Monday, 29 September 2008

Steamed banana cupcake - failed!!

Hak! i failed!!

I knew why... i put the baking powder before i add in water, not with plain flour. So tak jadi loh... baking powder with water before flour... can not "huat" loh. Didn't about it. But when recall back, i make a big mistake. Jing and Yang said "yak... not nice!"

Will redo to night. Yang birthday's tomorrow, i want to prepare few for him to bring to nursery.

Hope i success.


little prince's mummy said...

U so patient, try and try until success!~
I never love baking~~~ cause I know if i bake sure tak jadi.. and hor, i very lazy.. hahahah

Moo mommy said...

oh, no, u r wrong. This one very eazy! Just prepare the materials and mix together (p/s: baking powder and flour put in last.), and pour into cup and steam 15 minutes. that's all. If want to prepare kacau, pukul... sorry lah... haha... Bread - i have bread maker!!

angeleyes said...

The one you let us have today tasted better than mine!