Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Chit Chat


When mummy is back from work. Mann will crawl or walk toward to the door.
Mann:"ye ye ye ye..." with her little finger point to the door.
Mummy:"why? Do u want to go out?"
Mann:" ye ye ye ye..." with her little finger point to the door.
And yes she wished to go out from the house and want to press the door bell. But refused to stand on the grass.

I understand baby talk! wahaha...


Yang:"Mummy, drink CalciYum I can grow up very fast? and eat Rambutan brand rice can become very clever?"
Mummy:"Nope, who told you that?"
Yang:"Advertisement lo. SO can you buy for Calci Yum and Rambutan brand rice?"
Mummy:"That's non-sense. You grow up must eat balance and healthy diet. Calci Yum not a healthy food, it's too sweet and made from cow's milk. bra bra bra.... Rice's full with alphatoxin,so better reduce intake of white rice."
Yang's showed me a "ha?" look.

wahaha... am I too kiasi? Am i explain too much to a going to 5 years old boy?


When i was fetching her from school everyday.
Jing:"Mummy, it's so great today i no need to wrote any homework."
Jing:"Today school has singing competition, so we all gather in the hall."
Mummy:"Ya ho, you are joining too. How? enjoying ah?"
Jing:"OK lo. At least i can remember the whole song."

wahaha... This is my girl. I never ask did she win any price but did she enjoying the process.