Thursday, 11 September 2008

Nando's Restorant

If you are a Jusco member,you will received some discount voucher during birthday. There, i have one to go to Nando's Restorant.

DH ordered 2 set quarter meal and i kiddy set. Kiddy set seem very hard to share between Jing and Yang. Luckily have i quarter chicken free. Or my kids ask to order 1 more set lagi! Both of them can eat till daddy and mommy "bankrupt"! LOL

And here was the happy family picture. Jing very close to daddy, because this mom will always say no to her then followed by lecture again... :P Yang, daddy don't want him because hubby said sit with him very hard... need to feed him! em... To me, i just let him play and eat, hubby can't tahan!

1 comment:

KittyCat said...

Very good - one for Mummy, one for Daddy! LOL Lucas' Papa wants a little girl for himself also...