Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Zoo Taiping on 14 March 2010

Yang with his favorite animal!

Stop raining liao, so faster faster shoot a phot of them.

Went to Zoo Taiping on 14 March 2010.

It's the Big Day of my colleague to get marry. She is an Indian, a Malayalam Indian (Pure Blood). For your information, nowadays Indian still followed what their parent said. The wedding was held in Taiping. So take the chance to go to Zoo Taiping and also visiting my auntie since I didn't join the family gathering past CNY.

Jing and Yang were so excited! After return from the wedding ceremony, both of them "automatically" request for lunch and go to bath! Because I said only can go after lunch and bath.

They jumped and jumped in the car on our way to zoo. It's so crowded! And now only I realized its school holiday! Then, it's started to rain. Of cause not a heavy rain la. First I decided to cancel the trip; I can see the disappointed "wrote" on Jing and Yang face! Hubby said waited for 10 minutes if the rain getting small then we goes. Both of them were so happy. Off cause the rain was getting small.

The ticket was so expensive! 2 adults and 2 kids cost RM40! Woo...

We didn't go with cruise because it's so crowded. So we walked.

First is Owl, wild cat, bird, lion (its roar! wah... so loud), tiger ... and Yang favorite animal - Giraffe. He even asked to take a photo with the giraffe too. Then, rhinoceros and hippo, I been arguing with him before about hippo and rhino. Here is the golden chance to show him how the two animals look different. And Yap, he knew it now! He even waited want to see the hippo, because it's rainy day hippo hiding in the water.

It's took us two hours to finish the whole trip! Hubby and I felt like kaki patah liao, but when look at Jing and Yang, its worse lo!

Where is Mann? She was with my mum at my auntie house.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Where is the big big lampu?

Last Saturday night, during our way to dinner,

Yang:"Mummy, where is the big big lampu?"

Mummy abd daddy:"huh?"

Yang:"Where is the big big lampu?"


Yang:"You see,it's dark outside, where is the big big lampu?"

Mummy and daddy get it and laught till we cried.

Yang means THE SUN! Wonder why he got such ideal - Big Big LAMPU!

Mummy:"I explaint to you before why causes day and night. Now you tell me... Why it's dark out there?"

Yang:" Because the earth move, moon and the sun didn't move. So dark lo."

Pity him, i explaint too "deep" to him. Hehehee...

Mummy:"Just because the earth rotate so u get day and night. Because ... again my lecture to him."

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mann's is 8 mths old now!

Am i look pretty?
(P/S: the hair band was removed after the photo taken. Pity her too tide.)

She just love to eat. See she can smile so nice when she is having her favorite food.

Woo... time flies... Can't believe she is 8 months old now!

Ok, what she can do:

1. "Cruising"! So have to always keep an eye on her, not really knew how to sit from standing position yet. Sometime ask for help by yelling!

2. Taking more milk and formula now. Can eat one whole bowl of plain porridge, carrot, potato, and cereal. Showed yucky face to broccoli. Haha... Try fish, and she love it. Can finish one whole adult palm size pomplete!

3. Crawled the whole house and "exploring" everywhere in the house!

4. Love to "taste" all kind of thing that she can grip with her little hand. Paper, lizard shit, cloth, book, anything’s! Em... I have to hide everything in the cupboard with lock.

5. Knew how to open drawer! Just notice this morning. She observes what I done and she tries it! I notice it when all my/her cloths in the drawer she put all out and find the more attractive color to put in her mouth. Faith!

6. Will never go to sleep if the light still on and Jing or Yang still around her. She will ask them to play with her or she will cry lo!

7. Only want daddy to carry when daddy is with Bjorn carrier on! (Daddy was so sad!) Because it's "walk walk" time!

8. Knew to pronouns "mama" (calling me la! ask for breast milk) and "mam mam" (call for food!)

9. Can wave to say bye.

10. Still showing stranger anxiety.

11. She had 2 tiny teeth coming out liao. She bit my nipple and of cause I flick her! Now NEVER bit because she knew I will flick her. hehe...

Love to sleep on my hand. If i carried in this position for 2 hrs she can sleep for 2 hours. but my hand...

She knew that drink the water from this point since can't open with her hand even she try to throw on floor also can't open, she used her mouth lo!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Beh tahan! I wan to complaint!

Last night I attended a dinner that held by Menteri Besar Perak. It's Perak dengan Penternak 1 Malaysia.

Here is the invitation card.

But ho....

Stated there started 7pm. But ho, turn to another page, 815 pm then only MB arrived... (wah... 1 hr 15 min for the guess to arrive? just 1500 ppl only with invitation card, no outsider ok!)

Ok, we waited...

Eh... what is the different between table serve with glass plate and plastic plate?
here i showed you the dishes served with plastic and glass plate.

ooh...only for 3-4 person dishes...

Wah... enought for 10 person lo!

See the different. Plastic plate table ... only cater for 3-4 person only but the table was for 10 person seats!

Noticed or not, said was 1 Malaysia but the food were so "Malay". Penternak from whole Perak mah, should have more variety dishes and NO BEEF!! SUK should knew that!

If i am the farmer (penternak) sure i will ask whether i need to SPONSOR some meat or not!!

Complaint no 2:

MB actually arrived at almost 9pm. Since most of the guest arrived before 8 pm so the RAKYAT have their dinner first beside waiting for the VIP.
When the rakyat finished their food then only the MB 姗姗到来。
Even Timbalan Menteri Kementerina Pertanian Datuk Wira Mohd Johari Baharum had to wait for him!

Pity all the VIP, they can't have their dinner until the MB reached. Means last night those at VIP table taking dinner very late lo.

And the anugerah didn't finish yet when my watch showed 11pm! Sorry, i am leaving liao, baby want to sleep!