Tuesday, 27 October 2009

You see, how my little baby sleep!

I wonder how your baby sleep?
My going to 4 months old baby slept like that!

She's been practice this style for almost 3 weeks when she knew how to turn herself on tummy.
First 2 weeks, this kiasi mommy need to woke up almost every hour tocheck on her, but now, she slept i slept! LOL

Still won't forgot mummy breast!

NO eye see...

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Mann's progress - 15 weeks old!

Yap, she is 15 weeks old now! Time fliy too fast - mummy getting old liao. hehe...

What she can do:

1) smile and laught too.

2) will cry if she dun want u (aiyo, ppl want to carry her also have follow her mood!)

3) She can turn on tummy since 10 weeks! But that time head can't leave on too long yet,now can leave it on for 1 minute.

4) Night time sleep on tummy. No matter how frequence i turn her back, she will turn on her tummy again! And she knewhow to change her head position fromone side to another side.

5) Not just turn on tummy, she will try to move if she put anything in front of her.

6) She loves flash card! Oh... and book too!

7) Bad habit - must have pacifier then only can go to sleep. Off cause, if "live pacifier" around sure she will only attach to me. She will cried to find me! Or in nanny house, have to sumbat with pacifier. If not she can awake from 8am - 8pm!

8) Still breastfeeding! Mummy almost "dried"! In 12 hours, she need almost 28 oz! each section 3 - 4oz! Usually 4 oz. em... all my stocks almost finish liao. Need to pump more!

9) She is having fun with her pacifier. Holdby her own hand and pull in and out, and she laught! Cute little one!

10) Love to bath. She will be very quiet when put in bath tub.

11) Love to sleep on her tummy. Turn by herself.

12) If i am around, sure she will looking for me to go to sleep. She will show her "qi cham" face to me! LOL


See,how she turn! I took this photo on 30 Sept.Today... she love to on her tummy!

Am i cute? P/S: very hard to take photo when she is smile.

Ok, i am 3 mths old today. And i love to kick kick kick... especially if i am unhappy, coz mummy didn't carry me just put meon the big pillow!