Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Tenency agreement

I wonder who knew how to edit tenency? I need to rent a shop lot for my new business. So i found 1 and want to rent lo. So i need a tenency agreement. But ho... Lawyer in Bukit Mertajam gilak one!!! He want to charge me RM600!!! What he need to do is prepare the agreement (cut and paste and edit the tenant nema ONLY!) then become witness, then buy a stamp duty and go to mahkamah cop. That's all! And he want RM600. I ask a friend in KL, they only will charge RM200! wah... 600 and 200 very different leh... i wonder the Association of Lawyer "control" the price bo?!
So i prepare the agreement myself, and all i need just stamp duty $ and petrol $ to and from mahkamah, oh...also some papers and printer ink. mana perlu RM600! that lawyer gilak!

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