Thursday, 11 September 2008

I won a book

I wonder when i join the contest? or may be it's lucky draw?
What i knew that i received this novel.
Anyone want this novel? I don't have much time to read,i think!
Anyway, I am so lucky!!!

Oh... i won a recipe book before. Em... Favourite Dishes from the Tunku's Kitchen
. It's from The Star contest. Tried few dishes before, good very good and simple loh. My colledge saw in, it cost ~USD20!!


zara's mama said...

How come how come? So lucky?

Constance Chan said...

wow you won something. that's good luck, regardless of what tat is...hahaha i once one a michael jackson something but cant rememeber cos it was ages ago in early 80s.

wow the congrats note about the winning prize sounds abit 'dry' but i dunno about the book.. i also havent read for ages!

Moo mommy said...

Zara's mama,

reseki!!! hahaha...


i am in this field mah. Research!! But i am not so interesting wt the book loh. If i hv more time i prefer to go to sleep! taking care of kids after work... my energy seem like squish till end liao! LOL