Thursday, 30 August 2007

Playing the toys...

This what my Yang do before go to sleep.
930pm - went into the bedroom.
930-10pm - his playing time with his toys, the dog and giraffe from FisherPrice.
10-1030pm - bath, nen nen time, bed time story and go to bed.

Jazz's birthday

Who is Jazz? is the youngest tiger in Lost World of Tambun. He just 2 year old and born in 31 August 2005. Merdeka Tiger! My head of unit and i were invited to his birthday party yesterday. What a weird experience - celebrating tiger's birthday! haha...
You know what - the tiger sitter was a young man call Zul. He is not a vet nor graduate from animal science but a technician who works in Lost World few years ago. He never thought that can be a tiger sitter but since pasang wayar near the tiger cage everyday, till he "felled in love" with the tiger and tahdah... he become the tiger sitter. haha...
he is very hard working person and really love the tigers (total 8
tigers). Never asked for leaves or MC (cause every 6 month will get one
vaccine jab) and he was 24 hrs on call.

Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh, Perak

Have u been to Lost World of Tambun? There the nize picture from there!
The last picture was one of the view IN the park. It's call [The Niddle of Tambun].
2nd and 3rd picture - there is a natural cave and they re-renovate to use as a conference room. According to GM, Mr Calvin Ho, "I" can "call" for a party in that cave. Just RM88 per pax including meal and wet and dry park entertaiment. Cheap ho... can think about it - my children birthday party or my family day. hehe...
4th picture - from the toilet!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Nurulaini's new born baby

hak... at last Nurul delivered. Yesterday ~2.45pm, a 2.5kg baby boy was delivered in Ipoh Government Hospital. Both mother and baby were healthy. Congrats, Nurul.
And off cause i am so KPC
lo... since i waited with her DH outside the labour room from (1230noon
till 430pm) so just wait till she was in the wad too. And yes, baby successfully latch on his first suck on 730pm! Yippy... Why so late? Both mother and baby were slept during 2.45 - 730pm, cause by the jab - Pethidine again lo!
Baby nick name - FaKhorJah. After Fatiha, Khor (me) and Dijah name. hehe...

Tenency agreement

I wonder who knew how to edit tenency? I need to rent a shop lot for my new business. So i found 1 and want to rent lo. So i need a tenency agreement. But ho... Lawyer in Bukit Mertajam gilak one!!! He want to charge me RM600!!! What he need to do is prepare the agreement (cut and paste and edit the tenant nema ONLY!) then become witness, then buy a stamp duty and go to mahkamah cop. That's all! And he want RM600. I ask a friend in KL, they only will charge RM200! wah... 600 and 200 very different leh... i wonder the Association of Lawyer "control" the price bo?!
So i prepare the agreement myself, and all i need just stamp duty $ and petrol $ to and from mahkamah, oh...also some papers and printer ink. mana perlu RM600! that lawyer gilak!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Scientific VAM Congress 2007

Just went to a scientific congress to present my scientific paper.
1st photo: During the dinner.
2nd photo: "skip" from the congress and have my shopping at KLCC. We went to a Arabic restorant - Bukhara Restorant at 2/3floor. The tea time set was very cheap only RM12.50 ++. There, a tray of foods and a pot of Arabian mint tea. Nice view too... so relax...