Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Chicken Farm!

Hey! I just graped the chance to go to a commercial chicken farm at Tasek last 2 weeks. Oh yes, with my 2 elder kids, Jing and Yang.

It's 1pm in the noon and the Sun is above us. But this never stopped my kids!

Actually I just want to meet a friend at McD Auto City, then the officer in charge asked me whether want to follow them to chicken farm. I asked my kids and sure la never say NO. Both my kids didn't follow my car, they prefer to follow my friend with bus. mmm...

We arrived at the chicken farm around 230pm. The weather was very good (not a rainy day.) but it's HOT!

It's a place out from town. At the side of Banjaran Tengah Malaysia. Very green.

You can see butterflies, dragonflies and lady bug too. See how clean that place is. This is a ayam kampung commercial farm. The chicken were allowed to move around when reached 1 month old. So you can see the chicken is running here and there.

Jing and Yang throw a question to me - why they hardly see lady bug around our home? Em... again need to explain on environmental pollution topic again to them. I kept educated them about how to grown in green but kid never understand if we, adult never show them. Their experience not much, very hard for them to made any imagination.

The farm was inside a oil palm estate. Usually estate will be full with grasses but having the chicken running around, the estate is clean! Surprise! The owner said never expect he can save money on cleaning off the boost.

Both my kids now know how a commercial farm look like. It's totally different from what they learn from book, chicken are not free running! And Yang knew the different between cock and hen now as Jing explain to him.

It's taken about 2 hours to finish the trip. Both of them so thirty! Bad mummy forgot to bring tumble together. hehe...

On the way back, both of them fall to slept la. My ears at least can have peace for a while.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Chit Chat


When mummy is back from work. Mann will crawl or walk toward to the door.
Mann:"ye ye ye ye..." with her little finger point to the door.
Mummy:"why? Do u want to go out?"
Mann:" ye ye ye ye..." with her little finger point to the door.
And yes she wished to go out from the house and want to press the door bell. But refused to stand on the grass.

I understand baby talk! wahaha...


Yang:"Mummy, drink CalciYum I can grow up very fast? and eat Rambutan brand rice can become very clever?"
Mummy:"Nope, who told you that?"
Yang:"Advertisement lo. SO can you buy for Calci Yum and Rambutan brand rice?"
Mummy:"That's non-sense. You grow up must eat balance and healthy diet. Calci Yum not a healthy food, it's too sweet and made from cow's milk. bra bra bra.... Rice's full with alphatoxin,so better reduce intake of white rice."
Yang's showed me a "ha?" look.

wahaha... am I too kiasi? Am i explain too much to a going to 5 years old boy?


When i was fetching her from school everyday.
Jing:"Mummy, it's so great today i no need to wrote any homework."
Jing:"Today school has singing competition, so we all gather in the hall."
Mummy:"Ya ho, you are joining too. How? enjoying ah?"
Jing:"OK lo. At least i can remember the whole song."

wahaha... This is my girl. I never ask did she win any price but did she enjoying the process.

Monday, 12 July 2010

She is 1 now!

Sorry for the late update. I was too busy...

Ok, day before Mann's birthday hubby and decided to held a small family party for her. Since Jie Jie and Kor Kor has once before.

So what's the menu? We bought a 1/2kg cartoon cake, Sheng Li fried chicken (taste 1000X better than KFC), fruit juice too (too lazy to made myself.), i cook fried Mee diao (a teochew must have birthday dish), red egg, vege curry, Korean BBQ fish, and my sister brought some junk foods. That's all.

Who were invited? Total just 17 ppl. What a small family, and i should have more children to contribute a bit to Lee's family?? wahaha...

Ok, i told everyone the party will be start at 6pm. And everyone was waiting for hubby to get home till 7pm! Dun ask me what he have done, i already very "hot" with his excuse!

Mann's started to made noise once hubby brought Jing and Yang together,but not with her. They went to get the birthday cake, fried chicken and fruit juice. She was so UNSATISFIED with what daddy done. Grandpa brought her walk with motor bike, she refused! Ok, walk around the house, she started making noise after 5 minutes. I drag her to take a bath, after bath, still cranky. When Ah Ma's arrived, ok, she can behave well for 10 minutes. Then arriving of others guess. She just refused to play with others. Aiyo... so yao sheng kak! When daddy's back, she insisted want daddy to carry her!

Then it's photo section, snap snap's digital camera so can snap how many i want. After snap, we all finished the food in 30 minutes! Kia Si Lang!

Mann is turning 1. Wah... time just flieddddd.... i just believed that!
From the moment i knew that i pregnant wt her till now, it's really a fantastic experience or memory to me.
I have to go through terrible morning sickness, even need to admitted, the horrible experience delivered in Penang Maternity Hospital (What a suck hospital!!), sweet memory when she first latch on me (unfortunately just 9 mths she allowed me to be milk factory. What's a sad!), excited memory when first meet with Jing and Yang (Yang was so disappointed when i told is SHE.), then her first smile, first turn, first crawl, first cruising, first word (off cause "mom mom" first,means food. 2nd word is mum mum. No more Pa Pa first like Jing and Yang.), first tooth, first walking (in very short distance.)... all these happened in one year time only. I just can't believe it!
After 6 hours old, she suck her own hands to show that she wants milk.
She started addicted to pacifier after 2 weeks old, mummy just can't start she wants to be nurse 24 hours! I am not a good mother,i trained her with pacifier.
She can turn when she just pass 3 months old.
By 4 months old, when she sleep she rolled the whole queen size bed!
Since 5 1/2 months old, she started to have her first tooth. Till today, she have 6 of them!
Her first food at 6 months old - rice frank. She can eat a lots! But till today she still so mini size!
Since she's 8 months old, she started call "mom mom" when she saw any food. Then she called Mum Mum and Ah Ma after woke up. (Ah Ma means Grandma. My mum take care of her when i am at work.)
She crawl when she just 6 months old. She start to learn to walk when she just 7 months old. She holds and walks. Today, after 3 days from her 1 year old birthday, she's walking! She's just stand up and start to walk at least 3 meters! Refused any help!
She started to show her naughty temper when she's at 9 months old. She understand that she can have everything she want by showing her naughty temper. Headache! She even started to disturbing Jing and Yang by this month. What's Jing and Yang doing she also want to follow. haha...

Oh... My Mann! I wished her have a wonderful life!