Monday, 15 September 2008

Tan Hoon Cheng

Check this out!

Tan is my friend for years liao. When received the news on Friday night, i was so shocked!! I never knew that Malaysia government was so "UNFAIR"!!!

She just "shout" to catch the thief,
but kena tahan by ISA.
The "thief" pulak... let him go...

'My 18 hours under the ISA'
"... I realise that our journey is still full with challenges and obstacles, so we have to continue the same righteous spirit and courage that we have all shown this time! Our society needs this spirit, to build a better tomorrow..."

I just knew that i will prepare black T-shirt and yellow ribbon... indicated that "anyone can not say anything as you wish. The end of free to voice!"

Syed Hamid... please think before you anything... others country is watching us!

To my Muslim friends, can i ask something about your religion? To me, it's a big big big... question mark!!! In Buddish, we are teach to ask until we understand!


KittyCat said...

She's your friend? I read that she's been released already but yeah, she shouldn't have been detained in the first place.

Hope that she's alright now. Her family must have been so worried for her! isn't Muslimlah. It's just certain people. Many Muslims are nice :)

Moo mommy said...

She's ok now. Just been adviced not to go to the public so soon.

Why Teresa Kok arrested? same loh, asking something abt their religion.

To night, candle vigil in Pg.

I agree many muslim are nice,but ho... everyone seem "remember" the bad guy only leh... :P

Pray for the peace!!!