Friday, 28 September 2007

Tryps in buffy coat

Can you see the moving tiny thing in between the line? that's
trypanosoma, blood parasite. Fun? no lah, these tiny tryps if multiply
in blood - will bring death loh!


I was so boring today...
My big aunty visited me liao! I really hatesssssss..........
Why today... it's my weekend leh... i only can meet with my DH on weekend only leh...

Monday, 24 September 2007

My son like to scream!

Did your son like to scream? My son dose! He can't reach to the thing he wants - he scream. Grandpa going out with Jie Jie but not him - he scream. I am too slow to make him his milk - he scream. Fight with Jie Jie, usually fight for toys loh, - he scream too. Not just scream, he cry like hell! em...what should i do? Lembut, kasar? I also don't know because when he is merajuk he don't like other people touch him. (pelik?!) Sometimes, i just let he cry and i walk away... It's work but not every time loh. get angry? wah... already few times kena by me lah, but still the same. I am really out of idea laio, u?

Flu, caugh... my children sick!

aiya... both my children sick lah. First my son. Fever and caugh for >6 days liao, so bring him to Government Hospital in Ipoh (as other big private hosp didn't open so early morning mah...). He need to be X-ray (infection bo?) and blood test (dengue). He scream like hell! poor little thing... Second my daughter pulak. She complain stomach ache. Cry and cry and ask help from daddy. Daddy sure panic lah, his anak kesayangan woh... but only wind inside stomach.

JPH R&D Workshop

At last... all done...But still need to compel the proposal in to a book so that can public that book woh...
I never been to Genting for years liao. So never knew about First World hotel, First World Plaza, even new look of IN and put theme part. Don't call me "sua gu" or katak dalam tempurong... because i prefer to go to Cameran Highland. My hubby also don't like to go Genting because he said he has to pay a lot to Uncle Lim and if we go to Cameran just need to pay petrol and tol $ because his Dua Yi is staying there mah! To me, i like nature lo.

Friday, 21 September 2007

How you open the door?

This is how my son open the door! My daughter, no... she will never do that! Daddy will open the door for her but with my son around... he will open the door for everyone! haha...

My kids

I love my kids very very much. I bought the camera just because i want to catch their picture. As i hate to appear in photo one lo. Everything lah... when the camera with me, they will be in my photo liao. Dunno when i get own they will catch my photo bo?... ya ho, i seldom catch my mom photo! Sorry, mom! hehe...

Friday, 7 September 2007

Genting highland

hak...i am going to Genting Highland next week from Monday to Wednesday. but ho... not going to casino - workshop loh, the time too compact, i think i don't have extra time to go loh! but i will "squish" some time one . hehe...

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

My foul meh...

It's my foul meh.... If i didn't allow to borrow the book!
I am so angry, really so angry!!! I am a Research Officer but i have to in charge on Library thingssss which it's suppose to be Admin Officer works! So when i decided to buy some new books for library, all those book i label
as Red Spot - means you only can do reference IN THE Library , you are
not allowed to borrowed OUT from Library. My department don't haveenough $ to but 2 copies so that each required section can keep one copy.
This Dr. Vet, ok
she did asked me to but the book that she want to use as reference as
she need to it to writing up her thesis. So after discuss with Big
Boss, I allowed to borrowlah with the syarat she need to let other use if other need it as reference. At first of cause i don't allowed but she kept on telling the non sense... She told me that i will get in trouble with those NON SENSE rules... hei...please la, my library committees set those rules because we want to encourage all the stuffs here to GO TO LIBRARY MORE FREQUENTLY. What wrong with it? Am i doing something wrong?
em... this is what happen in Government Sector la! You need to do a lot of things out of AREA. I am a research not a library leh...