to rain too. Yap, when we were in our car the rain started to fall. Lucky us!

But i am so regret that we can't stay till 6pm because at 430pm there is the FINAL SHOWCASE FOR ALL STORYTELLER at Main Tent!!! Never mind la, meet you all next year in KL! That time my Mann going to 2, she can stay whole day also never mind,i think.

A great weekend for my family!!!