Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Happy Birthday Yang Yang

Here was celebrated in bbsiter house.

Here is with nursery friends. I prepare some simple gift for the kids too.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Steamed banana cupcake - failed!!

Hak! i failed!!

I knew why... i put the baking powder before i add in water, not with plain flour. So tak jadi loh... baking powder with water before flour... can not "huat" loh. Didn't about it. But when recall back, i make a big mistake. Jing and Yang said "yak... not nice!"

Will redo to night. Yang birthday's tomorrow, i want to prepare few for him to bring to nursery.

Hope i success.

With Darrius!

I met Ramblingmoo yesterday in QBM. My Jing love to play with Darrius, and my son ... play himself loh.

Here is the photo Jing with Darrius, and Yang stand alone!!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Yang is going to 3!

Yang is going to 3 on 30Th Sept. Very fast ho! When think of no.3, i am too lazy to restart the whole journey again. Hehe...

So, my Yang...

1) still so active. He love to run.

2) is a curious inquiry kid.

3) loves things that can move especially wheel.

4) loves science fiction movie, ooh...also ghost movie too...

5) loves to go to school, because still Mr Leong teaching kok not Mrs Leong.

6) can't sit still. In nursery and music class i need ask teacher keep more straight to him.

7) loves to eat fish, meat, fruits, veges, except carrot and broccoli.I think gave him too much when he is still young. Now,boring to eat the same thing.:p

8) loves to take picture. U took his picture or he will take your picture. He knew how to operate my digital camera.

9) still leaning to speak in full sentences. em... too bad.

10) always fight with jia jia. Whatever jia jia took,he wants that it and claim that the things belong to him. Sometime i just ignore him.

11) always ask to "syang wo lah..." and "xiang wo ma?" - learn from Yeh Yeh (grandpa).

12) knew how to open and wear his own cloths.

13) knew how to go to toilet by himself. Daddy so shock that he can hold his penis while wee wee and will wash his hands after that. No more squat like jia jia.

14) need to call jia jia and daddy before go to bed.

15) miss his little "panjee"(Punjab-sister) who stud yin USM,Kubang Keriang very very much.

16) loves to read book. Always ask me read word by word to him.But till now still can remember any alphabet or number. :(

17) loves to wear sport shoes because will ask to go to walk walk or play ground.

18) in BM, every morning after bath will ask Yeh Yeh to go to kopitiam in front my house. He want to order milo, half boiled egg and chicken rice.

19) hates what i cook. He already use to Punjab's food liao. I am headache now!! Don't know how to cook mah...

20) loves shopping!!

21) loves to colouring.

22) still need mommy then only can go to sleep. Typical mommy boy...

23) night time when reach 10pm, he will automatically switch off the TV (no matter who is watching the TV), then ask everyone to go to bed. "See, outside is dark. Go sleep!"

24) In BM, after afternoon bath, will find his own cloth and wear it himself. Then ask daddy to go walk walk - must out from the house.

25) still Yeh Yeh not really want to bring him out without mommy or daddy. Too active, can't sit still...

26) weight? height? Update later.

Child Welfare EC Contest

Child Welfare EC Contest

More than a decade ago, the government adopted a Philippine Plan of Action for Children in order to realize a child-sensitive society. Congress recognized children as a basic sector distinct from youth and students.

There are numerous laws and programs that promote the welfare of children. But children remain the most vulnerable sector in Philippine society. They are the most affected during natural and man-made calamities. About 43.3 percent of the country's population are children.

More than 4 million families are subsisting below the poverty line. Almost 10 million children are undernourished. Most children are suffering from micronutrient malnutrition. Only 33 percent of children are enrolled in daycare and preschool institutions in the country. More than 1 million children of elementary school age are not enrolled.

This is the reason why a couple of Filipino bloggers are encouraging politicians to promote child-friendly governance in all areas.

Spreading the word about the true state of Filipino children in the blogosphere is one way of raising awareness and solicit support. By holding a contest such as this one, will also make it more rewarding for bloggers to join the movement. The contest officially start today (25 September 2008) and will run for a month.


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The contest will run for a month, 25 September 2008 until 25 October 2008. At the end of the 30 days, entries will be tallied and raffle draws will be made using a random system. Winners will be announced on 30 October 2008.


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Child Welfare EC Contest

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However, consider the EC credits as just icing on the cake. The important thing is that, win or lose, the contestants and participants were able to help spread the word about the need to adopt and implement effective policies that promote child welfare in the Philippines and maybe in the rest of the world too.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Call polis, faster!

My back house having renovation to their house. On Wednesday, early the morning Yang and i hear the loud sound someone knock to the wall. Actually, "knock" him up also, that's why he was angry.
Then he ranto the window, then he shout to me,

"Mommy, call polis, faster!"


"See, destroy other people house!"

When i saw the worker, I just laugh lah!
I need to explain to him why they were doing like this. They are renovating not destroy!! LOL


I have bad bad ulcer on my lip!! Very painful! Now I am taking more vit C per day. 15 tables per day! Just want to boost up my immune system. I used salt on it but already 5 days, more worst!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

How many chinesein my place?

Since now is fasting month, it's time for Chinese to get together for lunch!!

Today we went to club for simple tea time, sponsor by our Deputy Director.

Knew what? My whole Institute have 130 stuffs, but only 9 chinese stuff!!! I am the youngest. The gap between me the older stuff is 14 years!!! So where did the chinese went? Ask our Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awan lah!!!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Candle light vigil in Ipoh

Last night in Ipoh Garden East, started about 8pm, Lim Keat Siang started a candle light vigil for Teresa Kok - Released Teresa Kok, Abolish ISA!!

I can't stay longer because my son started to make noise after 1/2 hour.

Teresa Kok parents were there. When her mother talk about her own daughter, really touched my heart! According to her, Teresa Kok was mentally abuse by the government. My tears...... I am a mother of 2, i knew how she felt.

To me, who is the one ISA should arrest?



Read these too:
Free Teresa caucus in Perak
要求瞭解郭素沁狀況 國會人權論壇求見副總警長
Sinchew - 霹靂

Fish Spa

Too boring if just window shopping! Because I forgot to bring my purse but luckily I bring friend. LOL

So what do we do? Went for the first trial of fish spa. Only RM38 for 2 persons.

OK,foot will be washed before enter to the pool.



After 30 minutes, the skin much more smooth loh.

If you can tahan the itchiness you should try. BEST!

I think i should have another blog page about myself

What do u think?

Free Teresa, Abolish ISA!

Just wonder, haveyou went to this website?

Free Teresa, Abolish ISA!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Lantern Festival 2008

Both my kids not really enjoying playing lantern this year because raining lah!!!
Jing love to play lantern. She knew all about festival stories, she sang, eat moon cake… My Yang… not so special to him loh. Main thing to him: everyone is here to play with him.

After ½ hour, here was Yang's lantern look like!!! Too la, daddy bought him a power ranger one…

I want to pengsan!!!

Inilah orang yang sepatutnya bersuara!! 原住民和平遊行受阻












(日里13日訊)居住在甘榜雙溪魯爾(Sungai Rual)的賈海(Jahai)部落的原住民聲明,若大馬由民聯執政,他們寧願深居山林中。







Want me to translate?

This is Malaysia.Here are the "Real Bumiputra" ya...

When they want to talk something, why "you guy" stop him?

They didn't "enjoy" what they should have, but "others guy" claim to be "bumi" "enjoying" their benefitsss...

What a world...

Monday, 15 September 2008

Tan Hoon Cheng

Check this out!

Tan is my friend for years liao. When received the news on Friday night, i was so shocked!! I never knew that Malaysia government was so "UNFAIR"!!!

She just "shout" to catch the thief,
but kena tahan by ISA.
The "thief" pulak... let him go...

'My 18 hours under the ISA'
"... I realise that our journey is still full with challenges and obstacles, so we have to continue the same righteous spirit and courage that we have all shown this time! Our society needs this spirit, to build a better tomorrow..."

I just knew that i will prepare black T-shirt and yellow ribbon... indicated that "anyone can not say anything as you wish. The end of free to voice!"

Syed Hamid... please think before you anything... others country is watching us!

To my Muslim friends, can i ask something about your religion? To me, it's a big big big... question mark!!! In Buddish, we are teach to ask until we understand!

Tomato and cucumber

Do you understand mandarin?

This article said than we can not eat cucumber and tomato together.
Bacause the enzymecontain in cucumber will destroy the Vit C in tomato. It's better to take it seperately.

u will love this!!!


This poem was nominated by UN as the best poem of 2006, written by an
African Kid

When I born, I black
When I grow up, I black
When I go in Sun, I black
When I scared, I black
When I sick, I black
And when I die, I still black

And you white fellow
When you born, you pink
When you grow up, you white
When you go in sun, you red
When you cold, you blue
When you scared, you yellow
When you sick, you green
And when you die, you gray

And you calling me colored?

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Jing's mini computer

I refuse to let my kid play any computer game. TV also, as minimum as it can be. I don't want them end up with less concentration, TV addict... But ho... See Jing has one mini computer which bought by my BIL.
BIL mention to her should not let Yang play yet, because Yang definitely don't know loh. Jing will only play with it when Yang was asleep. Yang till now still don't know Jing own a so wonderful game. :P
She can really take care of it. After play, everything will arrange back nicely. She even will wipe it! Jing is good in Mandarin so this import from China computer sure she has no problem with it.


Do you love toplay puzza? Both my kids love it very much!

The picture showed those puzza, Yang can finish rearranged all in 3 minutes! Yoo...

Nando's Restorant

If you are a Jusco member,you will received some discount voucher during birthday. There, i have one to go to Nando's Restorant.

DH ordered 2 set quarter meal and i kiddy set. Kiddy set seem very hard to share between Jing and Yang. Luckily have i quarter chicken free. Or my kids ask to order 1 more set lagi! Both of them can eat till daddy and mommy "bankrupt"! LOL

And here was the happy family picture. Jing very close to daddy, because this mom will always say no to her then followed by lecture again... :P Yang, daddy don't want him because hubby said sit with him very hard... need to feed him! em... To me, i just let him play and eat, hubby can't tahan!

I won a book

I wonder when i join the contest? or may be it's lucky draw?
What i knew that i received this novel.
Anyone want this novel? I don't have much time to read,i think!
Anyway, I am so lucky!!!

Oh... i won a recipe book before. Em... Favourite Dishes from the Tunku's Kitchen
. It's from The Star contest. Tried few dishes before, good very good and simple loh. My colledge saw in Amazon.com, it cost ~USD20!!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Puasa month

I wonder why Muslim have to fasting? OK, because of religion, health, mind clean... but 1 more thing i can see. In any government sector - everything got slow down and low productive too. According to them... no energy...
em... speechless...