Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Chicken Farm!

Hey! I just graped the chance to go to a commercial chicken farm at Tasek last 2 weeks. Oh yes, with my 2 elder kids, Jing and Yang.

It's 1pm in the noon and the Sun is above us. But this never stopped my kids!

Actually I just want to meet a friend at McD Auto City, then the officer in charge asked me whether want to follow them to chicken farm. I asked my kids and sure la never say NO. Both my kids didn't follow my car, they prefer to follow my friend with bus. mmm...

We arrived at the chicken farm around 230pm. The weather was very good (not a rainy day.) but it's HOT!

It's a place out from town. At the side of Banjaran Tengah Malaysia. Very green.

You can see butterflies, dragonflies and lady bug too. See how clean that place is. This is a ayam kampung commercial farm. The chicken were allowed to move around when reached 1 month old. So you can see the chicken is running here and there.

Jing and Yang throw a question to me - why they hardly see lady bug around our home? Em... again need to explain on environmental pollution topic again to them. I kept educated them about how to grown in green but kid never understand if we, adult never show them. Their experience not much, very hard for them to made any imagination.

The farm was inside a oil palm estate. Usually estate will be full with grasses but having the chicken running around, the estate is clean! Surprise! The owner said never expect he can save money on cleaning off the boost.

Both my kids now know how a commercial farm look like. It's totally different from what they learn from book, chicken are not free running! And Yang knew the different between cock and hen now as Jing explain to him.

It's taken about 2 hours to finish the trip. Both of them so thirty! Bad mummy forgot to bring tumble together. hehe...

On the way back, both of them fall to slept la. My ears at least can have peace for a while.

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